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  1. Andrey Looks like a wonderful exhibition, even better than the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington.
  2. Brian and all Can't you just copy and paste a PM to your PC? I do it with all sorts of text and pics from the 'net ? Brian - thanks for your hard work.
  3. David Have you looked carefully at the very end of the nakago to see if you can see any indication that it was actually folded over not just inlayed? If you can see actually see a fold, I would doubt gimei; if not ?? Rich
  4. Brian Minor problem, but new software still won't hold toggle for sections not wanted. Can live with it, just minor annoyance. Thanks for all your hard work. Rich
  5. Brian Couple of problems with update: 1. No invisible choice to sign-in 2. Toggling Sections doesn't hold from one session to next 3. Notifications choices , stop emails, etc.doesn't work Other than those, the update looks good. Thanks Rich
  6. The second generation signed with Kore Saku. Rich
  7. Love those irregular shaped Tenpo tsuba. Just wish I could find one. rich
  8. Rich S


    Dale A lovely daisho from the Tenpo/Saotome school. One of my favorite schools. Great find. Now the question is - how to get them from Tas. to VA.? Rich
  9. RIP Fred - You were one of the old guard. You will be missed. Rich
  10. Looks like a Maple leaf at the bottom.
  11. Yes, I name mine "Rich's katana 1,etc; Rich's tanto #x, Rich's waK #X Willie Nelson named his guitar.
  12. I suspect Heianjo on a Saotome plate also. Good call; nice tsuba. Rich
  13. Bruce I just want to remind you and everyone that my site is now 25 years old and hasn't been updated in years. So please don't anyone take it as the final authority or any authority on any thing ! It's caused so much problems that I'm asking Brian to take it offline. Rich
  14. Bruce What is the date (year) of the RJT document from Morita-san? On Nick Komiya's article is a date of 1943. I'm just wondering if folks are going a bit nuts over a stamp that was only used during the last approx.1.5 years of WWII? What about the other zillion or so swords made earlier since the Japanese re-militaration? Did the RJT regs apply earlier? I don't have any star stamps (no dog in this fight ), just curious. Rich
  15. Sorry Stephen, don't need any cryptic (I like paper and metal money) and my swords or tsuba don't talk to me. Rather, I talked to them "Gee, you're pretty. Are you under $500 (for sword) or under $100 ( for tsuba)??" Worked well for me up to about the late 1970's. Then any Showa period sword was considered a weed wacker and iron tsuba as fishing weights. Times and fashion changed. Oh well, life (such as it is) goes on. But that's getting a bit off topic. Rich
  16. Just can't buy a good nights sleep Then why have so many RJT, non star stamped blades been papered as true Nihonto?? Going in circles again. There are no absolutes !! Good night again (I hope)
  17. Then why aren't ALL RJT swords star stamped???? I think we are going in endless circles. My brain hurts. Need a good nights sleep - bye you'al
  18. Do we know with absolute certainty that all star stamped blades were made from tamahagane? Maybe a few (or a lot) of star stamped were mis-stamped by accident or intention??? No absolute proof of any of it.
  19. Steve Take this entire discussion about Nagamitsu, substitute Emura and you have exactly the same discussion all over again Rich
  20. Kershaw are good (have several), don't like Spyderco (no holes in my blades:-) More into good old fashion slip joints - esp SAKs. BTW, today you couldn't get near the FBI building with a straight pin, much less a knife! rich
  21. Mark- agreed, sort of got diverted several posts back. Brian can you move it there and start a new thread? Like Opinels also. Rich
  22. I love Swiss Army Knives (SAKs). Have about 60 of them. Oldest is a 1908 model 2. As many collectors of SAKs as Nihonto, probably more. Best reference site is: https://www.sakwiki.com Collectors forum is: https://forum.multitool.org/index.php/board,13.0.html IMHO, most useful tool/knife on planet. From tiny "classic" to big 111mm SAK. As I said above my fav is the Tinker; carry a Deluxe Tinker or Champ in a belt pouch when out or when use to go hiking and backpacking. You can find them at most any online knife dealer, Amazon (careful of knock-offs), Major online official Victorinox site in Switzerland, https://swissarmy.com Just got my latest SAK last week: a 3d scaled Spartan of the Dying Lion of Luzern. Just beautiful; brought back lots of memories of our time there. Mark Twain called it "the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world". Rich
  23. Barry wrote: "My car has a Gerber multitool. Dull knives are dangerous. Always keep the knife sharp." Likewise, I've carried a pocket knife for over 65 years. First a barlow my grandfather gave me, then mostly a scout folder, stockman, Buck 110, etc., now a Victorinox Tinker that's been in my pocket for about 30 years. Used daily. Rich
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