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  1. Super sale price- both for $275
  2. PRICE REDUCED- now $195 each or both for $350
  3. PRICE REDUCED- now $29 plus shipping
  4. A very nice Do from the Edo period in need of some tlc. It is a very well made piece which can be displayed and enjoyed as it or be restored. As shown in the pictures there are a number of issues. There are spots where the lacing has decayed, two places (under where the arms would go) where the lacquer is missing and some rust has set in, the lining in the back has holes and has become detached and the armor hanger in the back is missing. Also, the padding that goes under the shoulder and around the neck may be a later replacement. Even so, this is a great piece for the beginning collector to study and learn from or for the collector who is willing to undertake the project. Includes a rudimentary stand for display and an old armor box which is in poor repair. The lid does not seem to match it as it is too large for it. Even so, if the box was stabilized or restored it could be used to display the armor. $395 plus shipping.
  5. Katana- great for study or for use in iado or other martial art. Shinto, my best guess is early Shinto. Ubu, mumei, 1 hole in nakago. The blade is in need of a polish but hamon and hada is visible. Hamon is gunome with lots of sunagashi. One significant chip and several tiny knicks (pictured). No visible openings but lots of small scratches and some staining. Measures 91 cm total length and 71.7 cm nagasa, 3.1 cm wide and .9 cm thick. 2.8cm sori Includes original saya and silver foiled habaki as well as newly made handle core and tsukaito that should be suited to reuse in re-wrapping the handle if you so choose. I purchased it for iaido but am swapping it out for another blade. $1650 plus shipping and fees
  6. Beautiful shinto naginata in full polish. Signed Jumyo. There are many generations of smiths that signed this way and can’t say which one this is. Lovely gentle gunome hamon with sunagashi and itame hada. Overall excellent conditions with just a few very minor openings. Nakago is the full and original length which is nice to see as it tapers beautifully. Two holes. Measures 81 cm total length and 36.4 cm nagasa, 3 cm wide and 2.7 cm wide at hamachi and .8 cm thick. 3 cm sori In beautiful, top quality shirasaya made by John Tirado (Sayashi.biz on Facebook). Also comes with the original pole. The pole appears to have had some restoration work done by a previous owner in the grip area but the wood has a beautiful patina that appears to be original. This is your chance to by a very nice naginata for not that much more than the cost of the polish and shirasaya. $2995 plus shipping and fees
  7. Lovely gold silk. Modern but has been mounted previously so nicely broken in. There are a couple of small pulls (pictured) 177 cm by 1.1 cm wide $25 plus shipping
  8. I learned from another forum that it may be a tanbo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanb%C5%8D
  9. Purchased from Kinokuniya in Tokyo who bought it as part of a collection of unusual weaponry. Unfortunately it appears to have been overcleaned by a previous owner but there is still good patina visible. In the hand it feels old and authentic, is gorgeously balanced, fast, smooth and feels great. While I cannot be 100% sure in terms of age (it is very unusual) I would agree with Kinokuniya who told me it was from the Edo period. Measures 33.8 cm long x 16 mm wide at center by 6 mm wide at tip. One tip is Weighs a hefty 12 ounces (340.2 grams) $450 plus shipping
  10. Wood and lacquer maedate. Modern made. 9 cm high by 8.8 cm across The back has a repair. See 3rd pic. $35 plus shipping
  11. Very rare and unusual examples of shuriken. I believe they are old (Edo) but cannot be sure since it appears that the handles have been overcleaned. Moreover, I cannot make out hada or hamon in the points but such small weapons made not have had visible hada or hamon in the first place. The pair is matched measuring 10.3 and 10.2 (tip is slightly chipped) Points measure 4.7 and 4.6 cm respectively. Each is signed but I cannot make them out well enough to translate. Although the characters are very small, I believe they have been chiseled in as opposed to stamped because there are minor variations between the two. Because they are so unusual, I cannot be sure about their age so please look at the pictures and ask all questions in advance. I am happy to answer or to supply additional pics as needed. All sales on these items are final $240 each or both for $425
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