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  1. Chuck I too saw that one it was the closest I have found ... thanks,
  2. Can anyone help me translate please?



  3. Toryu, you may be right, the piece is what I would consider a little flashy and maybe the owner just like the shape. I will move on to other topics but will check in on this in case others have opinions. Now that I have found this site, I have a lot of research and sharing to do. I need to decide if I am going to remove the cord and sash or leave it as I bought it. Thanks to all, and Merry Christmas
  4. Thanks to all, I will also keep looking... still think it is a hanging floral pattern ...
  5. My first impression was a hanging floral design, but can't find anything like it so far. Help is appreciated. View of other side, and all three disc are the same not just the middle.
  6. I need help identifying the Mon that is on the menuki of a recent O-Tonto I got. Any comment would be helpful.
  7. I am hoping to restore some blades now I have more time. I great friend of mine is a master at Tsuka-Maki, he did the handle and I restored the Saya and did an Ishime pattern that came out pretty good. The Wakizashi is old blade, est. 1700's and fitting are fancy so think it may have be a merchants sword late 1800's Also my be one to have polished.
  8. Just joined but wanted to share and ask about this Tanto I won at auction, love the shape of blade but the lacquer work is interesting. The tang is mumei, with one hole and the fittings are I think cherry blossoms, some are gold plated. Tshuba is iron and incise carved and if I had to guess the blade would date to 1700's maybe earlier, the color is more gray (friend calls it "sand iron" but that may not really be a term. Either way just sharing for enjoyment and comments. Also, does anyone recognize the Mon in center disc of minuki?
  9. Thanks, my gut said it's fine but just not a color I have seen. The rest of the piece is about as good as you could hope for and all numbered in right places. Look forward to more post and research on this site on some other blades that I just haven't had the time... looking forward to retirement to do important stuff. Look forward to getting to know more of you.
  10. Hello, new guy here, don't know why it took so long to find this spot. I usually depend on my mentor but interested in more opinions. I just got another Kai-Gunto that made me question the Seppa on both sides of the Tshuba and O seppa, because the color on finished side, was not "gold" as much as a pale almost mustard yellow color. Same piece on my other good but not as good sword, looks like most worn gold plated brass fittings do. Only thing I can attribute it to is not seeing light for a long time. The rest of the sword checks out .. al s/n matching, good file marks, etc. Will post more side by side comparison picture, see one on left. Just wondering.
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