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  1. Matt, Thank you Sir it was very kind of you to do this. Best Wishes, Chuck
  2. Morita San, is a good man taking his time to help others as are MANY here on this board freely giving their knowledge. Lets, recognize these members who do this difficult work of translating as are giving to the small community of Nihonto. I thank you all, Chuck
  3. Hey Guy! I was wondering if anyone has the reference knowledge (books) which show this smith (Nagato-no-kuni -ju Fujiwara Hirotaro). I tried searching the Nihonto Club signature search, but I can find nothing and I used many variations of the Mei. I thank you in advance, I just can't do it on my own.
  4. Thank you all very much!! Chuck
  5. Hello Guys!! I acquired a wakizashi and through my limited knowledge, decided it was Nihonto, I can conclude it's nothing special. I ask for a translation of the Mei, I tried as I'm learning but it's frustrating as there is rust hurting the Mei. If you Gentlemen can help me I would as always appreciate your efforts. Chuck
  6. Krystian, PM sent my friend with measurements of the wak I'm trying to mount. Your koshirae look to be close! Chuck
  7. Hey Guys, I just stumbled across this YouTube channel, hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCABDnuiXwIdBRqqKvb3PYBQ Chuck
  8. Thank you very much for your time!!! I appreciate your wonderful help. Best Wishes, Chuck
  9. Hello Guys! I want to thank Ray Singer for helping me, I called him and told him I'm looking for Tosogu for a mounting project on an Owari katana. Ray, was very kind and quickly located an outstanding Owari tsuba which when compared to the katana is wonderful. Mr. Singer, followed through kept great communication and I could not be more satisfied. Thanks Ray. I would like to ask you gents to translate the paper for the tsuba so I can document it. Thank you all for your help, Chuck
  10. Piers, Grev, Geriant thank you for helping me! I appreciate your time to take a look at the papers. Geriant, thanks for the link to yakiba, I found it very informative. Grev, here is a recent picture of the tsuba, I thought you may like to see it.
  11. Hello Everyone! First off, I wish you and your families are well during these times. I have a Tsuba I bought some time ago and would like to have the papers translated. I forgot the Mei and other information on the papers, re-discovered the tsuba and papers as I was digging through things (due to boredom) because of my ripe "young" age. If, anyone should have the time could you please translate the paper and from whom it was issued. I thank you all very much, Chuck
  12. Hi Ken, I do realize those things which are done by you guys! It was a general Thank's to all that go out of their way to help!! Chuck
  13. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the great people on this forum that help others. I know I've been helped with Mei translations from individuals which give their knowledge and time with nothing asked in return. Day after day I read this section and see both new members and old asking for help with translation and it is freely given by some very knowledgeable people. I want to give you all a big THANK YOU for taking your personal time to help others, you don't find that very often. Best wishes, Chuck
  14. Thanks Barry, I've pulled my books and magnifying glass out to ID what the blade is showing... I love the details and drilling down with the books and internet to have a deeper understanding of what is going on with the katana, it's my detective side coming out (gathering info from many sources ) . The people here are so forthcoming and kind with their time to help with information to share, I can not describe my appreciation. I hope, the pictures of this blade make the members here crack a smile and forget a bit of the stress that's going on in the world. Chuck P.S. Barry, I truly hope you and you're family are well!
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