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  1. Sorry, couldn't find original thread to update. National Treasure Swords (and koshirae) of Japan Book. I had a very productive meeting with the publisher yesterday. Subject to crowd funding (as the price of the photographic rights of every National Treasure sword and koshirae are very high), we are considering the possibility of producing the book in A4 (standard), and A3 (500 copy limited edition signed and numbered ). We have begun preparations for our crowd funding presentations. I can't tell you too much as, the book hasn't gone into production yet. I can tell you that it plans to feature every National Treasure sword and koshirae in Japan (plus one imperial collection). It is in English, I don't know how many pages, but the original document still with in need of some adjustments and captions is already over 55,000 words, with essays on Japanese culture/swords explanations for all the objects featured and a very detailed explanation of parts and activities of swords etc (Re parts and activies: if you Have the 'Nihon no Bi:Nihonto' book, you will know. If you don't, you have a treat coming). Compulsory sword shape chart and glossary, etc, etc.
  2. I have only just come across this, so sad. I have my head in the sand here so much that I don't get to hear about stuff until someone tells me, or it is too late. My belated condolences, a fine gentleman and a scholar.
  3. There will be 137 swords and koshirae in total, I had to have a cut off point, so I decided not to include swords that were designated National Treasures as part of a greater set of objects like a wedding gift, etc. However, I have included ones that are categorized as archeological objects. In the blade section there are 115 blades I have also included one Imperial collection blade for example purposes (116). There are also 21 koshirae. There were also some National Treasure designated saya and stuff that were just not interesting enough, so I cut them. Here is a size chart for you. https://www.belightsoft.com/products/resources/paper-sizes-and-formats-explained.php No Oshigata, just photos. It's not an easy task getting the money for the copyrights for the existing photography, so getting them all reshot is pretty much an impossibility. However, where there is new photography available, it will be used. The originals are pre-digital and the printing techniques have improved since they were first published. There will be an explanation for each sword with descriptions and dimensions. The explanations vary in length for each sword depending how much info, or history accompanies the sword. It is all preceded by the obligatory essay on Japanese swords and culture, followed by a brief history. Then all the swords and koshirae explanations/descriptions, followed by the various obligatory (but very detailed) sword information, diagrams and glossary. So far, there has not been a comprehensive book in English that showcases all of the National Treasure blades. I thought the data alone would be worth having on any sword enthusiasts bookshelf.
  4. Hi All, Hope you all had a good Christmas, and wish you all a happy new year! Just throwing this out there. I have finished a long term project that is just moving forward. The publisher is also onboard with the project. However, given the volume of photographs needed and copyrights to pay for them. I am thinking of crowd funding for advanced purchases. We are thinking of doing a limited edition B4 sized Japanese cloth covered hard cover in an additional box cover of 500 numbered copies at approximately $450 usd each. Then a standard sized book, maybe B5 or A4 possibly hard cover at approx $90 and/or a paperback version, $60-70 usd. These are just rough estimates at the moment. The book is "National Treasure Swords of Japan' all in English with all National Treasure swords and Koshirae. What would the interest be in a book like this and the various formats. We are ready to roll, we are looking for about 20,000 USD in pre-orders.
