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  1. I don't think rust is your problem this doesnt look like a legitimate signature - higaki yasuri suggests Mino but the hamachi/munemachi look off. Can you take a close up of the mei including the area around the mekugi-ana but straight on, not at an angle? -t
  2. Toryu2020


    Fujishima Tomoshige...
  3. Matt - Let me say you never post anything boring! This appears to be by Umetada Myoju - Yamashiro Nishizu Junin Umetada Myoju (I think the rest is basically Horido saku, someone will correct me) Date is Keicho 17. Please share photos of the blade as this could be something special... -t
  4. To me, it is good work but looking at the feet the quality and level of detail there is just not up to the level of an artist like Natsuo. I think someone paid an awful lot for a fake... -t
  5. I forwarded your information, someone should be reaching out... -t
  6. Gary - We have members who make the trip up from Monterey each month, I will let them know of your interest. You should consider joining the NCJSC, we are currently in the middle of a membership drive - you can get the next four issues of our newsletter and all of next year for the price of one year. We just started a monthly shijo kantei in the newsletter and if you're a member you can participate in our online Zoom kantei which happens each month. Membership (ncjsc.org) -tch
  7. From a moss-backed old timer... Learn the nengo Learn the Ju-nishi Learn the provinces Learn the common kanji used in swordmaker names (Yumoto) Learn the common order for information in signatures (Place, title, family name, artist name...) It is actually not that much to memorize compared to the amount of kanji one needs to read a newspaper. Besides the above when I asked Fukunaga Sensei what was the best way to learn to read mei he answered "Study Calligraphy" (as suggested above...) -t
  8. Stephen - Al Herr was the guy with the bourbon on his table. Steven - I don't know what a surf spot t-shirt is so cannot tell you who we're talking about... -t
  9. I tried posting the last dozen or so last night and I guess that failed - will try again tonight... -t
  10. Brought in by Eric Molinier - claimed it was a much abused Shinshinto blade purposely made to look old... -t
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