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  1. Bob was a lovely man, and in addition to his work related to the Orlando show he was also one of the founders of the US Federation of Battodo. It is safe to say there are generations of sword practitioners in the United States who would not be in the dojo now if it weren’t for Elder Sensei. He will be missed.
  2. You should spend some time looking through the dealer section here and at other Japanese dealer websites. The prices at the "Samurai Museum" are generally a bit, shall we say, optimistic.
  3. But of course! Thank you Steve. And thank you Robert for spurring an interesting discussion. There is always more to learn.
  4. Interesting, thanks Jussi! Maybe it’s a later generation thing? Never a dull moment in this hobby. :-P
  5. So what kanji do you see? I’m honestly asking because this is a bit puzzling. Could this not just be a case of funky penmanship?
  6. The tsuba is mumei. What do you see on the papers? The tsuba is already sold, but I’m happy to have the correction. I thought these kanji were Umetada:
  7. I admit the handwriting is a bit funky, but I do see 埋忠 (as did the Japanese dealer who originally sold it to me). We’re all fallible though!
  8. Hi Jason, The sukashi (cut outs) are gourds, and the engravings on the plate are grape leaves. Thanks! Michael
  9. Sending all my good thoughts your way, JP! No apologies necessary. Be well.
  10. Indeed Thomas, your points about the usability of the scrolls is spot on. Has anyone ever digitized them? With only 500 copies on earth I hope it happens at some point, though doing so without destroying a set of scrolls could prove challenging. I'm more interested in the physical scrolls as an important artifact of nihonto scholarship to be preserved and shared with folks who have an interest.
  11. Thanks guys! I forgot to follow this thread and didn't get the notifications. I'll take a look at the link, but if any members have a set to sell at a better price I would love to help them out first (especially if they are closer to the USA). Best, Michael
  12. Bump for a happy new year! The later myochin tsuba ("Nobuie") is still available for $500. This should appeal to any martial artist as the grape leaves carved into the surface represent a play on the word "budo"!
  13. Looking for a full set in good condition at a fair price… thanks!
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