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  1. Hi everyone. this just finished on yahoo and sold for 301,000¥. What intrigues me other than the price is that it has never been polished. Ok, the file marks are similar to that on the unpolished side of a kozuka, but both sides? Also the edge is dull as if never sharpened. Is there someone here who can read what the seller says about it please? Just a bit intrigued. Mark. The link https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n458717532 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n458717532
  2. Chishiki

    Mon ID help

    Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on. Mark
  3. Chishiki

    Mon ID help

    Hi. Asking for a friend. Can anyone ID this mon please. There may be a few variations out there so if someone could nail it that would be great. Mark
  4. Hi Adam, The best we can say is it may be the generation of Ito School I have circled in the attached genealogy or at worst a later smith. I am marking this as SOLD. Mark
  5. Hi, I have had this 1o years or so. I always thought he was mainline, about the 3rd after Masayoshi. This could be wrong and I will check it out tomorrow. I don’t have the text book I need. Mark the reference beLow is. Not the one I am looking for.
  6. I have always like the fine sukashi work on the blossom branch. It has good age too. 7.6cm x 7.6cm. About 4mm to 5mm thick. $140usd incl. shipping. Mark
  7. Large iron katana tsuba 8.7cm x 8.2cm. Nice work. The iron plate is good but has some fine pitting. Still a nice piece. $250usd including shipping.
  8. Katana tsuba in very good condition with carving of a tree. Measures 7.6cm x 7.2cm. $495usd including postage. Mark
  9. Hi. Nice ko kinko tsuba for sale. $170usd including shipping0usd including shipping. Mark
  10. Hi. Can you give more photos of the menpo, front, side and back please. Much appreciated. Mark
  11. Hi. Nice kokinko kozuka with a large floral spray. A heavy quality piece with considerable charm. Even wear across the surface. $450usd including shipping. Mark
  12. Hi. Did you do more research into this koshirae? Do you have more pics to share? Mark
  13. Thanks Pete. I have read Boris’ contributions here, a real depth of knowledge in early fittings. Thanks for the link.
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