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  1. It would be great hear from anyone who has some armour pieces they are prepared to sell or trade. Mark
  2. It’s been 2 years this month i have been waiting for this pole to rejoin the blade and saya. It’s been languishing in Japan. I am really pleased. It’s gorgeous from top to bottom. The mother of pearl is luxurious. Signed Heianjo Fujiwara Sukenobu. Just wanted to share. Mark
  3. Thanks For the kind words Roger. Same applies to you.
  4. Hi Ford. I have been able to find out there was Jinmenken and now kudan. One a dog with human head and now a cow with human head, fascinating. But what we are looking at here are shishi with human heads. It may be the artist doing a one time special order, or way back there is a Japanese folklore or tale of this spirit. All interesting and unusual. Thanks Ford.
  5. Hi Barry, thanks. Yes it’s easy to assume they are outright shishi until you notice the human heads. I have never seen another pair of menuki like them. What it means? No idea. Apparently there was a folk tale in the 19thC of some kind of human heads on dogs but these are shishi and muromachi period. Hope you are well and up to a visit one day soon. Mark
  6. Thanks Brian. I believed they were Ezo when I sent them. I was really worried they may get parked in ‘ko kinko’ or other generic group. I also submitted another pair that also go Ezo but they were more classic. Mark
  7. Hi. These were just awarded Tokubetsu Hozon to Ezo, Muromachi period. Sharing because of the unusual theme, nice quality and me being very happy with them. Mark
  8. Hi. I have been following the evolution of the KNKBSK since its inception. It is a professionally organised group dedication to the preservation of Japanese Armour. They are conducting Shinsa, issuing papers and are approachable either directly or through liaison delegates in different locations around the world. Whilst relatively new they are making inroads internationally and their papers have been accepted by Bonhams and no doubt other organisations and auction houses. As an armour collector I support their business model as I also support the JAS. I would only ask that the moderators of this site oversee posted comments, as slandering or degrading a properly registered, legal entity in Japan does nothing positive for anyone. Time will show success or failure but at this early time in the organisation’s existence I think it fair to give them a chance. Mark
  9. Hi. These sites have key words built into their systems that automatically prohibit bidding. You cannot buy a sword, and listing with the word gun etc. If you are blocked from bidding on an item you can ask them to manually review the listing but there is inconsistency with decisions at times. They do not want to handle items that may have issues passing customs. Mark
  10. I know warnings get posted on every sale page. The scammer didn’t get me but there are inexperienced members here who may not be aware that they are lurking here, hence the warning, more current.
  11. Hi. I placed an add in the Wanted to Buy section of this forum looking to buy a kabuto. I received a personal message from a member here stating he knew someone selling one and provided me with an email address. Contacted the person who sent through some photos of a kabuto but no price. I enquired and he quoted £2100. What He didn’t know was that I knew if was on ebay and located in Japan. Here is the ebay link. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Antique-Edo-Period-Kabuto-32-Ken-Suji-Helmet-Samurai-Armor-Maedate-Free-Ship-/384241427651?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 This person, via this forum, offered me a kabuto that seems wasn’t his to begin with at £500 more than the asking price on ebay. So this is a reminder that unethical people lurk here. The forum member who initiated the contact is not active with no posts, just lurking in wait for the unsuspecting. Mark
  12. Do you have a kabuto you would like to sell? Price range looking up to $3000usd. Will also consider menpo etc. cheers Mark
  13. Thanks for helping clarify Michael. My feelings were not hurt.
  14. There is a member price and non member which is not listed on their site as far as I can see. Maybe step back from being condescending. I see they say there is a 2000¥ charge for non members, I’m not sure that is correct. I guess I’ll find out. I attached a copy of their fees as listed for hozon and TH. Also an invoice I just received where one pair of menuki received hozon and the other TH. Different. I assume juyo rates may also be different from their website.
  15. Are these prices correct and current? Thanks again. Mark
  16. Hi. I’m trying to find out when the next Juyo shinsa is for fittings. I haven’t been able to find the info online. Thanks in advance. Mark
  17. This is the back of the fan. I really love this inscription. It is very ‘Samurai’. Thank you Thomas Sinclair for working this out. 心ダニ誠ノ道ニ叶ヒナバ祈ラズトモ神ヤ守ラン Kokoro dani Makoto no michi ni Kanō hibana Inori razu tomo kami ya mori ran Roughly translates as "If you live a sincere life, God's blessing will be given without prayer" It's a poem by Sugawara no Michizane
  18. Thank you Steve and Nobody. I appreciate your help. So Brave/Spirit like the weather would be a fair meaning. The back of the fan is also very meaningful. I will share it below. There are also othe inscriptions
  19. Hi. I recently purchased this iron fan. It is extensively signed but I would like to start with the main inscription. Thanks in advance. Mark
  20. I have a tachi with shirasaya that has a maker's mark. Does this look familiar to anyone? I've never seen this on a saya before. Btw it is not recently made. NBTHK papers dated 1972. Thanks. Mark
  21. For those contemplating buying armour who need advice. Ask on this forum or forums on Facebook such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/352867626132390/?ref=share mark
  22. From the little I know I don’t see why this can’t be a momoyama or earlier hachi. It’s a great discussion. So good to see a team working on this. Mark
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