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  1. Ciro

    Wakizashi opinions

    Dear members, this sword came with a armor a bought recently. I would really apreciate if you could share your opinions with me.
  2. Unfortunately it is filled with some glue. measurements are: 8cm high 7cm width.
  3. Hello dear members, i need your help with this ebisu that unfortunately was glued on the dó of a armor i bought recently. i dont think it was made for the armor. could you guys please share your opinions with me for what purpose this was made and if it is modern or a older piece? It is about 7cm high.
  4. Looking for a katana in good polish. Can be mumei and without papers. Edo period or older. I look forward to your offers. Cheers
  5. Ciro

    Kabuto Edo or Meiji

    Hello,the seller describes it as a late edo period kabuto.
  6. Ciro

    Kabuto Edo or Meiji

    Hello dear members, i was thinking to purchase this kabuto but i am not sure if it is really from the edo period. i really would apreciate your opinions on this one. Thank you in advance.
  7. Ciro

    Ukebari project

    I was wondering why it needs 8 meters of string for the first half of the stitches. is there a special trick to stitch it?
  8. Thank you all for your comments. That really helped me a lot.
  9. Dear Members, i am looking for susudake bamboo mekugi in europe. Any suggestions? Best Regards. Ciro
  10. Ciro

    Newbie to armors

    Why don't you share pictures with us. Regards, Ciro
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