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  1. Stainless can rust, but the rust on this suggests carbon steel based on my experience.
  2. We found one more. Naval dirk, I think. There's what appears to be a faint hamon, probably cleaned off. I don't know if this style dismounts, or if so, how to do so.
  3. What I'm still seeing on my screen is this: Drag files here to attach, or choose files... No file chosen Max total size: 4.88 MB
  4. They're linked from my site. I have a lot of bandwidth--my wife owns the server. But it's not unlimited. I still can't add any new images to the site. I started with 25 MB available, and it's been 4.88 MB since the first upload.
  5. I'll be deleting most of the images from my online archive soon. Anyone is welcome to keep copies for reference. Thanks for helping ID and sell these.
  6. I expect it's gimei. That looks like a much more recent blade. Anyone?
  7. Also interested in paying them for this one. Inside the leather, the ishizuki has come loose.
  8. This one I want to keep. I need a good idea of what to offer the estate for it. Sorry this one isn't in great focus
  9. I have one that my wife will take as I acquire the next.
  10. I was considering keeping this one, but there are three I like better. So this one goes, too. It appears the blade was shortened, as many of these were, but I don't know what from.
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