  5. Here are the complete results for 2016 in English. Swordmaking Section The Keizai Sangyo Daijin Award(Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry): Myochin Yusuke (Munehiro) NBSK Chairman's Award: Kamiyama Yozo (Teruhira) The Nagano Prefectural Governor's Award: Kubo Yoshihiro Gold prize 1st Seat: Nezu Kei (Hidehira) Gold Prize 2nd Seat: Kawachi Ippei Silver prize 1st Seat: Nose Katsuyoshi Bronze prize 3rd Seat: Manzoku Koji Nyusen Matsukawa Takashi Sasaki Naohiko (Taneshige) Mori Jugo Ito Shigemitsu Kato Masafumi Yoshida Masaya Sword Polishing Section NBSK Chairman's Award Hon'ami Masao Shinano Mainichi Shinbun Award: Ono Takahiro Gold prize 1st Seat: Morii Tetsutaro Gold prize 2nd Seat: Sekiyama Kazumichi Gold prize 3rd Seat: Mizuta Yoshimasa Silver prize 1st Seat: Abe Soichiro Silver prize 2nd Seat: Sagara Yuichi Silver prize 3rd Seat: Hon'ami Takeshi Silver prize 4th Seat: Akita Yuki Bronze prize 1st Seat: Ogawa Kazuhiro Bronze prize 2nd Seat: Tamaki Joji Nyusen: Anthony Norman (UK) Yokoyama Tomohiro Masaumi Hiroto Masaumi Ario Watabe Tsunetsugu Fujikawa Jiro Matsuo Kiyotake Otsuka Takanari Ose Shinichi Tosogu Section: NBSK Chairman's Award: Marcus Chambers (USA) Gold Prize 2nd Seat: Kevin Adams (Canada) Silver Prize 1st Seat: Fukuyo Hirotake Silver Prize 2nd Seat: Nagauchi Katsuyoshi Bronze Prize 1st Seat: Kawakami Noburu Bronze Prize 2: Kawashima Yoshiyuki Nyusen: Urakami Haruko, Ishuin Takako, Sakai Kiyomasa, Remo Soza Nogueira (Brazil), Kotani Yuji, Mizutanigawa Motosen, Shirogane Section: The Sasaki Village Board of Education Chairman’s Award: Matsumoto Yutaka Silver prize 1: Sugiyama Hideaki Nyusen: Noguchi Sukehiro Shirasaya Section: Tokusho-Sakaki Mayor's Award: Mori Takahiro Gold prize 2nd Seat: Morii Atsuhiro Silver Prize 1st Seat: Yoshikawa Kazuyuki Bronze prize 1st Seat: Tazawa Atsushi Tsukamaki Section: Silver prize 1st Seat: Sasahara Yoshiyuki Bronze prize 1st Seat: Alex Krupp (USA) Nyusen: Hirai Shigeharu Koshirae Section: Nyusen: Sakuma Yasuo Saya-nuri Section: Silver Prize 1: Koyama Mitsuhide Sword Oshigata Art Section: Award for Excellence 1st Seat: Tamaki Joji Award for Excellence 2nd Seat: Sekiyama Kazunobu Commendation Award 1st Seat: Miura Hirotaka Commendation Award 2nd Seat: Paul Martin (UK) Commendation Award 3rd Seat: Abe Soichiro Nyusen: Fujikawa Jiro
  6. The NBSK has no intention to do shinsa.
  7. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/17415-nihon-no-bi-nihonto-the-Japanese-sword/
  8. Hi Caleb, 1) Do you get the work back when the competition is over? Yes, but you must pay shipping costs. 2) Is the exhibition of winning pieces at Sakaki-Machi Museum of Tetsu in Nagano prefecture accessible to general public and if so, when? Yes, during the dates stated on the Entry Guidelines. 3) Is there any chance of meeting and conversing with craftsman and/or other enthusiasts there? If you attend the awards ceremony, and the after party (Dates TBD as stated in the entry guidelines). 4) In your opinion, if i intend to save money to go there in 2017 just to meet craftsman, and If I don't have much experience conversing in Japanese, can a JLPT N2 suffice? Or do i have to go beyond N1 ie be super-fluent before I should attempt this venture? I am sure that you will be fine, there are English speakers there too.
  9. Additional, If anyone would like to use my agent services to make sure that their entries are submitted on time. That includes the admin for getting polished swords through licensing, etc. Please contact me through my contact page on my site. Best
  10. HI All, I would just like to bring to all of your attention that the NBSK (Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai Public Foundation) has now uploaded entry forms and guidelines to the annual competition in English. So for any of you that would like to submit your works this year for assessment, and the possible chance of a prize and having your works displayed at the Sakaki-Machi Museum of Tetsu in Nagano prefecture, this is your chance. You can download the guideline and form from the NBSK English Website at the link below. *Points of note, Only genuine Japanese swords are accepted. If you are thinking of submitting a sword to the polishing section, you will need an agent, and your sword will need to arrive in Japan early March at the latest to navigate the importation and licensing procedures. In fact, the earlier the better. As for the sword making section. Only swords made by smiths licensed in Japan are accepted. http://nbsk-jp.main.jp/wp/the-7th-Japanese-sword-craftsmens-exhibitioncompetition-guide/ In addition, this year as a test category, the NBSK is adding a (Japanese) Sword Oshigata Art section, open to anyone. Please download and read the guidelines and application form from the website here: http://nbsk-jp.main.jp/wp/the-7th-Japanese-sword-craftsmens-exhibitioncompetition-guide-sword-oshigata-art-division-guidelines/
  11. The explanation for the powdered deer antler is in the video, no?
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