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Found 23 results

  1. Kanzan (Hanshan) and Jittoku (Shide) menuki A rare catch. You don’t see those two come up for sale often. Classic interpretation of the famous Zen (Chan) Buddhist monks in miniature. Brilliant work. Mumei Kyo-Kanagushi NBTHK Hozon with translation Price: $1000 May bundle together with the Masaaki's Kanzan and Jittoku kozuka from here Donation to the board is included, everything else is negotiable) And Happy New Year! Cheers!
  2. Hi Everyone, Mario here... I wanted to share something with you all because I don't know who else might appreciate it like I do. I purchased my first Nihonto, a couple years ago, and slowly have been working on collecting the fittings to complete the koshirae I plan to build. I found a tsuba that I like, and I also found a quality fuchi kashira set that I really, really like... But I've been struggling to find Menuki to bring it all together. Long story short, I gave up searching and I hired my wife to make some for me. Attached you'll see the wax carvings that will be used for the mold. Once received, we'll go ahead and complete this using mostly silver, and some gold to finish both pieces. Anyway, I just wanted to share, I'll also post pics once they are all done. If anyone else out there was having trouble finding specific fittings, making your own is always an option! -Mario
  3. This Tengu Menuki would give Pinocchio a run for his money!! https://www.jauce.com/auction/t1000415606
  4. Hello group! If i might beg the indulgence of anyone willing to help me with a translation again... I don't have these in my possession yet, but I am working on the translation of the origami for them. This is a set of menuki with a Hozon paper. They are shakudo chicken menuki. There are five characters (marked with ?) that I really don't have a clue about. The rest was sorted our via process of elimination, and trail and error with the kanji pages and Google Translate. This is what I have so far. Please help me with the missing information and please correct any errors that I may have made. Many thanks in advance! 鑑 定 書 * Kanteisho (Certificate of Appraisal) 一鶏図 目貫 *Hitosu (item) – Niwatori (chicken) – Zu (theme) Menuki 無銘 伝乗 赤銅地 ?? ??? *Mumei (unsigned) Denjo (attributed to the Denjo School) Shakudōji (bronze) ?? ??? 右は當協會に於て審査の結果保存刀装具と鑑定しこれを証する * Migi wa Atari kyōkai ni 於Te shinsa no kekka hozon tôsôgu to kantei shi kore o shōsuru (Examination by this organisation has resulted in the decision that the item to the right is a tosogu that is worthy of preservation (Rank = Hozon)) 平成十六年 二月 二十四日 * Heisei Jū-rokû (16) Nen (year) – Ni (2) Gatsu (month) - Ni-jû-yon (24) Nichi (day) (The 16th Year of Heisei, 2nd Month, 24th Day or February 24, 2004) 財團法人 日本美術刀剣保存協會 * Zaidan Hojin Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (Financial Incorporated Foundation Japanese Art Swords Preservation Association (NBTHK))
  5. Hotei menuki Mumei Period: end of Edo - Meiji Material: 19K gold The set comes with a 9-page kantei certificate from a jewelry “shinsa”. I checked, this organization is still operational and such kind of certificate now cost ¥30k. Measurements: Height: 15.4mm / 15.3mm Width: 24.2mm / 23.7mm Thickness: 8.2mm / 7.9mm Price: $950, shipping (EMS/DHL) included Offers welcome Cheers,
  6. I need help identifying the Mon that is on the menuki of a recent O-Tonto I got. Any comment would be helpful.
  7. Hello fellow collectors and enthusiasts. I am happy to announce a new addition to my collection, and I would ask for your help in identifying this beautiful blade. The blade feels heavy in the hand, and could use a new polish. I have done some research, and to me it appears to be a WW2 blade, with older fittings. The blade itself is reminiscent of later works by Chounsai Emura, a famous prison warden turned bladesmith during WW2. The hamon style is choji-midare with mixed in gunome-midare, which fits his style. Haagari nakago also fits the style. Emura tended to sign his blades, and this one does not have a signature, so I do believe this to be the work of one of his convicts, but perhaps an expert here could tell a different story. The hamon is The kissaki is ko-kissaki, and sharpened in the traditional way. The blade feels heavy in the hand, and will most definitely survive a new polish, I am now trying to figure out if it is worth polishing or not. The blade dimensions are: Nagasa: 22.25 Inches Curvature: 0.5 Inches The fittings that came with the blade are mixed, sa-me has fake ray-skin with older looking bronze menuki, with matching futchi, with an older looking Goto school tsuba with shi shi and peonies inlaid in a silverish/gold inlay. Traditional nanako-ji (fish egg) background. The blade and the tsuba may not match in age, but habaki looks original. Please any further help with identifying this blade would go a long way. Thank you all in advance! Warm Regards, Gordon S
  8. Gentlemen, I am looking for high quality Tsuba and Tosogu made in the late Edo Period. Kinko Tsuba, mainly Shakudo of good quality,but other kinko also. I collect Tsuba for 20 years now and I am aware that such pieces are not cheap, please make me a reasonable offer. I am located in Germany, but have no problem with international sellers.
