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  1. Sword sold to a member for $2000
  2. I ran this question by Mr.Tsuruta San of Aoi Japan who works closely with the NBTHK. He thinks it’s early Muromachi around 1380-1400
  3. That is super interesting and helpful information. Clearly you have taken a lot of time to study the school and the subtle differences in productions through different eras and how to identify some of the features that change as time goes on. Thank you very muchThank you very much
  4. That is very detailed and useful information indeed. The blade will need careful examination to look for the features you mentioned and may be a bit above my ability. The large gap in time is certainly noticeable and would explain why I can’t find references to this smith if the NBTHK are correct about it being a Takada work. Thank you for the nice contribution.
  5. Thanks Jussi there you go I thought it was Kuni Sane makes sense now. 1400’s also makes sense given shape , nakago age etc
  6. Thank you for any thoughts on this Tachi the nagasa is 27 inches and it seems to be ubu with takada features and the NBTHK feels it is Takada Kuniyuki ( see paper ) the question is what era it belongs in ? I can’t seem to place it. thank you !
  7. I hope someone would kindly tell me what this paper says please. The sword looks to be Shinto or ShinShinto thank you Francis
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