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  1. I have one head of a 3/4 inch dia. cast brass tsuba with pusher cast on the blank backside. No idea where or when I got it. Has anyone noticed that some of the recent (1980's up) have tiny Kanji cast/stamped on to the side of the hammer head? Both my large brass ones do, but different Kanji (too small to photograph). Rich
  2. Robert That is a glorious Heianjo. Thanks for posting. Here's one of my favorites (nice dark patina - washed out by flash); it's not the "classic" Heianjo, but I like it because it tells a story/poem. All inlay intact (I think). Rich
  3. Rich S

    Tanto tsuba

    I wonder why so many of this type; what type/age tanto were they made for? Rich
  4. Rich S

    Tanto tsuba

    Dale, Stephen Interesting tsuba. I have one exactly like it. Obtained in a G.I. stash buy about 25-30 years ago. At least it has a little age Rich
  5. IMHO, Shinshinto in Sendai (Ogaki) mounts. I have one in similar mounts, but not as nice as yours. Rich
  6. Rich S

    Type of animal

    Not five legged,just a male. Rich
  7. Stephen Your post above is so light gray can barely read it.
  8. Howard No clue about theme, but it sure is nice. Rich
  9. Is this a yari tanto? The triangular blade is interesting. Rich
  10. Rich S

    Mon ID help

    Mark From Google: there are other sites; https://doyouknowjapan.com/symbols/ I looked through Hawley's book of Mon - nothing exact Rich
  11. Call the Post Master at your local USPS. Give him/her the tracking Info and ask for help. Explain how long your package has been "stuck". Hopefully the post master can track it and get it moving. I've always had good luck with long delayed packages and "stuck" tracking by doing that. Hope you get your sword soon. Rich
  12. Rich S

    Katana images

    Grev Go for it. Rich
  13. Rich S

    Katana images

    Grev Use the katana parts graphics from my website if it is for personal use. Copyrighted,yes, but I give permission to use it. rich
  14. Howard Try a drapery or fabric store for large size tassels. Rich
  15. Mike Generally painted numbers opposite side of mei are just assembly numbers so the women doing to final assembly can keep the proper pieces together. Rich
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