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  1. Katsujinken

    Tachi Bringback

    I agree the shape says shinto, and I can’t explain why the nakago would have so many holes. I don’t see anything to imply an older shape, especially at this length. With a 75 cm nagasa to work with I’d expect to see more curvature somewhere. Is this machi-okuri, folks? In any case, it’s a neat package, and I imagine the blade would clean up nicely if you ever head in that direction (but don’t expect a return on your investment).
  2. I love these. And they can be so expensive!
  3. It’s neither here nor there (I imagine there is some selection bias), but it’s interesting to me that a higher percentage of blade submissions for Tokuju successfully convert compared to Juyo.
  4. The way I see it, anyone preserving nihonto in good condition is doing a good thing. And even if it’s mumei, suriage, and from the Shinto period, it’s still worth preserving if it’s in polish. There’s never a reason to judge anyone who is collecting in good faith within their means. If you meet a millionaire who owns 50 mumei chu-saku Kanbun wakizashi, then I think a conversation might be in order. But we really have no place to criticize the average Joe/Jane who (hopefully) builds a small library of books, sees swords in person when possible, and owns a low grade blade or two. It’s all relative. There are blades out there that are truly junk, and I think we all know that’s not what we’re discussing. Everyone has their own collecting journey, and we all learn as we go. I would never judge or fault someone who genuinely loved nihonto and owned a mumei Shinto piece if it was the right investment for them. Owning art of any kind is personal. And preserving artifacts should be commended regardless of their value.
  5. Well, buy this next: The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords https://www.amazon.com/dp/1568365810/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TfVnFb0KEQHK2
  6. You got what you paid for. As long as you weren’t expecting a better sword to come out of the woodwork here then I expect you got what you wanted. It does look authentic, but it’s loaded with flaws and has seen a ton of abuse (I see fingerprints) and was “polished” (or something) by someone unqualified to do so. You can see that the width of the blade is inconsistent along its length, one side has a yokote and the other doesn’t, etc. The proportions are now a bit strange overall. Maybe others can speculate on the age and the signature, but at this price point neither really matters.
  7. This looks like it might be a nice Meiji suzuribako – a box for a calligraphy set.
  8. Halle-xxxxing-lujah. Using uchiko is basically like Marlboro saying cigarettes don’t cause cancer. Uchiko evangelism is the flat earth movement of the nihonto world. PS: I see the new board has a profanity filter.
  9. I’ve recently had luck using some fabric swatches I had lying around from some furniture shopping last year. Took a minute to trim to shape and it worked out great.
  10. Katsujinken

    Auction I found

    I can't even... For the love of god people, just buy from a real dealer or another collector on this board. Auctions for nihonto are almost universally terrible and rife with scammy crap like this.
  11. The younger the blade, the more a given flaw will detract from its appeal and value (generally speaking). While the overall quality of the blade is paramount, a more renowned smith – even if it's not an old blade (e.g. Kotetsu) – offers more leeway for flaws. But even there, age plays a big role. Shinto and younger and the blade should be more or less flawless in my opinion, but it's really a personal preference. Is the blade still interesting? That's in the eye of the beholder.
  12. A bump for the new board! I’m open to reasonable offers and would love to support the board with a donation.
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