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  1. Dear Chishiki,


    I also participated at the auction of Higo tsuba, if you decide to sell this daisho please let me know.

    Thank you.


    Best regards,


    1. Chishiki


      Hi Francesco.   I will let you know if I decide to sell.  Kind Regards Mark

    2. Keiji


      Thank you.



  2. Collectors, dealers commonly find complimentary tsuba and put them together and mount/sell them as daisho tsuba. It happens a lot. With the Japanese dealers the tell tale sign that they a complimentary pair and not true daisho is the lack of a hozon paper. Papered daisho tsuba hold a premium. Mark
  3. Nice link. Thanks for sharing it. Mark
  4. Hi Curran. The shape of the ana was all I could see that looked Higo style. I was wondering if they were also known for lacquered tsuba. Late Edo lacquered tsuba seem an oddity but I know they have lacquered tsuba since the start. I can only think these must have been an ordered, gift type set. Thanks for your input as always. Mark
  5. Hi. A pare of tsuba I just acquired. Recent Hozon Papers to late Edo Higo school. Can anyone shed some light on the features that make them Higo? Base metal is copper and of course Hosokawa Mon. The fukerin looks like gilt rather than lacquer. If you have a photo of a similar tsuba I would like to see it. Searching the net doesn't show much. Thanks in advance. Mark
  6. Hi Alan. Thanks. Hope you are enjoying the weather up there. Lucky u
  7. Thanks Curran. Whilst the Kicho paper said shakudo I thought there was a chance of being shibuichi which would have been the game changer.. Just another wishful thinker 😀. I was optimistic for TH though and would have gone into melt down if they didn't get it. Whilst I am not much of a fittings collector I feel a frustration with attributions and as you say it seems they are not brave to elaborate. As you say, a time frame in brackets would be nice. This probably why Tanobe has a steady line of people waiting for his Sayagaki. They won't more info. Having said all that I just bought a pair of daisho tsuba papered to Higo and I am happy enough with that as they are an oddity. As always thanks for your input. Mark
  8. Hi Curran, that all makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I still think they could have stipulated a time frame, momoyama, early edo, whatever. Not much value for money at nearly 50,000¥ as you know. I think they are clearly early with the thin plate and posts as they are. Maybe in NBTHK the classification of Umetada satisfactorily covers that period. Just as side note I've often wondered if there is a recognised scholar in fittings who does hakogaki the same as Tanobe does sayagaki for swords. Thanks again Curran.
  9. The results are in. Tokubetsu Hozon. Umetada. Well happy with the Tokubetsu Hozon result and the Umetada attribution was always at the top of the possibilities. The disappointment is that I think they should be Ko-Umetada. Oh well....we move on. Mark
  10. Hi Curran, just a note on my experience with the shinsa process. When submitted my friend produced the green papers as I thought they presented a gateway to Tokubetsu Hozon shinsa. The staff member just threw them back and was totally uninterested in them. Fair enough, now I know. My question is were the green papers 'ever' acknowledged for submission to Tokubetsu Hozon shinsa for fittings? Mark
  11. Very interesting Piers, a nice clarification of the theme. It seems Umetada were fairly prolific with it. I don't know for sure but the other tsuba shown by Ian probably fits this school too. From what I can see it is repeated from muromachi period and seems to be uncommon from the mid edo period. Also interesting to see those Nara menuki. I didn't have any experience with that group but searching around it seems they used a fairly highly refined looking copper. Nice theme, one of my favourites. Thanks for the input. Mark
  12. Hi. I wish I could add some useful info for you but my knowledge is fairly basic. I would concur with you though that a fair assessment would be early edo, 17th C. You said they signed, is there a mei on the side? Thanks again for joining the thread. Mark
  13. Hi, not sure why I couldn't receive your message but nice of you to post your menuki here. Personally I wouldn't have called ezo on those menuki. I am just a novice here but what I have been finding out is that the theme of these menuki seem to be used over a broad number of groups and periods. Do you have a photo of the underneath and have you an opinion as to period of make? Thanks for taking interest in this thread. Mark
  14. Hi, nothing heard yet. When submitted I was told the results would come out about June. I'll update you as soon as I hear anything. Mark
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