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  1. For a moment, I thought it was $250 and an awesome deal!
  2. Actually, Chris, the Hamon isn’t running out, simply because there isn’t any. What you’re seeing is a large layer of metal from the Damascus and it looks conspicuous because the blade is so heavily acid etched. By the way, i meant "not worth". Dunno why the "not"got ditched.
  3. Worth 250 pounds, but a Chinese repro for sure.
  4. There is someone lucky out there.
  5. I think vanity really is a motivation here. I mean, who can be honest and not be happy to say: " hey, this sword is 700 years old and was made by @#%&=$ and was in the hands of 2#$&43$” ?" Better for the ego than a mumei John Doe sword made during Genroku, eh? That's why I don’t put much interest in papers, that and, let’s be honest, they are more expensive. Still, I believe a beautiful, mumei sword by John Doe, even suriage, is still a beautiful sword. So that sword above may not be what it claims to be,, it is still a very nice sword. As for the other part of the quote, I’m finishing paying for some books and the armor I’m buying then plan to put 500 euros in the bank every month until I have enough to get what I want (my dream? Bizen Ichimonji, but that will probably be never possible to achieve). As for selling swords? No way. Those are part of my history. When I take them in my hand, from the most humble one to the most prestigious, it reminds me of the day I got them. That memory is more precious than any sword.
  6. And this is why my belief in Kantei is somewhat quite light. Pretty sure many unknown mumei blades have given great atttributions because they looked like so and so. Many John Smith are probably around with papers to Hasebe or some famous other.
  7. That’s what I’m doing, Michael. My next sword won’t be before a few years, though I’m pretty sure I can’t afford such a beauty without selling my house, both kidneys and forcing the kids I don’t have into prostitution! Still, I’ll be getting a nice one in the far future, although to be honest, I don’t give a damn about papers. They’re just good if you want to resell. Besides, since TH and Juyo will forever be out of my reach, a simple Hozon will do.
  8. Still, Compton or not, Gimei or not, I wouldn’t mind owning a sword like that
  9. Hi Piotr, I’m afraid I have to agree with Geraint. It doesn’t look genuine, but then again, I may be wrong. The only thing that gives me pause is the Saya. Weir for a repro.
  10. Well, after seeing these, I’m not so sure. Habaki looks legit. Seppa are probably more recent but don’t look bad. Is it a signature on the right one?
  11. More photos would be necessary, but somehow, I don’t think what you’re describing to be original.
  12. Makes me think a lot about that blade by Kaneyuki
  13. And since we’re here with theories, one crossed my mind after your post (and, no, I wasn’t under the shower ). we always asume Coldy Bimore to be first name + name, but was if it had been recorded the Japanese way? Name + first name? Coldy would then become the name and bimore the first name. What "real" name that could correspond to, I’ll leave you guys elaborate, but I wonder if people have searched that way (given treasure hunters, I guess they probably have).
  14. well, dunno if this will lead anywhere, but that is certainly quite interesting.
  15. This is a very nice Nagamitsu. I love the Hamon. The buyer will be happy!
  16. For me, those are kinsuji. However, don’t expect a firm answer because I seem to remember a not so old thread where everybody seemed to have different definitions for activities. But clearly, in my book, those are kinsuji
  17. Yes, looks fake to me, especially the mountings.
  18. There is a thread for it in the izakaya. Opinions seem to be mixed. Still, I wish I could watch it.
  19. The blade and the mountings are two different things. Most mountings that come with swords are 18th, 19th century mountings. Blades can be much older.
  20. Shane, unless you’re looking into smaller blades, you won’t find many quality blades at that price. You’re more likely to get a Showato or something like that I’m afraid...
  21. I’m tempted to say Nambokucho era, so pretty old and very much shortened. Looks to be a very nice blade. My only concern (but it my just be because the blade is out of polish, and anyway, it is frequent in very old blade), is that the Hamon seem to run pretty close to the ha. I see some togari in the Hamon, so "might" be Mino den.
  22. Personally, I hope you’ll be around much, much longer!
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