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  1. 春山万里 not sure what character the red stamp is suppose to be.
  2. Are there any good examples of "tight" hada vs. "loose" hada that someone can provide? This aspect has always confused me.
  3. Thanks, I am aware of his reputation. I wan't planning on buying. Just looking at his auction for the type 95 trying to get an idea of what average condition was selling for.
  4. Was just watching a Showa22 Ebay listing for a brass tsuba type 95 in average condition. Ended up selling for $893 befor shipping and fees. Not sure if this is a good sign of where the market is for them or not.
  5. I must say, this a very beautiful sword. I hope you will be able to remove the handle and habaki for us to get a better look.
  6. Yeah the one I have been considering selling is a brass tsuba version. Not in the best shape but I still think I could make my money back on it plus some if I decided to sell. However, it is my oly brass tsuba type 95 and I would hate to dimminish my collection, even by a little. Such a hard decision. It really is the collector's conundrum.
  7. Someone else just asked but I have been curious about this too for a while. Who owns all this former IJA and IJN stuff in China? When I lived out there during college all the equipment in those "war against Japanese agression" TV shows looked real/legit. Are there just waerhouses full of these swords, rifles and uniforms in Hengdian somewhere that just get taken out when filming another TV show/movie? Are collectors in China even allowed to own these types of swords?
  8. I've been debating with myself whether or not to sell some of my type 95s. I have three, got em all right before the prices jumped. Seems like the market is good now. Still hard to pull the trigger and let one go though.
  9. Hi Stephen. Is the Jimmy H you are refering to Jimmy Hayashi? It would be nice to find a local Togishi.
  10. I'm not really a tosogu guy, but these are really nice.
  11. Which would be considered more valuable/desirable? An O'suriage naginata-naoshi cut down from a pole arm or a sword designed in the style of naginata naoshi? Would this blade still paper since it is technically not a sword but a cut down pole arm? Thanks -Jonathan
  12. Does this sword have a hamon? If so, when did they start adding hamon to swords in Japan? I was under the impression that swords during the Heian period and earlier were either imported or copied from China. If this is the case, then can we infer that the Chinese were also adding hamon on their swords during this time or was this strictly a Japanese technique? If the Chinese were doing this, then why don't we see hamon on Chinese edged weapons?
  13. I don't believe it does. There is rust at the kissaki so it is a little difficult to tell. But I would say it doesn't have kaeri.
  14. I might just do that. Being located in LA I probably wont get a better opportunity to do so. I also have some other blades I could submit as well. Is there a FAQ page for shinsa here on NMB? I have lots of other small questions regarding shinsa that I would rather not further clog up the board with.
  15. Thanks Thomas, Yeah the hamon is definitely discernable in the right light, except when you get to the boshi which is obscured by some rust. However, I have not been able to see any jigane/jihada for the life of me. Maybe its just my untrained eyes, but I'm afraid it would be a deal breaker for shinsa.
  16. Kind of a newbie question here but can a sword out of polish be submitted for shinsa? I was thinking of submitting the below blade. However, it has some rust and is out of polish. Would I be just wasting time and money submitting this?
  17. This one looks interesting. The mountings are that of a type 98 army officer’s sword. However, the blade inside looks like a nihonto that’s much older than ww2. I’ll let the more knowledgeable ones take it from here.
  18. Wow, the sori on that wakizashi is quite the contrast to the one Alex posted.
  19. Under era it says "Edo period Expo era." Is that a typo? Is it suppose to say Enpo era?
  20. Daoguang ruled in the 1830s and 40s I think.
  21. Pics are upside down but after standing on my head it looks like it is dated December of 1941.
  22. Just found another type 95 with a black saya on ebay. The blade is without fuller which I find very strange. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234006705243?hash=item367be2f45b:g:maIAAOSwNutgjuDj
  23. I remember when I was around 10 I was in an antique store and saw a nice type 95 for sale. At that time I actually knew it was a ww2 Japanese sword somehow, but couldn't afford the $250 on my $10 a week allowance. That was around 2002. Still haven't forgotten about it till this day. I know it is more recent than most of y'alls' story but still a story of missed opportunity none the less.
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