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    My principal interest is antique edged weapons from the east. I have been collecting Ottoman, Arab, Persian, etc. for a few years and am just getting started collecting Japanese weapons.

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  1. Harry

    Original Mune?

    Here’s one that looks odd to me and I am wondering if anyone else thinks so? I have heard of the Mune of a sword being replaced with one with a good signature but have never seen one. Is this one of those? Apologies for not posting more but it is not my sword. Harry
  2. The photo is from a listing I saw online. It’s not my sword. Looks like additional info on that judgement standard (?) can be found here:
  3. Does anyone recognize this judgement paper? It resembles an NTHK-NPO Kanteisho paper but without the judges stamps and with a few other differences. I don’t doubt it is valid. It’s likely one I have simply not encountered before. Where does it fit value-wise with collectors (i.g., better than NTHK but less desirable than modern NBTHK, etc.)? TIA. harry
  4. From one newbie to another: 1. Don’t buy anything without papers. At least don’t spend serious money on anything without papers. 2. Buy the best. You will want to sell the items someday. High quality items almost sell themselves. Mediocre items can be work. It can be hard to give away junk. 3. Establish a business relationship with a respected dealer. Stick with them. Patronage has benefits. good luck! harry
  5. Thanks BaZZa. I won’t etch it. I suspect it’s not worth the cost of a proper polish so I will leave it alone for now.
  6. Indeed! Many thanks. Excellent advice.
  7. Apologies for the delay. Here are photos of that blade. No red flags that I can see, but I am a novice at this, so I probably wouldn’t see “a red flag” unless it was taped to my forehead. I welcome and appreciate comments. I like my whiskey straight so please don’t hold back. TIA! harry
  8. I bought the blade and will post photos when it arrives. Thanks everyone for your help. harry
  9. thanks! I think that is what was meant.
  10. It may have been a spellcheck error. Here is how it was used and the blade it describes. ”It has scratches and a raid related to the passage of time”
  11. This is the first time I have seen the word “raid” used to describe a blade flaw. Anyone know what that refers to? Is it generally considered fatal? harry
  12. Withdrawn. I will try my luck on eBay. Thanks everyone, and happy holidays! Harry
  13. I tried to sell this one previously but must have asked too much for it. Price reduced to move. $1,000 or best offer. Satisfaction guaranteed. This sword’s saya is made from magnolia wood coated with black lacquer decorated with sprinkled straw (resembles copper) and polished to a high shine. The mouth of the scabbard and the kurikata (suspension bracket) are made of black horn. The aperture of the kurikata is lined with gilded metal. The hilt has wooden grips covered in ray skin dyed yellow. The mounts (fuchi and kashira) have a chiseled Japanese fan motif further decorated with minute gilding. The menuki are held in place by a braided black cloth binding. The tsuba is iron, circular and with large piercings. The kozuka/kogatana (utility knife) is missing. Guaranteed authentic and antique. ADDITIONAL PHOTOS can be viewed at this URL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BTsfxjam3yZUAKJsCrA8svMAgTIkXaYw BLADE: Hamon (temper-line): irregular zigzag (gunome) Jihada (visible surface pattern): Masame Hada Mei (signature): Mumei (unsigned) - Mino school Length in Scabbard: 70.5cm (27.75”) Blade Length: 45.1cm (17.75”) Sori (curvature): 0.635cm (0.25”) Motohaba (width at bottom of blade): 2.7cm (1.06”) Motokasane (blade thickness): 0.97cm (0.38”) Mekugi Hole:1 CONTACT: PM or wagner.harry@gmail.com Free domestic USPS Priority shipping. International buyers pay actual cost. Buy with confidence. 14 day returns accepted.
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