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  1. Recently on buyee I saw two sets of tassels go up. It would be cool if they were genuine, but I have my doubts,especially about the general tassels. Set 1 Set two
  2. Estimate 15-25k.  7 years ago. Wow
  3. Here are three examples I've saved images of from auctions over the past few years.
  4. Sorry about that, made the thread after a few too many drinks
  5. I know a thread already exists or they have been discussed at length somewhere, I just cant find it, but I know these have been discussed somewhere. Either way, I'd like this thread to be a place where we all can post our examples and be an end all be all of information about them. Thanks
  6. Interesting, hard to tell really. But it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to assume maybe some family members used the tassels as a status symbol while their fathers or husbands were fighting the war. Maybe those whos family members died fighting were able to wear them with their regular dress. It is an interesting route to go down.
  7. From many other threads here I think "we" as a forum have concluded that the waks were not necessarily used for submarines, tanks and aircraft but either bought by the government late in the war to make up for lack of sword production or a family heirlooms that special mounts to fit them were for. Here is a link to a thread referring to them as pilot swords
  8. I just wish the original pictures of the sale and the pictures of what appears to be mis represented were posted
  9. Everything looks great! Now I'm wondering if there is a "dark" mode for mobile Matt
  10. I'd side on real. When the brown and blue stripe is reversed on the edges, I have seen it called a "premium" version of the tassel and I have not seen that on any repos. A similar pattern can see on picture 5 on the first post
  11. Hello again, I have another tassel that I would like a second opinion on. After comparing it to known repos I think it looks alright Thanks!
  12. Very cool I look forward to hearing more about it!
  13. I saw this gunto document on buyee and was not sure if we already have it translated / know of it. Thought it better to post here just incase. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/488417065/detail
  14. I found that the colours of fakes can be hard to actually determine unless it is put side by side with a real one. Different lighting really affects how the colour comes out.
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