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  1. Hello Dear Members, I am look ing to buy a tanto here in Europe. It can be mumei and unpapered. Only thing that is important for me that it is in good polish and no big flaws. Regards, Ciro
  2. Thank you all very much for your comments. i will make a few more in the future and post some pictures. best regards.
  3. Thank you Mike,i just made the one with the deer antlers in the front. Best regards, Ciro
  4. Dear members, i was wondering what you guys think of this Kake i made. i know it is very simple but it serves the purpose and the focus is on the sword itself. if someone is interested let me know i could make more of them in different wood colors and sizes. Best, Ciro
  5. Ciro


    Hello dear members, What do you think about this maedate? it was discribed as late edo period bit i have absolutely no experience when it comes to maedate. i doubt that it is edo,wahat do you guy think? best regards, Ciro
  6. Could you guys please help me with the signature and if it looks legit. thank you in advance.
  7. Ciro


    Does someone have a idea from what time period this tsuba coud be.
  8. Ciro

    Waki Last purchase

    Hello Ken,the first picture i posted was the entire blade. no idea why it did not show. thank you for you words.
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