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  1. Thanks Gents for the translation and the possible RJT / 1940s Showa stamp dating, very interesting.
  2. Morning chaps, Quick photo of blade and fittings, lights bad this morning. Standard military fittings, only showa acceptance stamp as extra to the tang, no other markings. Yes, plan to take some time to show blade and ww2 photos of the lady's father who was 2/9 Australian commando late war in the pacific and she tells me theres photos of her dad holding this blade after a fire fight with the Japanese , hopefully shell dig these up in next few days and ill move this over to the military site with a better idea of its WW2 history. Cheers Phil
  3. Hi chaps , just picked up this officers blade and hopefully the womans posting me photos of her dad with the sword in new guinea ww2?? If I could have assistance with the tang translation to add to the history that would be superb. Thanks in advance Phil
  4. Thanks, I like it also, was surprised at someones "why would you bother" comment. Whoever made this blade still had a great amount of talent and I thought it worth sharing with others.
  5. Blade photos showing length and curve and no it didnt cost that much
  6. phil reid

    unknown tanto

    Thanks gentlemen, Not surprised on gullible GIs getting diddle just surprised that the blades were broken and then allowed resold as tourist pieces cheers for everyone's help
  7. Thanks very much Gentlemen !!
  8. phil reid

    unknown tanto

    Interesting that theyd be able to sell even repurposed broken blades to the occupation forces.
  9. Sorry, Not a sword but picked up with one and wondering if anyone could help with the inner info panel, looks to be a date and manufacture panel. Please ignore if not appropriate Regards Phil
  10. Because it appeals to me and the time and fashioning with all its faults tells a story that i appreciate.
  11. Just a new piece I had, thought people might be interested as i work my way through examining, needed a break and thought to share.
  12. Hi Gents , thoughts on blade , working through translation Phil
  13. phil reid

    unknown tanto

    Hello Gentlemen, Any thoughts on style/ era on this tanto? Hopefully the blade photos and (cutdown?) tang come though
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