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  1. I have a tachi with shirasaya that has a maker's mark. Does this look familiar to anyone? I've never seen this on a saya before. Btw it is not recently made. NBTHK papers dated 1972. Thanks. Mark
  2. For those contemplating buying armour who need advice. Ask on this forum or forums on Facebook such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/352867626132390/?ref=share mark
  3. From the little I know I don’t see why this can’t be a momoyama or earlier hachi. It’s a great discussion. So good to see a team working on this. Mark
  4. Just giving this a bump for the Australian collectors. Mark
  5. Chishiki

    Boys swords

    A boys sword I once owned. Exceptional koshirae, solid silver...., Imperial connection. Blade was papered to ko-uda. Koshirae had green papers and it was numver ‘6’ from memory. So it was once of the first papered by NBTHK. Gorgeous item I wish I still had.Mark
  6. Hi. Is the fittings shinsa always held the same time as swords? If so, is the next shinsa in June? Mark
  7. Hi Colin. Happy you like it. Mark
  8. Hi Roger, Thanks for your kind words and I am happy this lovely tanto found a good home. Here is the translation of the inscription. Best Regards Mark Posted August 24, 2019 My original sale thread
  9. Really nice shakudo menuki in toy spinning top these. Menuki in toy theme are not common. Nice condition. Measure 1.9cm x 1.6cm approximately. $275 plus shipping. Mark
  10. A nice sanmai tsuba which I think is quite early, maybe early Edo period. If you don’t own one they are interesting to learn about. Basically repose’ sheets of shakudo to a copper plate. That is very basic. Quite sound condition compared to most you see. Nice theme. Large katana size 8.4cm x 8.4cm x 4.5mm at the mimi. $290aud. Plus shipping . Mark
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