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  1. Thanks for replying Glen. Yes, silhouette of ginger is a good call. Bob Haynes entry for the lot states 'the fine rope rim shows the skill of the Sado smiths who favoured this style'. Would also be interested to see any other examples out there?
  2. Hi, A nice recent purchase from Grev (Kissakai) which didn't have the school identified. After some research I'm leaning towards Sado Island school, Sado Sanzaemon (1711 - 1735). There's a similar Kyo-sukashi style, with the rope mimi identified as a Sado Island example in Haynes catalogue #5, page 40/41, lot 127, image at below. I also think the carvings around the hitsu-ana on my tsuba are some form of bean pod? Thoughts welcome, thanks. The tsuba dimensions: H - 69.5mm W - 64mm Mimi thk - 4.85mm Seppa dai thk - 4.65mm
  3. Just received my third tsuba from Grev, very pleased. Delivered within a day. Thanks Grev
  4. Agree Dale, there's something rustic about them. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Hi Dale, Thanks for the response, you've hit the nail on the head! There are a couple of pieces of ten-zogan on the tsuba. One at 9 o'clock in the first image and another at 10 in the second. Wasn't sure about these at first but now makes sense. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Jean, maybe my rose tinted glasses are a wee bit too strong!!!
  7. I've had this tsuba a number of years, it came off a tanto but didn't look right on the blade, too small. Looking at it in more detail now I was trying to determine the school and Kamakura-bori came to mind but I would appreciate members help and opinions please? I think the hitsu-ana may have been added at a later date. It seems to have what could be a layer of lacquer? on the surface. Details: Mokko-gata Uchikaeshi mimi H: 57mm W: 47mm Mimi: 3.65mm Seppa dai: 3.35mm Nakago-ana: 27mm x 7.5mm Many thanks.
  8. Excellent service from Grev. Tsuba posted yesterday and arrived today. Very pleased with it, better in hand than in photographs.
  9. Hi Grev, The museum has very good images of the tsuba in its collection, link below: https://www.wolverhamptonart.org.uk/collections/search/page/1/?s=tsuba&qa[keyword_reference_type]=0&qa[partner]&qa[identifier]&qa[date_from]&qa[date_to]&qa[title]&qa[person]&qa[place]&qa[subject]&qa[format]&cbav=2&cbadvsearchquery#038;qa[keyword_reference_type]=0&qa[partner]&qa[identifier]&qa[date_from]&qa[date_to]&qa[title]&qa[person]&qa[place]&qa[subject]&qa[format]&cbav=2&cbadvsearchquery Colin
  10. cdrcm12


    Hi Dale, Unfortunately it's not mine, just an image from the net. Looks to have been a popular design. Thanks
  11. cdrcm12


    David/Mauro, Thanks for the replies. I did think possibly Kyo rather than Ko but it seemed on the small side. Mauro, Absolutely see the Echizen link, one below from a scan of Google. Another with similar tagane. Further investigation required! Gullane, UK - From your device - Learn more HelpSend feedbackPrivacyTerms
  12. cdrcm12


    Hi, I've had this tsuba for a wee while now and was looking at it again recently to carry out some further research. My thoughts on it have come to think it may be Ko-Shoami. It has a couple of tekkotsu on the mimi, image below and dishes a little from the mimi to the seppa-dai. It's maru-gata with a kaku ko-niku mimi. Design is of bamboo in nikubori-ji-sukashi, quite rustic. Overall dimensions below: Height - 66mm Width - 66mm Mimi thk - 5mm Seppa-dai thk - 4.75mm Any thoughts from members would be welcome.
  13. Hi David, Thanks for the comment, I agree having examined the tsuba further on the back of the previous comments by members I would say late Owari. I do like and appreciate this style of sukashi tsuba. Best regards
  14. All, Thanks for the replies and insight. Agree the Tagane are similar to Marks tsuba, the seppa dai on my one is a little wider. I believe the geese in four directions is called 'shihou' but may relate to other objects.
  15. Dale, Curran, Thank you for your responses. It is a tough one between Owari or Akasaka. The rounded mimi I would have said Akasaka but the article you posted Dale was very informative. I'll happily say Owari. Thanks again
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