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  1. Just doing some pruning in the reference library. All pricing is priced to move in USD, and INCLUDES shipping in Canada/continental US. I can ship overseas from Canada, but the large books will be very expensive to ship. I'm looking for quick sales, so no holds or tire-kickers, please. 1. Signatures of Japanese Sword Guard Artists / Markus Sesko $90 USD 2. The Baur Collection /BW Robinson $300 USD 3. Nara San Saku / Yoneno $200 USD 4. Japanese Art & Handicraft / Joly, Tomita $90 USD 5. The Hartman Collection of Japanese Metalwork / Christies $60 USD 6. Japanese Swords and Tsuba from the Freeman & Sharpe collections $60 USD 7. 100 Selected Tsuba from European Public Collections / Haynes, Burawoy $40 USD 8. Meito in North America & Meito tsuba $40 USD 9. The Dr. Walter Heihs Collection of Japanese Miniature Arts $30 USD Paypal Goods & Services, or e-transfer for Canadian buyers.
  2. Here's mine. I unfortunately didn't have time to set up and shoot photos with more than my phone before it had to go to FedEx, but I think these get the point across.
  3. Cheers guys! I'll upload a couple of photos of my piece when I get back to my home computer. Michael - as I understand it, the "invitation" entries are people that (to my knowledge) are affiliated with the NBSK and making pieces for display only, not judgement. The "judge" entries are the same, just made by individuals that are judging the competition. I suspect this may be to flesh out the number of pieces for the exhibition, since this organization is still building their base of members and contributors.
  4. Just wanted to mention that reasonable offers will be considered on this.
  5. Morning all! I have for sale is a lovely little mumei tsuba with delicate sukashi of pine trees. waves and sea birds. It has a beautiful chocolatey patina, and is attributed as Akasaka with a Hozon origami. Comes with a kiribako and pillow. Dimensions are 69mm W x 71mm H x 4.5mm at the seppa-dai. $725 USD shipped in North America. Paypal fees (if applicable) are extra. Photos are the original dealer photos - I can take more if desired. Thanks!
  6. Ah, I suspected it was "Somin"...at least someone signing AS Somin.. Thanks for the verification guys!
  7. Morning folks - I'd appreciate some help translating this mei. Thanks!
  8. Moving day is rapidly approaching, and I still have this piece available in the store. Help me lighten the truckload this weekend! Reduced to $800 USD + shipping and PP fees if applicable.
  9. Stephen, you sneaky so-and-so. I didn't realize you had posted this until I received a couple of PM notifications via email. Thank you very much for the kind words, everyone. I'm very happy about the result, and gratified that an original design of non-Japanese fauna was recognized in this way. Interesting side note - on the results document from the NBSK website, my tsuba has been described thusly: "Tetsuji Mukudori Tonbo no zu tsuba"...I wonder how the blackbird became a starling! Ted, you're actually not far off the mark. I've been trying to write a post in my blog about the thought processes that went into this piece, but there's so many that it's been difficult to keep them organized. But one of those is indeed the connectivity between the human experience and its reflection in art - I've been thinking a lot lately about how to put more of "myself" into my work. I DO love studying the Japanese imagery and technique in painting and metalwork, but I've lately acknowledged a bit of a disconnect when I go to make something. By tapping into subject matter that I'm familiar with, and relying on what I've learned of technique and aesthetic to influence what I'm doing, I'm HOPING that the result will be something more...intuitive? You see why I'm having a bit of trouble writing this all down? To this end, I have a few other pieces in various stages of design that are from the same inspiration as this piece - those heady days of childhood wonder hanging with cool uncles beside rural riverbanks. Thanks!
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