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  1. Do any of the members know of someone capable of retying a Sword Handle with Silk Wrapping LIVING IN CANADA ?? If so, please provide contact information. Thank you, ... Ron Watson 766watson@gmail.com
  2. Somewhere in my sales listings, someone asked the question or rather an explanation as to Canadian Postal DIFFICULTIES. I am now prepared to answer that question : 1. CANADA POST does not provide mail to rural Manitoba on a regular schedule. We used to have our mail sorted and in our Post Office Boxes by 9:00 AM ALWAYS except of course Saturday and Sunday when NO MAIL IS DELIVERED PERIOD. We used to get mail on Saturdays, ... but that ended about a year ago. Now God, Buddha, Mohammed, or the Sun God knows at what time I will get my mail ! 2. CANADA POST on 5 occasions ( not once but 5 times either DID NOT GET A RECIPIENT SIGNATURE as required by LAW ), or LOST the REGISTERED LETTER completely. This is a SERVICE that Canada Post provides at a PREMIUM cost of $ 11.36 per bloody letter and is supposed to be handled with care and each time it passes from one postal employee to another MUST be signed for by that employee ! I personally have had no less than 5 Registered Letters which were either not signed for or were lost by the Post Office in this God Forsaken country in the past year and a half ( EVERY REGISTERED LETTER, I mailed ) ! 3. Before shipping to a customer, I get them a quote on shipping costs. Provided the CUSTOMER agrees to pay our EXORBITANT Canadian postal rates, I advise them and wait for payment ( usually wire transfer or PayPal ). I then take said parcel to the Post Office for mailing. NOT ONCE IN OVER 30 individual parcels that I've mailed ( often the very next day ) has the postal employee charged me the same as I was quoted ! NOT ONCE ! 4. In one case the customer wanted his order mailed AIRMAIL, ( in this case Italy ) and what did the Canada Post TRACKING SHOW 5 days later, ... you guessed it folks, ... good old Canada Post sent it SURFACE MAIL ( by bloody SHIP ) ! In closing, since rarely do I sell to a Canadian customer ( after all Canada is still a country of Hewers of Wood and Haulers of Water ) whose taste runs to : " Hockey Night in Canada " , rather than ART. Once my shipment leaves CANADA, ... it is fortunately handled by a country either American or European who have a POSTAL SYSTEM that WORKS ! Now then, someone is bound to type in the RESPONSE .... " Then why do you continue to live there ? " I continue to live here because not only CANADA has severe problems, ... but rather because THE ENTIRE WORLD IS SO SCREWED UP that there is nowhere any better to go to ! That however is no excuse for people NOT to try to make it better. I try, ... but am continually shot down by those who prefer to be POLITICALLY CORRECT instead of being TRUTHFUL ! Love me or hate me, .... I am what I am, TRUTHFUL and HONEST which is more than 90% of people now are. By the way, ... those who have an inquisitive mind ( much like the old British rag ... " The Enquirer ", .... BRAZIL is considered to have the worst Postal System in the World and the USA has the best. ReplyForward
  3. Dear Barry, Its we old timers that remember these gentlemen. Both were of the old School and very knowledgeable. You must have also known Dean Hartley. Dean spent a couple of hours with me at The Chicago Sword Show on a one on one while we discussed the Kinmichi Line of Mishina Swordsmiths. I was much younger back then and somewhat surprised that he would take the time ... Ron " We are only the Custodians of things, but our memories we take with us to the grave. " ... Ron Watson
  4. NOT TO WORRY : Sunny, PietroParis, I'll soon have Brian END my sales on the 17th of November. I shall then like I did previously on January 29, 2015 disappear from the NMB. No more teaching, no more commenting, no more sales. I need no slack cut, and my word is as good as it always was. My fists are somewhat crippled with arthritis, but I never did nor will ever will back away from a fight. After the 17th of November, ... anyone wishing to buy ( if item still available ) will have to contact me at my email address : 766watson@gmail.com as I will no longer be monitoring the NMB after that date. I promise !
  5. Mr. Farr, ... that is your prerogative. I can see by your profile you are a novice or as I prefer to call them, " a wanna be ". Until you win the Lotto 649. whereupon you will have money to spend on QUALITY and indulge your self in serious study of a worthwhile blade, ... please accept a few words of wisdom from an old timer, .... " BUY BOOKS and STUDY, and then study some more ". On one of your threads you mention eBay. This IS NOT a good place to begin collecting as this venue is well know as the home of fraudsters and / or poor quality items. I wish you good luck.
