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  1. For an appraisal I’d recommend working with someone like Mike Yamasaki. It needs to be a specialist. And likewise you’ll want specialized insurance (often for militaria). Mike can probably make recommendations there as well.
  2. It’s really a shame the owner wasn’t able to take better care of this stuff. I also noticed the mei on 286. Sadly this removes any possibility that it is an older koto treasure hiding in plain sight (imho). And yes, the auctioneer seems a bit lackadaisical.
  3. Yes, fair point, Stephen! But not the older stuff, I'm afraid.
  4. A friend sent this to me for my point of view: https://jacksonsauction.com/catalogs/2021/SEP/ 286 has an interesting shape, but I don't see any diamonds in the rough here.
  5. - In Japan - Not papered / green papers - On eBay Whenever 2 or more of these things are true, you should run away (unless you can kantei with the best of them).
  6. The NY Token Kai is alive and well and remains the country’s oldest sword club. We could put on quite the exhibition! Do come visit. Our next meeting will be in September.
  7. It’s already getting better. Almost as soon as I posted I said to myself, “duh, caching!” Thanks Brian!
  8. My biggest concern will always be speed and site performance. For now it feels like things have gotten worse, especially on mobile/LTE. But we should give this a few days to “settle” and see what’s what.
  9. I think I have 3 Microdear cloths now… each a different color! Relax and enjoy.
  10. If you’re sending the blade for a polish you’d want to acquire an agent in Japan and have Aoi send the blade to that person. That person would also handle shinsa for you. It’s just an order of operations thing. Re: the polish, it’s always tough to tell from Aoi’s “photos”. Always ask for photos in natural light. I think what we have here is possibly an old sashikomi polish and/or simply an old polish on a low grade sword. I wouldn’t call it out of polish per se.
  11. Kelly is the best. Don’t hesitate to use his services.
  12. If you want to sell it here you will need more photos, with more detail, including of the nakago.
  13. The picture doesn’t show much detail but if it was presented as a Japanese blade (from WW2 or otherwise) it’s a fake. The “mei” looks like gibberish to me.
  14. That is not a traditionally made Japanese sword.
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