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  1. Just so I’m understanding this correctly and I did read the Ohmura link their is such an officers Shin Gunto with what looks like a 95 blade? I was looking at one at a gun show in Tulsa Okla. (the Wannamacher Gun Show, always a lot of swords there) that a collector had for sale, it was a 98, but had what appeared to me as a 95 NCO blade but no serial number. He told me it was a late war budget shin Gunto for someone that couldn’t afford a hand forged blade. I having never seen or heard of such a thing let it walk. If there is such a thing I’ll know for next time as I don’t have that variant! Trystan! Can I assume you have a nice NCO collection? I like the officer swords but my thoughts have always been that the NCO swords saw the most practical use just due to the job of the NCO! This is coming from a retired Infantry Officer. Chris Wilson
  2. I purchased one of the Kai’s from Micheal, by far my nicest Gunto and I’ve always wanted a nice Navy! I’m hoping someone can translate the Mei for me. It’s hard to to make out so put a little chalk on to help and broke it up into two pics. Thanks Chris
  3. Where are you selling the swords at? Just locally or another web site as I haven't seen any here. Chris
  4. I need a nice Kai Gunto for my collection. Looking for one with really nice fittings. Double hangered rayskin covered saya and nice blade. If you’ve got one your wanting to sell please let me know. Thanks Chris Wilson
  5. Bought Geoff's NCO so I'm good now! Thanks Geoff!!!
  6. I'd buy this for myself if I hadn't just bought a NCO 95 off another member on here!!!
  7. Don't blame you, you did good! My next purchase is going to be a nice Kai Gunto, To me there fittings are the nicest looking of all the war era swords. Chris
  8. You lucky Dog, for $600 you scored with that one!!! Especially for the shape its in, you could easily double your money if you got the notion to sell it. Chris
  9. Hello, I just saw the notice on here that you'd replied to my want add. Do you still have the NCO sword? If so what would you be wanting to get for it? Thanks Chris
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