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  1. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26909/?bid_lot_no=5500878#/MR0_page=3&MR0_length=10&MR0_category=list&m0=0
  2. Hi Uwe,Great to see you use the kabuto terminology sketch from the Watanabe Collection book by Trevor Absolon and David Thatcher! (Without permission).
  3. Robert As Uwe mentioned this armour is worth some TLC. I could help you out if you should decide to restore the odoshi. Jon
  4. Robert, this might help. https://www.amazon.com/Armuriers-Japon-XVIe-XVIIIe-si%C3%A8cles-Etude/dp/2840505797 https://denverartmuseum.org/article/6-ways-live-samurai
  5. Robert !! You have a very rare and expensive menpo by Zesai ! Zesai collectors will pay around 16.000 euro for this. Well done what a fantastic menpo to match your kabuto ! If you want to find more information about Zesai read Buroway"s book, Jon
  6. Finished lacing the fourth dan and the kata zuri no ita , thus completing the shikoro.
  7. I have followed the auction of the Wakisaka armour out of interest since Dave Thatcher showed me his example back in the UK. Congratulations to the winner of this historically important armour ! Also I noticed that the hanpo on the recently sold armour is missing and I know for a fact that Dave has in his possesion two of the hanpo that belong to these armours. So who ever is the new proud owner now knows where to go to complete his gusoku ! Jon
  8. The San Dan of the Shikoro has finally been done.
  9. Thanks Chris ! Yes it is my intention to show my progress on this project from start to finish. Best regards Jon
  10. I have proceeded to lace the first two lames.
  11. I carefully removed the shikoro from the hachi making sure the shanks of the byo remained intact as well as the ukebari liner. Before proceeding to remove the disentregrating odoshi I made plenty of photo's of all angles for references. Stripping the odoshi ever so gently away from the lames so not to damage the urushi. Some holes were the rust particles merged with the odoshi became as hard as concrete and had to be drilled out. After this was done I treated the lames with kikko mol polishing paste and consolidated the hairline cracks.
  12. Making the odoshi to the correct thickness and width for your armour is now a possibility as it is produced in the UK.The colouring we use are made of natural organic pigments.Also our odoshi is pre stretched so there is no distortion. Matching the colour of the existing old odoshi on your armour is an option but bear in mind that this process requires a lot of testing and is needless to say very time consuming.
  13. Nearly completed my second and third Gessen,just have to finish the loose ends.
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