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  1. Kanekuni was a wonderfully talented smith. I own a blade he made in 1984 with a similar signature: 濃州武藝八幡住兼國作之
  2. Glad you had such a good experience! Note those are NTHK papers, not NBTHK.
  3. My overriding question, solely out of curiosity, in this context is: is the shinsa committee aware of a previous attribution when they are considering a sword? As in, when the sword in Jussi’s post passed TokuJu, did the committee know they were changing the Juyo attribution as they were making their determination? Or is the process totally blind?
  4. Jidai for me in this case comes from where the sori happens and the fact that it’s described as o-suriage. Not everything in Nanbokucho had a 3.5mm sakihaba after all. The nakago photo is out of focus, but it seems like some yasurime are just barely still visible. So I think late Kamakura is out. But I am probably just revealing the extreme limitations of my kantei abilities here!
  5. Leaning Yamashiro / Rai. Nanbokucho.
  6. Indeed, the kashira is the standout price from the set in my opinion. It’s a lot of fun. Thanks Bob!
  7. I have a “Joi” f/k set mounted on a wakizashi. Emphasis on the quote marks! Mine are also definitely gimei, I think. :-)
  8. Good grade of rubbing alcohol = the highest concentration you can get. I buy 99% whenever possible (remember anything that’s not alcohol in there is water).
  9. You pretty much paid retail, in my opinion. You didn’t get ripped off, but there are better deals to be had (usually here) if you are patient. Mumei and shinto with no papers is very much a commodity package. If you do ever want to sell it you’ll need to be very patient to make your money back. As others have said, you can do a lot worse for a first blade.
  10. The first one is definitely a small ware. The others look like old rust pits. Grab yourself a copy of ‘The Connoisseur’s Book of Japanese Swords’. That’s pretty much the first book anyone should buy. Enjoy your sword!
  11. That bit refers to the chrysanthemum crest (kiku mon).
  12. This is Katana Boutique on eBay, which means if it doesn’t have papers already it never will. “Daimyo registered” means less than nothing without provenance and/or papers. Would need much better pictures to speak to the blade itself, but honestly in this case they’re not necessary. Nothing evil going on here, just caveat emptor.
  13. Incredible. What a treat to read such a thorough report.
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