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  1. Ciro

    Newbie to armors

    Why don't you share pictures with us. Regards, Ciro
  2. Yes,that would be great.
  3. i want to display a wakizashi who comes in shirasaya and koshirae. with drawer would be nice but not a must.
  4. I was wondering if someone has a Kake for sale. i prefer something antique not modern. Cheers
  5. Sorry!Listed it in the wrong section. Thank you for posting it here.
  6. Would like to sell this late Edo period Hachi Gane. Looking for 600 Euro. please contact me if you need more pictures. Best, Ciro
  7. Ciro


    Still available?
  8. Ciro

    Eboshi Kabuto

    Thank you all so much for your thoughts. Thanks ro you guys i always learn a lot. I am really happy for every single comment. Best regards, Ciro
  9. Ciro

    Eboshi Kabuto

    Unfortunately i still dis not have a chance to have a closer look. I i s still not mine, i want to buy it but i first need other thoughts. Thank you for your fast replies.
  10. Ciro

    Eboshi Kabuto

    Better Pictures.
  11. Ciro

    Eboshi Kabuto

    Dear members, Would you please share your thoughts with me on this kabuto i was offered today. Really look forward to read your comments. Best regards, Ciro
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