  9. I am relatively new to this platform, please forgive me if I do something wrong I have questions about a few different things, but I don't think they deserve their own topic seperately. Here are my questions: What are sheath menuki called? menuki and other unsusual hardware on sheaths is mostly something i see on emishi, ainu and mainland asian swords. On google images I've seen two shoto, and one daito, with what looks like a normal sized menuki on the sheath. On emishi swords, menuki on the handle and saya are very big ususally. Im bot referring to a larger kojiri or kaeri tsuno, it is usually placed in between them on the saya (I dont know if there is only one on the omote usually or if it is on both sides) I also see a lot of rings on emishi swords. Like one you might see on a jokoto era swords and old tachi from both Japan and Korea, to attach a tenuki tassel to. But instead of just one, several of them in a row. This brings me to my last questions On old tachi, especially those without ito or with a stingray only wrap, one might see several small ornaments in a row, not centered. Thanks!
  10. Hi Gents, Here are some more dragons from a fellow collector. 1. Daisho dragon f-k, Goto quality, perfect condition, $1200. 2. Scaleless dragon menuki, nice work, $300. I’ve seen the items live, those are totally fine. But he also has this daisho tsuba and accepting offers
  11. Dear NMB Members: I just acquired this set of tachi menuki from a private collector who purchased them in the late seventies- early eighties in Japan. These have been in this particular collection since then. They were acquired on a group trip over to Japan with John Yumoto. The nakago has a two character mei, that the collector was told is "Yukishira" or "Yukihira." These are in really excellent condition. Can anyone tell me the school, whether these are rare as John Yumoto indicated, or anything about this fittings artist? Thanks in advance for your help. I apologize for the less than clear cellphone photos. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi).
  12. Dear NMB Members: I have a really fine set of cufflinks in solid gold. They appear to be tanto menuki that were expertly made into a set of gold cufflinks with a gold bamboo motif bar and gold chains. I have attached some photos. Is it possible that these are Goto menuki? The other question is this: Does the NBTHK or NTHK shinsa fittings that have been converted to jewelry, as in this case? I also have a daisho set of fuchi, but the kashira are missing. Would they shinsa the daisho fuchi only? They are both signed "Ishiguro Masayoshi." Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  13. Good morning and hello gents. How is everyone today so I’m wanting to start a thread for fittings inspired by samurai armor and or accessory’s they would of had. As I found my self a unique kashira in the shape and the style of kabuto and I’m curious what else is out there in the high end of things. As I’m brain storming a pontential Mount up on what I can find. The kashira is iron with excuse the spelling Noume zonga gold inlay yes I know I spelt it wrong not sure the correct way. I’m guessing Early to mid Edo. Photo is taken from the sellers listing as I am not home to take better Not for resale.
  14. Hi All, Up for sale is this shinto period wakizashi by Gassan. It has really nice ayasugi hada which was very difficult to photograph. I think this is the Gassan that worked in about 1624 and was from Owari and also worked under name Nobutaka. It has a nice 2 kanji signature Gassan. The cutting edge of the blade is 21 inches long. It has a wonderful fuchi and one really nice menuki. This is exactly as I got it and just have too many projects in the pipeline so I am selling it so someone else can polish it. I can arrange a nice polish for about $800 for the new owner. I can also arrange for the restoration of the fittings. As I said the ayasugi hada was difficult to photograph but you can see it very clear in hand! $3700 plus shipping and paypal if aplicable. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to msg me though this site or email me at brannow_NO_SPAM@artswords.com Please remove the _NO_SPAM from the email address. Bill Rannow www.artswords.com
