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  1. cdrcm12

    Opinions Please

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the response. I'll have at look at Tadatoki's work to get a comparison of the orientation of his hitsu ana. I can only presume the kozuka hitsu ana was only used, if at all. Echizen another good shout I'll have a look at as well.
  2. cdrcm12

    Opinions Please

    Hi, Recent new addition, possibly Kyo Shoami (style), fishing boat with nets and plant of some description (?) dimensions below: Height - 79mm Width - 77.5mm Mimi - 3.8mm Seppa Dai - 3.2mm What has me a little concerned about the tsuba is the off set position of the hitsu. I'm familiar with hitsu of different sizes, irregular shapes and some that look a little off centre as well but not as much as this one. Looks to have been mounted at some point. Appreciate your thoughts.
  3. Thanks Greg. I've not seen another with a patina quite like it, others look similar. Wonder if it's original?
  4. Hi Dale, the patina was one of the attractions for me, image probably doesn't do it justice. Certainly no one has taken Brasso too it! Like the idea of the diamond, certainly would be different!
  5. cdrcm12

    Kofu Tsuba

    Thanks Mauro.
  6. Hi Adam, Yes it was on ebay, took a chance as it looked okay, came with a nice padded box.
  7. cdrcm12

    Kofu Tsuba

    Hi, I'm re-visiting this post having read the post on Tatsutoshi and students. This isn't specifically about that artist but more that in my original post the last character of the signature on the tsuba we thought was Naga 寿, I'm not so convinced and think this may be Toshi 壽 but that now doesn't make much sense Toshitoshi? Could the first character being something other than Toshi? Any thoughts or am I off track and the original translation of Naga is correct? Thanks
  8. Hi Dale, I think it may have been the post I submitted in Dec 19. Sorry useless at copying links but search my user name hopefully you'll find it. Attached image.
  9. Hi George, Thank you for such a clear explanation of the design on my tsuba. I will do some further reading on Dewa Sanzan.
  10. Hi, I posted in the Translation Assistant last night the mei of this tsuba and thanks to Steve M for completing the translation. 江府住 - Kōfu-jū 逸平義久 - Itsuhira Yoshihisa I've now taken some images (hopefully they have come out okay?) of the whole tsuba which I think depicts fishing in springtime, going by a bit of research on Japanese/Chinese landscape prints. Assuming late Edo period. I can't find any information on the maker, any insight from the forum would be welcome. Found a couple of similar variations of this theme but unsigned. There doesn't seem to much in the way of literature on Kofu tsuba, but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction? Also interested in if this is the makers full name? Used to seeing two character signatures. Fishing in springtime, Ike - no - Taiga (1747) Tsuba dimensions: Height: 77mm Width: 71mm Mimi: 4.1mm Seppa dai: 4.4mm Thanks Colin
  11. Steve, Thanks for the quick response. Colin
  12. Hi, Recent addition, I'll post some further pictures shortly. I can translate the Kofu ju but the rest I can only get the last character Hisa. Was expecting Masahisa but doesn't look like that. Any help from the couple of images attached would be appreciated. Many thanks Colin
  13. All, Thank you for your comments.
  14. Dear NMB members I believe this to be an Akasaka school tsuba but deciphering the design is proving a challenge! It looks like either a tree stump or a rock, with a hammer lying on top? It may at one point have had a gold finish to the hammer head, as you can faintly see a trace of this on the first image. Any help appreciated, tsuba dimensions below: Height - 71.2mm Width - 67.8 Mimi - 6.2mm Many thanks Colin
  15. cdrcm12

    Sukashi Tsuba (1)

    Ray, Thank you????. Thank you to all who have responded. Colin
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