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  1. Wow, Bruce! Is this the book Ohmura published about Mantetsu? We’re you able to make new discoveries or have some parts translated?
  2. Ashi found. still looking for kuchigane with centered chuso hole.
  3. As the title says. looking for both, state is unimportant as I can restore thepm. Kuchigane has to be for a central chuso. Thank you guys, JP
  4. I second that! Cold steel ,ale beasts, their sword may not look like the real deal but they cut like hot wire in butter. And they are sturdy!
  5. Yes, a very bad repro, unfortunately. Chinese made most probably.
  6. I also have a 98 with a central chuso.
  7. Just found that thread. Mark, I would like to salute your courage, abnegation and wish you a speedy recovery. Incredible what you went through. One day at my school, one guy, about 17 was yelling in the hall the name of another guy, trying to find in which classroom the other one was. I was in the middle of a lesson but went out to see what the fuss was all about. The yelling guy was one of our former students that had been expelled for drug trafficking. The other guy used to be one of his friends and there was a different about a girl between them. The yelling guy said he’d come to kill the other. He was in some kind of berserk move and had a knife. I talked to him and cornered him against a wall talking to him and trying to diffuse his anger. I finally did and after a while, other people from the school management arrived and the guy finally gave up and realized how far he was gone. Anyway, I’ve always been wondering what had made me do it, knowing he had a knife and was so mad he could have used it. I guess that knowing me and knowing he could trust me made things go smoothly but it could have been bad that day. So kudos for what you’ve done. Sometimes we act before we think but you saved someone that day. I hope you recover swiftly.
  8. I think it's real with swapped out parts. Fuchi and tsuba are wrong and the absence of the screw is probably because they couldn't replace it after the swap as the thckness was different.
  9. yes, Nanbokucho trhen, as for the school, i have no idea but id say Mino in general.
  10. oh yeah! i see it now, thanks Brian!
  11. rounded i guess...
  12. !actually, i was hesitating. the lack of tapering could have been Muromachi but the lenth made me think about Muromachi. So with the other details pointing towards Muramasa, I said Muromachi but since i suck at this kind of exercize, i knew from the start i was wrong!
  13. Muramasa? Not that it looks like a typical one, but masame near the Hamon plus mirror image kind of conveys the feeling. That and what I think is a late Muromachi sugata, extended chu kissaki, thin kasane . The deliberate mirror tobiyaki... the almost jizo boshi... however, looking at the shape of the Hamon without the other details, I don’t think I would have said Muramasa.
  14. I trust you gentlemen it’s a kurikata, but if so, due to the weird shape, how was it attached to the saya?
  15. Thank you Barry, I love his site and will be ordering once im home. Seems to be great!
  16. Great book. I have some photocopy excerpts given to me with a bunch of documents and my first sword. Always wondered where they came from. Now I know!
  17. Just seen this thread. I would have said Kamakura Yamashiro too.
  18. Alex, so sad you have to part with this one...:( For any potential buyers, I own an Osaka Settsu blade from the 1650s and it looks very much like this one. It’s one of my favorite blades. Awesome ji Hada and almost perfect Suguha Hamon. Osaka Shinto blades are beautiful and anyone should be happy with Alex’s.
  19. I like them too. I tend to prefer sober mountings to elaborate ones too. They look more like samurai swords than those ornate swords used by samurai turned civil servants. Good eye, Piers, if you hadn’t pointed it out, I would have missed the swords position.
  20. What an unbelievable scum bag...
  21. Hi Koichi, and wow! Thank you! I didn’t think I would have a reply, at least not so fast! Thank you again. say, do you know if it was revoked during the Bakumatsu or they rules just became more relaxed? Chris, Here are the links to the books. Unfortunately, they are in French. They are great because it contains a lot of information otherwise disseminated into more topical books. However, the second one was made by a Japanese author and translated in French, so maybe there is an English translation somewhere. https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/2353481981/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/2251410341/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Cheers, JP
  22. When I look at the Hamon, I see dark spots near the togari. This is usually a telltale sign of an oil quenched blade. That and the lack of activities make me thing this is indeed a Showato. That said, I think, indeed , as Bruce says, that there were several grades of Showato made during WW2. I have one that is obviously badly finished, almost rushed, mumei. Another of mine is on the contrary very well finished with a Hamon like yours and I would definitely trust it during combat (the other too, of course, but more as a bludgeon than a sword! )
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