  15. Just a question, awaiting answers. I'll try to find a photo or two later of traditional examples.
  16. Dear NMB Members: Yoshimichi Collectors. I am going to be listing a signed Tamba no kami Yoshimichi kogatana with what looks like sudare-ba and kikusui floating on water hamon for sale on Ebay, but I want to give NMB members first shot before doing so. Most Yoshimichi blades we encounter seem to be wakizashis, so if you have one with koshirae and need a Yoshimichi kogatana to round it out, here you go. The mei is very light, but you can make out the kanji in the light. My pictures are pretty poor of the mei, but it is there. The kogatana is in decent polish with a floating kikusui in the hamon. It comes with an iron kozuka with some surface rust wirh a gold metal cat playing with maybe a yarn motif. It looks like part of the metal on the yarn ball is missing. I will throw in the kozuka box with the deal. PRICE: $425.00 net to me, payable by Paypal ("friends"), plus buyer pays shipping and insurance costs. I also have a set of cat menuki with a similar motif with a padded box. These are small and appear to be tanto size. They look like shibuichi and gold.They are in useable condition and would look nice on a tanto. PRICE: $175.00 net to me, payable by Paypal ("friends"), plus buyer pays shipping and insurance costs. If someone wants both items, the package price is $575 net to me, payable by Paypal ("friends"), plus buyer pays shipping and insurance costs. If you have any questions, send me an email at besheehan@aol.com or through NMB. Thanks for looking. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  17. Katana tsuka for sale Total length: 236mm Nakago-ana: 27 x 8.5 mm Fuchi-kashira: Kosekiko & Choryo, Soten school Menuki motif: Dragon Price: USD 250 + pp & shipping
  18. Hello all, I have a few pieces of tosogu for sale. Myoga tsuba signed Choshu Hagi ju Kawaji saku (長州萩住河治作) - £220 Well patinated Heianjo tsuba with tendril shakudo inlay - £120 Kata-kiri copper tsuba depicting the myth of Urashimataro (possibly Yokoya) - £200 Tsuba with brass fukurin and piecing of either a kama or constellations (perhaps tanabata) - £100 Kozuka with kamon used by Mori and Rokkaku clans - £80 Kozuka with nanako and inlaid running horses (some damage to the end) - £80 Kyo-kinko wild horse menuki (A very similar pair is currently for sale at Aoi art http://www.aoijapan.com/menuki-mumeiunsignedkyo-kinko-3) - £150 Kyo-kinko Dog menuki with gold and silver work (this is an unusual theme, as one often encounters shishi (lion dogs) rather than inu (canines) - £200 Goto spider menuki (I've seen an almost identical pair except with crabs, instead of spiders on leaves papered to Goto Teijo) - £250 If you require any more photos, or have any questions, please comment below or email me: kyushukairu@gmail.com Kind regards, Kyle
  19. Hi just trying to find a school and or smith that could have made this stunning menuki..thank you for any help..by solid i mean not plated they are slightly hollowed in the back..about 3mm hollow checking very carefully with a dentist tool
  20. Hello, I know this is a long shot, and I realize that this will be a long-term search, but here goes I own a fully mounted Wakizashi in formal, duty mounts. The mounts are: Mountings (KOSHIRAE): Semi Formal / Formal Finely punched nanako ground, raised gold Mon Signed: OMORI EIGEN (Omori School) on Kozuka and Fuchi Circa: 1790 - City of Edo I am able to purchase a polished Katana by the same smith, but it is unmounted and would need saya, tsuka and all koshirae. The mounts I need DO NOT HAVE TO BE OMORI. Just a similar quality nanako without decoration. I would also be open to any plain, black undecorated mounts that my mon can be added to. I am trying to obtain Koshirae with a similar, finely punched nanako ground. The mon and Menuki can be duplicated by my jeweler, but I am hoping to find undecorated, Edo period koshirae items to apply the mon to. The tsuba is simple, undecorated Plain Formal Shakadu alloy. If possible, I would prefer a tsuba WITHOUT an opening for a kozuka. But it isn't a deal breaker. You can PM me for information and higher resolution photos. Thank You, Mark
  21. This is just a quick general notice about major website update to my website (www.tsubaotaku.com) for August 2015. Here is a link to a newsletter detailing all the changes to my website. Please contact me if you have any questions. http://shoutout.wix.com/so/fKxW6A3S
  22. Major website site update for July 2015. Here is a link detailing all of the major changes to my website: http://shoutout.wix.com/so/5Kv5F-dx. Enjoy and if you have any questions contact me via my website as I don't log on here very often. Thank you.
  23. Here is a link to online newsletter about major updates to my website in June 2015: http://shoutout.wix.com/so/6KsqUYel#/main . Contact me though my website or on Facebook because I don't have time to come here very often. A link directly to me website is also below. Yours truly, David Stiles Tsuba Otaku http://www.tsubaotaku.com
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