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  1. Hi Krystian, I take no. 4 please Regards Stephan
  2. I finally found the time to get some photos of my latest acquistion, a wakizashi by Mutsu no Kami Kaneshige with NBTHK Hozon papers. I would be happy if some of you have additional information about the smith. What I have so far is from the seller and from Markus Sesko's books. Blade type Wakizashi Suguta Shinogi-zukuri Nagasa 58.5 cm / 23.03 ” Nagako-nagasa 16.7 cm / 6.65 ” Moto-haba 2.9 cm / 1.14 ” Saki-haba 2.0 cm / 0.8 ” Moto-kasane 0.7 cm / 0.28 ” Saki-kasane 0.5 cm / 0.2 “ Sori 0.6 cm / 0.24 “ Mune: Ihori Jihada Ko-Itame Hamon Hako-midare (series of box shaped elements) Boshi Ko-maru Kissaki O-Kissaki Activity Nie, Ara nie, Kinsuji, Sunagashi Nakago condition Ubu Mekugi-ana 1 Nakago-jiri Kuri-jiri Yasurime Katta-Agari Mei Omote Mutsu-no-Kami Kaneshige (陸奥守 包重 ) Ura Period Kanbun Shinto Koshirae Shirasaya with horn hato-mei Habaki Copper habaki with silver foil wrapping Comments This is the work of Mutsu no Kami KANESHIGE 陸奥守包重 who later became Mutsu no Kami Kaneyasu (包 保), 2nd gen., Enpō (延 宝, 1673-1681), Settsu He signed "Sesshū Ōsaka-jū Mutsu no Kami Kaneyasu" (摂 州 大 坂 住 陸 奥 守 包 保), "Mutsu no Kami Kaneyasu" (陸 奥 守 包 保), "Mutsu no Kami Kaneshige" (陸 奥 守 包 重), "Mutsu no Daijō Kaneyasu" (陸 奥 大 掾 包 保), His real name was "Dan Kyūdayū" (団 九 太 夫), he originally came from Tango Province, but went to Osaka in the apprenticeship with the 1st Gen. Kaneyasu. Later he was adopted by him and determined as his successor. During his time as “Kaneshige” (包 重) he signed in mirror writing like his master, with the final change to “Mutsu no Kami Kaneyasu“. He is known as "Migi-Mutsu "(右 陸 奥, lit."Right-handed Mutsu"). He also worked for the Mizuno family (水 野) in their lands in Matsumoto (松本) in the Shinano province. Some of his blades are known by him between the fifth year Enpō (1677) and the second year Genroku (元 禄, 1689) His blades feature a dense ko-itame, sometimes with ō-hada, gunomechōji, suguha-chō mixed with gunome, suguha-notare mixed with gunome-ashi, occasionally tobiyaki and/or muneyaki In his early Kaneshige period he added gyaku-sujikai yasurime, later as 2nd gen. Kaneyasu by default sujikai-yasurime, both file variants run to the base, i.e. in the polished area under the machi, as kiri
  3. PM sent for peacock kozuka and kogai
  4. Hi, how did you guys from Europe managed to get it shipped. I am trying it via Amazon.com but during checkout I am told that this item does not ship to my location (Germany). Thanks, Stephan
  5. Hi Ron, #3 is still available. Shipping to the US is 20 US$ (without insurance). Insured it would be 40 US$. If interested please send me a PM. Stephan
  6. Hi Adam 1,2 & 5 would be 95 € together + 18 € shipping. The package deal would be 100 € for all including shipping to UK Stephan
  7. Hi Kathleen, for the whole lot I would ask for 180 USD + 40 USD insured shipping to the US. Regards, Stephan
  8. I am listing some books that I have twice. All books are located in Germany - so no custom fees for EU members (and shipping is also cheaper) Lethal Elegance, Joe Earle, English, Hardcover 35,00 USD 30,00 € 2) Facts and Fundamentals of Japanese Swords, Nobuo Nakahara/Paul Martin, English, Hardcover 30,00 USD 25,00 € 3) Armures du Japon, Robert Burawoy, French/English, Hardcover 60,00 USD 50,00 € 4) Samurai Armor design, Pie books, Japanese/English, Paperback 35,00 USD 30,00 € 5) Art and the sword - Volumes Four (1991), Five & Six (1995), Eight (2001) 50,00 USD 40,00 € All books are in very good condition Postage - 5 kg Germany, insured 7,50 € Postage - 5 kg EU, insured 18,00 € Package - 2 kg US, not insured 20,00 USD Package - 5 kg, US, insured 40,00 USD Payment options: Paypal (Friends&Family), Wire Transfer (I will provide my IBAN) Thanks for looking, Stephan
  9. PM sent for the Choshu tsuba. Stephan
  10. The wakizashi arrived today and I am more than happy. It is really an impressive blade with a lot of activities to enjoy. I also want to say thank you to Ray Singer for his excellent service. Everything went smoothly, from the packaging and shipping and all the communication with Ray was extraordinary. I will definitely do business with him again as I felt always well informed and everything was presented correctly and honestly. Thank you Ray. Stephan
  11. Hi Micha, how can you be contacted. I would take the lot and have sent you two PMs and also an email to your private address but did not get a reply so far. You can also send me a PM. Thanks, Stephan
  12. Hi, some weeks ago I acquired a gendai tanto signed Buzen Ju Mitsuyoshi and dated 1936. It had some rust spots that I cleaned carefully with oil and uchiko and I think the blade is now in a stable state. However, what puzzles me most about the blade is that I cannot find a reference to a gendai smith Mitsuyoshi. I looked into - Modern Japanese Swords - Beginning of the Gendaito Era (Kapp) - Modern Japanese Swordsmiths (Slough) - Modern Japanese Sword and Swordsmiths - From 1866 to the Present (Kapp) - Swords and Swordsmitht of the Gendaito Period (Fimio) - Swords of Imperial Japan (Dawson) - Mility swords of Japan (Fuller/Gregory) But not a single word about a gendai smith Mitsuyoshi. I would really appreciate if I can get more information about the smith but when I search on the Internet I find only the auction where I got the tanto from Blade type Tanto Suguta Hira-zukuri Nagasa 26 cm Moto-haba 2.5 cm Moto-kasane 0.7 cm Mune Ihori Hamon Suguha Boshi Ko-maru Nagako-nagasa 8.7 cm Nakago condition Ubu Mekugi-ana 1 Nakago-jiri Ha-agari / Kuri-jiri Yasurime Kiri Mei Omote BUZEN JU MITSUYOSHI Ura SHOWA JU ICHI NEN GO GATSU KICHI JITSU (A lucky day in may 1936) Period Gendai Koshirae Shirasaya Habaki Silver habaki Comments Tanto with bohi on both sides Thanks, Stephan
  13. Here are the dimensions Nagasa 45.1 cm / 17.8 ” Nagako-nagasa 12,3 cm / 4.8 ” Moto-haba 2.8 cm / 1.1 ” Saki-haba 2,0 cm / 0.8 ” Moto-kasane 0.5 cm / 0.2 ” Saki-kasane 0.4 cm / 0.16 “ Sori 1.5 cm / 0.6“
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