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  1. Lots of pubs in England, has to b e a few more wall-hangers out there! -t
  2. Can't wait to see the full restoration. Certainly looks like a good candidate at this point... -t
  3. Momotaro and his "Army" - excellent piece!
  4. Good news Tony - looking forward to your conclusions. Paz - this item, a tsuba, came from E-sword and the stickers and the values noted on the invoice might have helped going into GB but thinking of this among a pile of boxes at a United States Post Office gives me nightmares!! -t
  5. Just received this from Japan today. I wonder if they've been reading this thread?😉
  6. Yurie san - I ordered early and received an early copy seems like more than a year ago - last I heard they (Alpha) was going to send out corrected copies once they were printed. Has anybody seen those? -t
  7. Thank you gentlemen - I didn't do anything special, its all part of our "Apprenticeship" program, Fred is mentoring me in the role. Always looking to the next generation. With that in mind we are having conversations with the JSSUS, NBTHK and others about combining our efforts and providing more content online. Stay tuned! -tch
  8. Should we be expecting an updated/corrected copy from Alpha now? -t
  9. Welcome Joe - As Stephen has pointed out you live in the absolute best part of America for sword study! Sorry to say you just missed our public display at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, and actually at the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival this past weekend. Please note we have moved our May meeting to the 22nd to avoid Bay to Breakers congestion, it costs nothing to attend and I hope you can join us. If you've any burning questions between now and then you can hit me up here, send a PM or an email. -tch NCJSC.President@gmail.com
  10. Never be discouraged, but always be realistic! -t
  11. The problem you will encounter is that the major families used three or four principle mon - the combination of these helped people to recognize not just the family but the generations. Over 250 plus years many second sons, cousins, retainers and servants were granted use of mon, therefore unless a mon is very unique it is a fools errand to try and associate a single object with a single family from a single mon. Add to this the fact that once the Shogun fell, everyone was encouraged to adopt a mon so anyone could be a Tokugawa, a Toyotomi or an Uesugi if they wanted. Mon books in Japan are thousands of pages long, listing thousands of families. If you are dealing with antiques and the object has several mon on it you need the Taisei Bukan, The Who's Who of Tokugawa Japan - it lists all the major Daimyo and Hatamoto along with their titles, income and mon. Keep in mind also that there were several editions of the book printed throughout the Edo period, so the families and mon do change over time... -t
  12. I'd say that is a bit of a stretch since many families, including branches of the Matsudaira continued to use the mon long after Hideyoshi was gone...
  13. Looks like a good match on the upper right...
  14. Tsuneishi says that the eldest son of Myoju was "Hikojiro" - I think you may be looking at a later generation. I would look for some sword signatures for comparison...
  15. Count me jealous! I very nice find. I think it says 桐華 "Paulownia flower" you'll want to see if there is a good seal script dictionary online to say for sure... -t
  16. Thats wild - there appears to be no Shigetsugu among Kanabo swordsmiths so you gotta wonder what if any association this maker has... -t
  17. Very interested to see this Mei when she comes back. -t
  18. Well no, but I am everywhere on the internet! So yes that is me and seems clear, when I asked would they be ready your "they" was them that are in the first photo and not them that you and I discussed as a custom order. No worries - we are not in any hurry and look forward to a fine result once you are done. -t
  19. What are the kanji used in the Shigetsugu signature?
  20. have we tried the old trick of closing yourself up in a completely black room and then using the flash on your phone to capture a photo? -t
  21. Yanchen - The shinsa process is exactly the same as in Japan - the personnel are exactly the same as in Japan, they will just be in Burlingame this time around. No one should get us confused with the NBTHK - we are much more a collector focused organization, in every instance we attempt to provide attributions to particular smiths, including generation and time period, we do this even if an item is rejected for some reason and ours are the only paper that includes the attestation "Shoshin" stating that the article is genuine, this is legally binging in Japan which means that we can be sued if we are not absolutely correct, this is why our standards and our fail rate are so high, making our papers the more valuable choice for the researcher and collector. -tch
  22. Do we have better photos of the boshi?
  23. If you're going to Chicago - give them to Fred Weissberg - keep the shipping costs...
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