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  1. Guessing, but perhaps the previous owner did not know the habaki could be removed. ?? Maybe a good thing or the tang would be buffed also.
  2. Looks a bit like a Saotome plate. No idea about lacquer, but agree with Barry.
  3. Not to mention their mates.
  4. I don't know what they are called, but I have a trisho (my name for them) of Saotome tsuba.
  5. I can't translate it for you, but I believe it is a traveling Buddhist shrine.
  6. No, I don't think a Ichihara Nagamitsu variant.
  7. I suspect more of the latter.
  8. I agree with Brian - likely the front of a katana that has been "cleaned" by someone with no knowledge of Nihonto. It shows some Hamon, forging flaws and a badly sanded(?) nakago(tang). IMHO, it is/was part of a genuine sword. Mihail - Welcome to the forum. You did better than my first buy. Nihonto takes a lot of study and seeing good swords to really appreciate Nihonto. I know that you may not have much opportunity to see good swords in Bulgaria. I suggest looking at the dealer and collectors sites in the links section. Would be a good starting point. Again welcome. You have begun a long, interesting and at times difficult study. Good to have you aboard.
  9. For me, my various collections (and there have been many) over the years have never been an investment. Just groups of things I liked, enjoyed and found interesting. I've bought and sold/traded many thousands of $$$ in stuff over the last 70 or so years. Some I guess I made a little money on, some I didn't -never mattered - just things I enjoyed playing with for a while. The collectibles market is EXTREMELY volatile with various stuff coming and going out of fashion. IMHO, don't ever count on a collection of anything being an "investment".
  10. Brian Is that really needed? I thought that is what a FAQ is for? BTW, I still can't get the topic toggle to keep in place from login to login. Doesn't matter whether I stay logged in or not. (Sorry,no sleep,cold here, just forgive grumpy old man.)
  11. Johan Very nice work indeed. I especially like the Kinai tsuba design. Did you make the katana kake also? Rich
  12. Rich S


    IMHO, Tenpo on a Saotome plate - quite nice. Rich
  13. Andrey Looks like a wonderful exhibition, even better than the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington.
  14. Brian and all Can't you just copy and paste a PM to your PC? I do it with all sorts of text and pics from the 'net ? Brian - thanks for your hard work.
  15. David Have you looked carefully at the very end of the nakago to see if you can see any indication that it was actually folded over not just inlayed? If you can see actually see a fold, I would doubt gimei; if not ?? Rich
  16. Brian Minor problem, but new software still won't hold toggle for sections not wanted. Can live with it, just minor annoyance. Thanks for all your hard work. Rich
  17. Brian Couple of problems with update: 1. No invisible choice to sign-in 2. Toggling Sections doesn't hold from one session to next 3. Notifications choices , stop emails, etc.doesn't work Other than those, the update looks good. Thanks Rich
  18. The second generation signed with Kore Saku. Rich
  19. Love those irregular shaped Tenpo tsuba. Just wish I could find one. rich
  20. Rich S


    Dale A lovely daisho from the Tenpo/Saotome school. One of my favorite schools. Great find. Now the question is - how to get them from Tas. to VA.? Rich
  21. RIP Fred - You were one of the old guard. You will be missed. Rich
  22. Looks like a Maple leaf at the bottom.
  23. Yes, I name mine "Rich's katana 1,etc; Rich's tanto #x, Rich's waK #X Willie Nelson named his guitar.
  24. I suspect Heianjo on a Saotome plate also. Good call; nice tsuba. Rich
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