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  1. Thanks! Never been so relieved to have a scratch on my nihonto.
  2. The age old question, hagiri or scratches? What do you think? pics are of both sides of the blade.
  3. Very cool! Just goes to show never dismiss an item too quickly. I found the below eBay listing that has a tsuba that looks to be If the same style. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325190176831?hash=item4bb6d8503f:g:oa8AAOSw3yNigKKo
  4. Hi, the tsuba does not seem to fit the nakago well. The blade is too small. I am including some edge shots I took. Unfortunately some of the green patina returned after it dried.
  5. Post soap and hot water: Cheap cast or nanban worthy of further study?
  6. It does look like the last one pictured. I’ll try your method but I don’t know what I would be looking for. In the meantime. Please enjoy pictures of the menuki I forgot to include.
  7. Hi Geraint, I will see if I can get some more photos soon. The tsuba feels like cheap cast brass. The habaki seems nice though. Two piece with what looks to be a "moon and clouds" motif.
  8. Thanks Jean Can anyone confirm what the rolled up paper is for? Am I right in my assumption that it is just scrap paper used to fill out the empty spaces under the ito wrap?
  9. Thanks Jean Raden is the word I was looking for. Found many more examples now. I had a feeling this was a tourist/export piece. It came with a mumei wakizashi that looks shinshinto. Looks half decent if it wasn't for the rust...
  10. Thanks Brian. Looks like you are right. It is really nice looking. Its a shame the brass doesn't look great. Kind of detracts from the ablone shell lacquered saya. Seems like this style is somewhat rare. Not really finding any similar looking examples online.
  11. Bought this cheapo wakizashi online because I thought it looked interesting. I have seen this type of "broken pottery" design on a yari pole before but have no idea what it is called or how to research it further. The fuchi and throat of the saya are simple brass. Which seems impracticle because it dulls the blade when it is pulled out. The tsuba seems like it was cast and is also brass. It does have a nice two-piece habaki. I also found a piece of rolled up paper underneath the ito wrap. There are still more pieces I have not taken out. Can I assume it was just used as a spacer when it was being wrapped? Would like to get more info about it if anyone knows. Thank you
  12. Hi Stegel, Sorry but it did not come with a scabbard. What you see is all I have. It was just an impulse buy from an online auction. So I really don't have much info on its origin.
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