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  1. Good evening! Another one of my recent acquisitions I bought this from a good friend I've met local to me. Signed: Yasutaka A Lovely quality Yasutaka shibuichi carved and inlayed tsuba featuring birds (Japanese sparrow?), bamboo, river and flowers (Japanese Peony?). I believe around the 18th-19thC Would be interested to hear if anyone has any information on the Smith or tsuba. Cheers
  2. Cheers to both of you yeah the carvings are very precise on it, one of the best and crispest I've personally seen in hand for sure 😁
  3. Thanks for the input, yes that is the one😁 and yeah I've heard that too regarding the numbers.. Funnily enough I have another nice quality tsuba with numbers stamped in to it which I believe came from a museum. I'm guessing to catalogue pieces and would make it a lot easier to identify if anything was stolen.. It is a shame but hey, wouldn't make any difference if it was mounted the same way you wouldn't be able to see the mei. I've got another nice tsuba with numbers stamped in to it, here's a pic.. It's a Hamano school - Masayuki
  4. Afternoon Another one of my recent acquisitions. I bought this from a good friend I've met local to me and its my favourite piece out of my collection even out of all my soft metal tsubas.. I love the design and the lovely crisp carvings😎 thought I'd share it incase anyone was interested in sunagawa pieces😁 Would be interested to hear if anyone has any information on the Smith or tsuba. Cheers
  5. Hello all Thought I'd post a few of my recent acquisitions on here as I'm sure a few will appreciate them! This is my first proper posts outside the classified ads section so hello to everyone😁 I've been lurking on here for a while trying to learn from people's posts and the fantastic amount of information on here and have been collecting nihonto/tosogu since March last year. Finally built up what I think is a good start to my collection! 😁 Have met some great people since getting involved in to the hobby and bought this from a good friend I've met local to me. Would be interested to hear if anyone has any information on the Smith or tsuba. So far I have learnt what I believe to be correct: 19th century shibuichi tsuba, of oval form, in iroe-takazogan, inlaid in gilt and copper with Yoshitsuni on horseback playing the flute outside the house of his mistress, who sits inside playing the koto, mei signed as "Rakusuiken Toseiju" From memory I was told this exact tsuba is supposed to be mentioned in the Haynes Index of Japanese sword fittings under this smith although I need to double check this. This is an incredibly hard tsuba to get a good photo of, it's one of those which looks stunning in person and I just can't seem to replicate this in a photo😆 Cheers
  6. Someone is going to get a fantastic book here.. I have a copy of this and there is some stunning photography and pieces in it!! A must have for someone's book collection
  7. Wondering if anyone has a set of 3 of the Haynes Index for sword fittings for sale? Picture attached for reference Thank you, Chuck.
  8. Just a thought.. I have not long been on the forum so I don't know many people on here. I've have had a look round and I cant seem to find a section with trusted/good sellers on it? Thought it may be a good idea to pin one at the top of the sales page so that once someone has purchased off a seller and received goods, they could put a post up stating what they have bought and their experience.. Seen it on other forums and its great if a seller hasn't been on the forum long or has not posted a lot etc for peace of mind. Obviously would not be a place for debating sales and arguing but would be easy to search up a name in the post to see if there is any good reviews on said person? Please don't shoot me down if this already exists as I cant find it for the life of me Cheers Chuck
  9. I know Stephen Home has a few available.. where about's are you located? I know he is on facebook if you are able to reach out to him on there?
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