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  1. Rich S

    Katana images

    Grev Go for it. Rich
  2. Rich S

    Katana images

    Grev Use the katana parts graphics from my website if it is for personal use. Copyrighted,yes, but I give permission to use it. rich
  3. Howard Try a drapery or fabric store for large size tassels. Rich
  4. Mike Generally painted numbers opposite side of mei are just assembly numbers so the women doing to final assembly can keep the proper pieces together. Rich
  5. Rich S

    Strange menuki theme.

    The top pic reminds me of a Chinese scholars scepter. Ruyi. Rich
  6. Geez... I have two "Princess Tanto". Anyone interested in buy them??? Rich
  7. Mark This is the one I use; https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ Rich
  8. Steve Those are great, very informative articles. Thanks. Rich
  9. Brian Thanks, great link. Saved link. Rich Edit: read over the article. Maybe correct on first tsuba, but only mention of second is as a late Edo imitation of Yamakichibei . Oh well, I still like it; well made. Attribution corrected. Sometimes the dragon wins
  10. I would be very interested in Steve's article also. I have two Yamakichibei, one old and one Norisuke (I think?). Maybe Brian could post it as a download? Would love to know more about these two (attributions are mine). Rich
  11. Brian I know how hard (and painful) setting all the new stuff has been. Thanks. Is there a way to delete the Japan News from the top of the page. I, personally, find its scrolling a bit annoying. Rich
  12. Nice. I wonder if the Zunari-Kabuto was the model for Darth Vader's helmet in Star Wars? Rich
  13. Don't know why, but picture is not showing up. Rich OK, now it is.
  14. Sorry John but that would violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Rich
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