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  1. Hi, how did you guys from Europe managed to get it shipped. I am trying it via Amazon.com but during checkout I am told that this item does not ship to my location (Germany). Thanks, Stephan
  2. Hi Ron, #3 is still available. Shipping to the US is 20 US$ (without insurance). Insured it would be 40 US$. If interested please send me a PM. Stephan
  3. Hi Adam 1,2 & 5 would be 95 € together + 18 € shipping. The package deal would be 100 € for all including shipping to UK Stephan
  4. Hi Kathleen, for the whole lot I would ask for 180 USD + 40 USD insured shipping to the US. Regards, Stephan
  5. I am listing some books that I have twice. All books are located in Germany - so no custom fees for EU members (and shipping is also cheaper) Lethal Elegance, Joe Earle, English, Hardcover 35,00 USD 30,00 € 2) Facts and Fundamentals of Japanese Swords, Nobuo Nakahara/Paul Martin, English, Hardcover 30,00 USD 25,00 € 3) Armures du Japon, Robert Burawoy, French/English, Hardcover 60,00 USD 50,00 € 4) Samurai Armor design, Pie books, Japanese/English, Paperback 35,00 USD 30,00 € 5) Art and the sword - Volumes Four (1991), Five & Six (1995), Eight (2001) 50,00 USD 40,00 € All books are in very good condition Postage - 5 kg Germany, insured 7,50 € Postage - 5 kg EU, insured 18,00 € Package - 2 kg US, not insured 20,00 USD Package - 5 kg, US, insured 40,00 USD Payment options: Paypal (Friends&Family), Wire Transfer (I will provide my IBAN) Thanks for looking, Stephan
  6. PM sent for the Choshu tsuba. Stephan
  7. The wakizashi arrived today and I am more than happy. It is really an impressive blade with a lot of activities to enjoy. I also want to say thank you to Ray Singer for his excellent service. Everything went smoothly, from the packaging and shipping and all the communication with Ray was extraordinary. I will definitely do business with him again as I felt always well informed and everything was presented correctly and honestly. Thank you Ray. Stephan
  8. Hi Micha, how can you be contacted. I would take the lot and have sent you two PMs and also an email to your private address but did not get a reply so far. You can also send me a PM. Thanks, Stephan
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