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  1. HI Can anyone tell me about the Shonai school that made Tsuba. Where were they made in Japan and under what part of Edo. Was it a small school and was it part of a larger school. How popular is the school and - Where can I read about this school? // Robert
  2. Thank you all for the information. I have now received help from NBTHK Scandinavia which helps me totake apart theTeppo. I'll let you know if there is a signature. Thanks Anders! // Robert
  3. Thanks for all the information about the sword. I have one more question. To this sword comes a certificate for Koshirae or saya, can anyone look at what is written regarding the certificate. How should I read the certificate? There is a separate certificate for Tsuba // Robert
  4. Hello, Thank you for my thoughts on this teppo. I searched on google and found this on the Royal Armories Collection https://collections.royalarmouries.org/object/rac-object-1866.html (Matchlock carbine (teppo) (1801-1830) by Kunitomo Kubei. Place: Japan, Omi Province. How can i disassemble the barrel to see if there is any signature // Robert
  5. Hello I bought this Teppo many years ago and now I wonder when it may have been made. Do It differs from other rifles in manufacturing appearance etc .. // Robert
  6. Hello I need help translating NBTHK paper as should be from 1973, is the date correct? One is papper is on a saya and is it written in Kanji or Kanji/calligraphy? Have they rated the whole of Koshirae (拵 え) or just the Saya (鞘) The other is a 63 cm Katana that should be signed Masamitsu ( Izumi Dai jo Masamitsu) is that correct? Is there anything more written about the smith? full name, when it was made, province etc etc.? Grateful for any help //Robert
  7. Hello It is on auction for 2300 usd with old NBTHK paper kicho... // Robert
  8. Hello All, This katana is made by Izumi Dai jo Masamitsu Edo period. He was a Shin Shinto blacksmith from Aki today Hiroshima province (correct me if I am wrong) I want comments about the blacksmith and the sword. Was he a famous blacksmith or a moderate blacksmith What can one appreciate the value of this sword (on the pictures only). Old polishing but in good condition. Grateful for any answers. // Robert
  9. Can you say that this Tsuba is by Tadatsugu from the Umetada school or only a tosho style tsuba? // Robert
  10. Both INRO were paid for the price 700 usd each on the auction // Robert
  11. Hello, Is it a Tosho-Tsuba or a Katchushi-Tsuba. Would like comment and translation of NBTHK paper for this smith. Where did the blacksmith work and which school did he belong to? // Robert
  12. The auction expert says. INRO Japan, Meiji (1868-1912). Signed Decor with cranes on both sides against a gold-plated base. Six parts. Length 8.5 cm. With netsuke in bone, diameter 4.5 cm. INRO Japan, Edo 1800s One side with decoration of lobster, the other with decoration in relief of plants, length 8.5 cm. with sculpted netsuke in wood in the form of fruit. Length 4 cm. // Robert
  13. Thank you very interesting. I will talk to them at the auction house as they seem to have an Asian expert but there is no guarantee of authenticity. // Robert
  14. Is there any connection between the number of boxes on the Inro and age. Did they made different designs depending on the time period and Is there anything you can see depending on the time period. La Mode probably already existed during the Edo period. Some other characteristics of a good Inro. // Robert
  15. Thank you for the answers. The auction is in mid-december. Are there more who can comment on these Inro, you are welcome....... //Robert
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