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  1. Ono-san used to ask 5 million Yen for his Yamatorige utsushi. So 3 million wold be cheap.
  2. Arnold, I sent you a PM Paul
  3. I would like to put a friendly and helpful fellow member of the NMB in the spotlight. I’ll share –very briefly- my recent experience: -wanted to buy a specific book -searched the internet for months, found only one very expensive example -asked Grey Doffin if he could find one for me (wasn’t available in his stock) - one week later the book is on its way to me from Japan for a really good price thanks to Grey Thanks Grey, guys like you make or hobby even more enjoyable! Paul V.
  4. I recently bought a tsuba from Grev for a good price. It arrived a few days later and was better than on the photo. Great seller! Paul v
  5. I would like to buy the a4 hardcover. Regards; Paul V
  6. Dear Randy I would be much obliged if you would add me to your list. Thanks in advance; Paul
  7. In “A History of the Catholic Church in Japan from its beginnings to the early Meiji era”, Joseph Jennes refers to Christian tsuba (but also to banners, helmets, stirrups and saddles). He shows one he found in one of the books of the art historian Tei Nishimura; “Namban-bijutsu” (Tokyo 1958 西村貞、『南蛮美術』、大日本雄弁会講談社、1958). So it seems that at least Tei Nishimura believed in Christian tsuba. Paul V
  8. Dear Kunitaro, I would like to buy the kozuka if its still available. Bet regards; Paul v
  9. Hi, Looks a bit like his one :D http://www.ricecracker.com/japanese_swo ... hi/sw8.htm Paul
  10. Hi everyone, I want to emphasize that Paul Martin also belongs on this list. I’ve been studying Japanese swords for years, meanwhile saving money to upgrade my modest collection and finally I wanted to buy a real eye catcher in Japan. But… the seller didn’t know any English and my knowledge of Japanese is limited to hai and iie But luckily there was Paul. I contacted him and he arranged everything in a perfect way! He contacted the seller, discussed a fair price and took care of the whole shipping and handling. Meanwhile he kept me informed of every detail in the process. Without Paul’s help I never would have acquired this sword! Paul V
  11. I somehow missed this poll. If possible I would like to order1 set. Paul V
  12. To me, after all these years, “The ascent of man” is still the best documentary I have ever seen. I have read the book that was published afterwards over and over again so now it is thumbed and all the pages are becoming loose. Jacob Bronowski was such an erudite person who could explain the highlights of human history so clear that I would advise everybody to read the book. After seeing “The ascent of man” one of the things I had learned was that a Japanese sword was created with a fantastic craftsmanship to become an object that unified crafts and art. It was then I realised I wanted once to own such a sword. This led me to a hobby, or perhaps a passion, that I still enjoy almost every day. Paul
  13. Good evening all Grey and Craig, thank you both for the input. Stephen, I don't know the books weight but it is the Teiryo yoji (9 x 12" and over 400pp), so it is rather heavy and it has to be sent to Belgium. I don't want to risk it gets lost so I do want an insurance. Regards; Paul
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