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  1. Really nice shakudo menuki in toy spinning top these. Menuki in toy theme are not common. Nice condition. Measure 1.9cm x 1.6cm approximately. $275 plus shipping. Mark
  2. A nice sanmai tsuba which I think is quite early, maybe early Edo period. If you don’t own one they are interesting to learn about. Basically repose’ sheets of shakudo to a copper plate. That is very basic. Quite sound condition compared to most you see. Nice theme. Large katana size 8.4cm x 8.4cm x 4.5mm at the mimi. $290aud. Plus shipping . Mark
  3. Very nice abstract designed tsuba. A very thin sukashi line which I believe is unique to ito school. The design is intriguing as it appears to be a tree in the distance but a close up at the bottom. It measures 7.3cm x 7.0cm x 7mm approx at the centre. $275aud plus shipping.
  4. A large substantial iron tsuba measuring 9.2cm x 8.6cm x 7mm at edge. Good iron. $250aud. Plus shipping
  5. Chishiki

    My armor so far

    Hi Greg. Keep in touch with your local collectors. We can team up to help out. Mark
  6. Peter, if you are reading this thread what would you like to know? Summary. Kabuto A. Nice enough, desirable helmet bowl maybe dating to muromachi period. Not sure if the shikoro are from the same period. These were changed at times. Inside construction is important for obtaining more accurate info. You can insert an endoscope through the tehen (hole at the top) and have a look around and take still shots. My guess, based on just what we are seeing, and it is just my opinion, the helmet as it sits would be about $3000 to 3500usd. kabuto B. A fairly common looking kabuto in ok condition and all together. More around $2 to $2500 range. menpo. Nice enough but again condition is an issue. That condition in need of resto I would think $1500+ these are just my basic guesstimates. I am not a dealer. I am just trying to put it all into perspective so you can decide what you want to do. If you don’t want to sink money into restoration you could sell kabuto A and the menpo. Keep the other as a display piece. the last option I can think of is to reattach the shikoro to the kabuto A as best you can and just leave it on a stand. Enjoy if for what it is. The prices ai quoted are just a guess, people who disagree don’t shout me down..just trying to help
  7. Hi Peter. Just a commenting on your specific questions about what you should do with your kabuto and menpo (A). It is an expensive resto if you went down that path and there are two distinct camps, those who believe in leaving such things alone and those who believe in restoration. I am in the later camp. Having said that it is an expensive path and unless you are really focused on armour a difficult path. You have been given a couple of opinions on age etc so I won’t comment on that. There would be a number of people interested in acquiring the set but price is subjective. I like it. 41 plates is an unusual number but I do see a split in one of the plates. The armour market is fairly strong these days. i have attached a catalog which arrived today from a major Japanese dealer. You can see the first item/set in the catalog is a little similar in style to yours but it is signed and nice condition. I am not comparing age etc and talking generally If you want to move it on put if up for offers in the sale section here and see how you go. I know Brian likes to know an asking price but in this case, due to not being nihonto or kodogu he may make an exception. nice to see pieces out there. Here is the catalog. Regards Mark ps..for the armour critics out there. Before I get howled down for some reason I am just keeping this very general for Peter. Microsoft Word - カタログ333最終.pdf
  8. Hi Christian. Your comments are very interesting. Here is the size. ize Length: 8.12cm, Width: 8.15cm, Thickness: Approximately 3mm, Weight: 60g mark
  9. Hi Christian. If owls, why are they laying on the side? Why not vertical so they look correct when the sword is worn? I really don’t know the answer. This tsuba is not mine but I like it very much but i just don’t understand the design. Here are more photos. Kind regards mark.
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