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  1. Doesn't matter - not for a project, would just like to find a decent example of the style from a tsuba appreciation perspective
  2. Looking for a plain, Tensho style late Muromachi/Momoyama tsuba. No papers necessary and I'm not picky on condition as long as it's not beat. Please drop me a line if you can help, thanks for looking!
  3. sabi

    Owari or Akasaka?

    This. The OP's guard has a lot of meat to the rim but I'm still noticing a bevel and it seems like kaku mimi koniku as a whole vs a true maru. Later period (early-mid Edo) Owari IMO.
  4. Akasaka, moon and pine with bats (the moon is the circle, not a crescent IMO). Had a similar-ish one a while back.
  5. Owari Sadahiro (Shodai), Kikugata, 8.6 x 8.2cm, Momoyama/earliest Edo
  6. Bump, shipping included at $200 for the USA.
  7. Thanks for sharing, Axel! Lots of great pieces in there, but that aka-Raku bowl by Donyu is magnificent.
  8. Thanks Mark, you and me both! If it were a chawan it would be around 20x more than this.
  9. On offer today is a rare opportunity to acquire a great sake cup by the man who literally wrote the book on anagama firing. There is certainly nothing I can say about Furutani Michio (1946-2000) that hasn't already hasn't been said. Few Iga/Shigaraki potters are as well known, and his publications on kiln construction are required reading for ANY potter wishing to take on the monumental task of firing in this ancient manner. Better put, here's this gem from my Western friend and potter, Robert Fornell: "When I asked Tsujimura Shiro which potters he respected there was a long pause, then he said Furutani Michio. Any one else, I asked?.... "No." Furutani wrote the Bible on anagama construction and firing, saying the kiln is a tool. If it doesn't fire in a way you're looking for, tear it down and rebuild it. A collection of bricks as it were..." --- Given his untimely passing was 20 years ago now, few pieces at this level pop up for sale, and even fewer are obtained without pricey gallery markups. This cup was put through the full test of Furutani's low-roofed kiln, and as a result of the intense firing, it displays every Iga trait you could hope for. From the sunset toned flashes surrounding what little bare clay remains, to the flowing green natural ash deposits and its scorched surroundings of charcoal, bronze and mauve. A bold foot gives the piece just the right amount of lift to bring the slouched form to life. The lip is visually rough but completely smooth to the touch, as all good, usable wares of this style need to be. Included is the original signed box, stamped cloth and insert outlining the potter's career. Condition of the cup and packaging are excellent with no flaws to speak of. Price is $200 + $10 shipping to the USA, I will ship internationally at the buyer's risk and expense, but please contact me for a quote before committing. Payment to be made via PayPal. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pics. Thanks for looking!
  10. I'll let Steve hash out the details as he's much more dialed in with Shino, but as with most things - if it seems too good to be true, it is. A legitimate Momoyama sake cup will fetch 100k+ Yen without breaking a sweat, and while lucky finds on auction sites do (very rarely) happen, you have to wonder why a ceramics dealer would let it go for such short money. That site lists some nice pieces, but please take their descriptions/attributions with a grain of salt. They had a Raku chawan up recently that was given to Chojiro... CHOJIRO, the founder of the Raku tradition, and it was at something like 70k. Such a bowl, if real, would likely be pegged by the country of Japan as an important art object, if not higher, and command millions of Yen.
  11. Thanks so much for all the help gentlemen! Steve, you're good... That's my guy, found an image of his incised signature and it's a match for my chawan. Can't thank you enough!
  12. Good morning NMB, I recently acquired an Iga chawan and am hoping to find out who's hand it's by. Usually I can piece it together but the translation on Yahoo.JP came through very messy on this listing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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