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  1. Hi Jim, Thanks. Will make contact with them as you suggested, appreciate the offer of further support. Still have a few months here in Japan but will connect with them soon. Regards, Michael S
  2. Thanks for providing the link. Yes, I am shipping to Victoria, Melbourne. It will be shipped with all of my goods, furniture, clothes, etc., not sure if that will make it better or worse. The moving companies I am getting quotes from are aware I will shipping a Nihonto and at least have some familiarity with what needs to be done. Michael S
  3. Hoping that some of the Australian members can provide some advice. Will be moving back home to Australia late this year after 4+ years in Japan and have 1 Nihonto to ship with all my goods. It is correctly registered here in Japan, and I know it has to be unregistered before I leave. Not sure what is required regarding paperwork etc. for bringing it into Australia and once I get there. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Michael S
  4. Also thank you to Paul Martin for reaching out with the necessary tax & application documents. Much appreciated. Michael S
  5. Thank you Kunitaro for the additional advice. Regards, Michael S
  6. Happy to contribute. Regards, Michael S
  7. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I do live in Tokyo. Recognize the Paul Martin name, am connected on FB to The Japanese Sword. Can be contacted via PM and then email if necessary. Regards, Michael S
  8. I recently purchased a nihonto from a well established NMB member in the US and had it shipped to Japan where I live. Have received a notice from Japan Customs do complete some paperwork to complete the delivery. Do any members who also live here in Japan have any advice, anything I should know or be aware of? My partner is Japanese so can assist with communication etc. Thanks. Regards, Michael S
  9. Not sure of the impact as Tokyo generally has a shortage of hotel rooms in any case, but the DTI dates of 11/18 ~ 20 coincide with a major manufacturing trade show, JIMTOF, held at Tokyo Big Sight on Odaiba, 11/17 ~ 22. Maybe not well known outside of manufacturing & specifically the machine tool industry, but my company participates, in fact I have to be there all 6 days which will make the DTI hard get to. And it is a large exhibition in terms of attendance, so it may affect hotels. It is delayed 3 weeks from previous years due to Big Sight renovations, usually held end of October to early November. Regards, Michael S
  10. The tsuba I purchased arrived this week as arranged. Would second Joe`s comments above. Michael
  11. Hi Martin, I am very interested to buy this piece. Will send a PM. Michael
  12. I have contacted Nick to buy this piece, just confirming shipping etc. Couldn't resist it either. Sorry. Michael S
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