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  1. It is not about it being a Katana, better to buy a good quality Wakizashi or Tanto in this case which has a good Ji and is a confirmed Muromachi Uda
  2. Only to a bad sale, I am sorry you feel I am not complying with bad items for sale but there is a risk that someone who would become a valued member of the collecting community will be hurt by bad practices and I think that it is worth protecting them if possible
  3. How are Muromachi mumei "rare" The muromachi was a great period for the Uda school and plenty of signed examples are available and I stated that their Muromachi tanto are far better to collect if one requires a Muromachi Uda
  4. This is not elitist, it is simply good advice and my opinion. With regards to items that would be more collectible in the same price points it simply requires a bit of online searching and there are way too many options. Expressing a Mumei Uda as a rarity is false and should not be allowed. Obviously you should consider a proper frame of validating sales posts before they go up instead of criticizing my advice and jumping on the band wagon calling it elitist. I am not saying do not buy this and instead buy this Juyo. I am just saying do not but mumei swords from certain time period, why is that elitist?
  5. In order to reinforce your post, may we know what your collection consists of and why you chose said swords? (At your discretion, if i have overstepped then i understand. )
  6. Kawa

    Tachi Bringback

    Georg, firstly, please do not sell the sword yet. Part of the fun in spending very little for a lottery is winning big later. You already did this with your Masayuki 😃 Second, on the hamon, looking at this hamon it seems to clearly end right on the hamachi, if the sword was osuriage then i would not expect that in most cases. I would be interested to hear opinions now that we can see masame, sugu - midare hamon and this sugata, what the consensus is on school? If older i would lean to Naminohira or direct Yamato, but, if shinto onwards, any other opinions?
  7. Swords are not simply seen as weapons in Japanese culture, indeed even in Western culture, swords are more than "slabs of steel". To infer otherwise shows true ignorance, just my opinion of course.
  8. I'm not sure this is valid. There are historical records of signatures in publications and existing examples that are used to determine if a signature is true or not.
  9. Kawa

    Tachi Bringback

    The swords steel is in bad shape on this one. A polish would probably cause more harm that good here I feel, I am not sure what others think?
  10. Kawa

    Tachi Bringback

    Shape wise it does shout Kanbun. But, to be honest we would need accurate measurements to make a solid call, i have a long shinto blade that is very similar from Takada Muneyuki that has a similar profile but the hamon is different, we need to see all the features before making a decision. I would also point to an Awataguchi that i have that are also very shallow on sori but the nakago sori points to Kamakura. Basically, more details please The nakago rust is a conundrum as well, that red rust is going to destroy the patina and we cannot see any yasurime features because of it
  11. Kawa

    Tachi Bringback

    Georg This could be an interesting one but could we get more pictures? The mune, closer on the kissaki, jigane? Maybe some measurements on sori, kasane, motohaba, sakihaba, as much as you can basically? Older tachi that were shortened can be relatively low on sori but a closer inspection is required. The problem is that swords of this length and sori came about in the shinto (few) and shinshinto aswell. Is there a possibility of better shots on the nakago?
  12. Ah yes! Very clear now, apologies for the long winded Kaku-mune post before
  13. That is some awesome research as always, thanks Jussi!
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