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  1. Is the tenpo tsuba still available? Do you know the nakago ana measurements? Thank you! Brandon
  2. I wasn’t… but happy to take a look if it is a set and mostly match the theme of the tsuba and menuki I have on the way. thank you! brandon
  3. 38.5 - 39mm range, thank you for asking! I have eggplant tsuba and menuki (on the way), but looking for fuchi kashira options (tsuba is iron / silver). Brandon
  4. Hi, I am keeping an eye out for eggplant themed fuchi kashira. Thanks, brandon
  5. Old post, but I ended up opting for a motohara custom production sword vs komonjo. Thanks Brandon
  6. I found modern menuki and honeycomb fuchi / kashira, but any bee themed tsuba out there? Thanks Brandon
  7. I enjoy window shopping Akamatsu as well, has there ever been longer ones? 85-87cm nagasa?
  8. Looking for edo period spider or snake menuki. Trying to stay under 200 USD. It’s for a tanto project. Thanks! Brandon
  9. Thank you all for the feedback. 16k, thank you for confirming real yokote. I have an iaito and was looking at options for longer shinken and the komonjo pricing is inline with higher end production shinken (which is how I was mentally categorizing these). Again, appreciate it! Brandon
  10. Hello, I was not sure which category to post this under. Has anyone who purchased a komonjo “gendaito” actually used it for iaido or tameshigiri? - Are they safe to use? - Are they sharp or do they need to be sharpened / re-polished? - Are the yokote cross polished or geometric? For 2.8 shaku nagasa, the prices are reasonable (compared to production swords). But getting habaki and koshirae made is not insignificant. Thank you in advance! Brandon
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