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  1. Thanks Steve much appreciated. Book now sold
  2. For sale: Rules and charecteristics of Japanese swords. April 8, 1999 14th edition Author Hon'aya Kosen The book and pages are in fantastic condition! Comes with outer sleeve. Cheapest I could find online was £130 so il cut anyone on here a deal at £100 if your interested pop me a pm. Thanks Charles.
  3. Ok so I bought one.. It arrived in lightening time from America to UK, and its absolutely fantastic.. Really really helpful little book, worth every penny!! I'd go as far as to say its cheap😎 well worth a purchase.. If your thinking about it just get one😁
  4. Very keen on this but would be good to know more info.. Waiting to hear back from a friend if he wants one too to save on shipping😆 Edit: bugger it ordered anyway😆 look forward to seeing if its good😁
  5. Possibly.. This is what I'm trying to figure out😆 I believe it's either shakudo or shibuichi, it's like a plating on what appears to be a brass/copper main plate which I can spot in a tiny scratched area. @Grey Doffin would you care to kindly elaborate on that please? 😆
  6. I am curious to get any information or details about a tsuba in my possession, I've searched high and low and cannot find anything on the mei, the mei looks slightly odd.. But when you have it in hand the tsuba feels ok🤔 it's a kinko tsuba with a well used theme.. Interested to see people's opinions on it. Due to the strange mei and certain aspects I've been racking my brain as to if it's genuine, a modern copy or what.. Thanks in advance!
  7. For sale are a few tsuba from my collection. I am more than happy to post any of these tsuba abroad, payment by PayPal or bank transfer, whichever is easiest for you First signed: Tamekuni Saku Age: edo period circa 1800 £375 Second: lovely maru gata kinko tsuba wrapped in genuine silver foil. Price: £200 Third: what I believe to be an akasaka openwork iron tsuba, story depicting birds and plants. Price: £250 Fourth: tsuba of kanmuri hat with yasurime, very nicely cut and perfectly straight lines, mumei and with a gold gilt mimi which is mostly intact. Beautiful piece in hand I haven't really seen a piece like this so it is hard for me to judge price.. Price: £280 Fifth tsuba: iron mokko shape with basket, plants, cutting tool and musical instrument on the back. Price: £130 And lastly one of the first tsuba I ever bought, I have no idea on the age of it, I believe it's a cheap piece. £70 I have tried to price these to what I think they are worth but if you feel they aren't priced right please drop me a pm and let me know as I'm still fairly new to the hobby. Thanks Charles.
  8. Upon looking at it, I believe its the same seller by looking at the other items on his account so looks like he has forgotten to take the advert down😆🤞 and cheers, can't wait to get them😁
  9. Thanks Ray! Thank you. Hmm very strange, I have purchased them and paid for them😆 the ebay ad which Ray noted has been taken down so fingers crossed all is ok.. I said to Ray that I'm sure a few people have listed it trying to skim money off the top of the sale as always happens with yahoo auctions and ebay etc when it comes to. Japanese tosogu/nihonto. Fingers crossed its not a scam or something wrong, seller has thousands of positive feedback so 🤞😁 I hope I receive them as I love the FK set..
  10. Wondered if anyone can tell me anything else or any more of the mei inscription? I've bought these thinking they were made by someone else then got told they are tomoyoshi!😁 So hopefully a good buy Ray very kindly deciphered the mei to Matsugetsudo Tomoyoshi + Kao but I was wondering.. is that all the characters? Or is there any more to learn from it? Or does anyone have any information about the Smith? (asking as my Japanese reading ability is about 0% and I don't want to bug ray..😆) Thank you!
  11. Good evening! Another one of my recent acquisitions I bought this from a good friend I've met local to me. Signed: Yasutaka A Lovely quality Yasutaka shibuichi carved and inlayed tsuba featuring birds (Japanese sparrow?), bamboo, river and flowers (Japanese Peony?). I believe around the 18th-19thC Would be interested to hear if anyone has any information on the Smith or tsuba. Cheers
  12. Cheers to both of you yeah the carvings are very precise on it, one of the best and crispest I've personally seen in hand for sure 😁
  13. Thanks for the input, yes that is the one😁 and yeah I've heard that too regarding the numbers.. Funnily enough I have another nice quality tsuba with numbers stamped in to it which I believe came from a museum. I'm guessing to catalogue pieces and would make it a lot easier to identify if anything was stolen.. It is a shame but hey, wouldn't make any difference if it was mounted the same way you wouldn't be able to see the mei. I've got another nice tsuba with numbers stamped in to it, here's a pic.. It's a Hamano school - Masayuki
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