  6. The Matchlock Firearms, the Swords, the Cannon will not be for sale after the 17th of November, 2021. I will accept GENUINE OFFERS ( ridiculous offers will not even warrant a reply ).
  7. Peter, How much bloody Vigor or was that VINIGOR can a 74 year old bring to the community ??
  8. Well gentlemen, ... this will be my final listing ( I think ). I am offering for sale this page ( FRAMED ) from a woodblock print book on famous swords. It would display nicely next to a collection of Samurai Swords. Beautiful Calligraphy. Size : FRAME : 19 x 9 1/2 inches. The print is mounted on acid free backing. PRICE : $ 25.00 US plus shipping.
  9. Ah, Ken, ... alas I have no daughters and if I did they would be approaching 50 years of age ( once a female is past 20 years of age, ... I consider them " over the hill " ). ... Anonymouse
  10. BUMP ... Prices reduced by 15 % on the remaining items #'s 1, 3, 6
  11. I have been informed that somehow the PICTURES accompanying this " Listing for Sale " have disappeared. For now, if any of you want a photograph / photographs of a particular Netsuke, .... email me at : 766watson@gmail.com Thank you.
  12. Dear Old Friend, Stephen, ... UPS is VERY expensive in Canada. Hell EVERYTHING is expensive in Canada. Our Postal System is on the rocks, our Medical System is on the rocks, our Transportation System is on the rocks, our Governments ( Federal, Provincial, and Municipal ) are on the rocks ( and have been for years ), our IMMIGRATION System is on the rocks, our Education System is on the rocks ( although still better than American ), our Currency is on the rocks, our Climate is on the rocks, my Sex Life is ( almost on the rocks ... I am 74, so I have an excuse ). Our Judicial System is on the rocks. One can trace ALL this trouble back to one common denominator ( BUREAUCRATS .. paper pushers who produce nothing, and whose sole purpose in life is to make someone else's life DIFFICULT !
  13. Hugh, Ah, Hugh .... a feeling of calmness will descend upon me, ... WHEN OTHERS TREAT THEIR OBLIGATIONS IN A TIMELY FASHION. What did I say to deter potential " buyers " ?? I give damn good service, my items are honestly described and carefully packed and expeditiously shipped. I, if asked will give a detailed description of how the item was made, acquired and an honest evaluation. I answer ALL emails quickly and politely. If more people were like me, ... then perhaps the world would not be in the mess we find today !
  14. Dear Grev, We all forget things now and then, ... but there is a difference between saying " I'll pay in a few minutes ", and then NOTHING for hours sometimes days ! I am not quite as mean as I used to be unless someone really pisses me off, ... then I turn meaner than a Tom Cat with his balls cut off ! ... Ron
  15. Dear Mark, Yes, I know all about IVORY. At one time, I owned and operated one of the first and largest HIGH QUALITY FINE ART & ANTIQUE BUSINESSES in the WORLD. My customers ranged from those on a fixed budget ( pay so much a month customers ) to the South Korean Secret Service, The Swiss Secret Service, The US Whitehouse, every major Movie Studio in the World, to virtually every MAJOR MUSEUM in the world. Movie Stars by the truck load. I sold WWII ENGIMA ( army, navy, luftwaffen ). I sold 15th Century Crossbows, Elephant Rifles, Dueling Pistols, Holland & Holland Shotguns, Purdy Shotguns, rare Colts, SOE / OSS / French WWII Resistance Items including Clandestine Radios, War of 1812 Peace Medals, Brownbess Muskets, Indian Trade Muskets. IVORY ESKIMO Artifacts such as dozens of ancient Harpoon Heads, Snow Goggles, HBC Capotes & Blankets, NWC Fur Trade Items from the 1790's, Several fine Ivory Netsuke ( although I rarely sold Japanese Art ( I collected this material for myself ). The ban on IVORY is BULLSHIT, as both China & Japan ignore the ban and buy all they can get. My business came to an abrupt end after 9/11, as it became impossible to ship a lot of what I dealt in INTERNATIONALLY. THERE WERE NO ARAB HIJACKERS by the way. No, ... Mark you can never irritate me so long as you keep your word. I am proud that I gave one Federal Government INSPECTOR a Heart Attack so bad that he never worked again. He had it coming. I am also proud that I never told a lie in my life and I have never cast a vote in my life. The Party System of Government is Corrupt, wastefull, and filled with liars. In my notation on the LISTINGS, .. I state that IVORY will not be sold outside of Canada. Kind regards, ... Ron Watson
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