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  1. My collecting goals started similar to many others, just a representative sample of the different types, and to be honest, I think I have completed that goal, once that was completed I started to think, what my favorite aspects of different gunto there were and that was how unique and the variation of how gunto were decorated. So I set out a big goal of collecting some odd ducks, and a small goal of understanding tassels and collecting mint condition tassels for my gunto. Luck (unlucky for my bank account) those goals were obtained and I was able to put some unusual gunto into my collection and make a very nice tassel display. Now my goals are to sell off a few swords to fund my next big goals in my collection. A nice Lida lock gunto, and a SMR gunto. the SMR gunto will be the center of my display, as before collecting Imperial Japanese militaria I collected and ran n scale trains, it was actually a scale model of an imperial Japanese locomotive that got me onto this track (haha). As for a smaller goal, knowing it will take years for those swords to come up and for the right price, I want to collect the shortest gunto, I know there are some really short tanto/ o-tanto in gunto mounts that I would love to add to my collection. In the meantime I have been working on displaying my items, trying to give them more of an organized feeling. Here are pictures of my tassel display and a display box I have made. . .
  2. Using a shoe lace the saya will accommodate about 72cm of blade. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to accurately take the other measurements for you.
  3. That looks like one short gunto! Mind sharing the whole thing?
  4. What nice gunto mounts. Your collection never fails to impress
  5. Hello, I'd like to show off my gunto, it's signed 武州住 外記 利長 and was made in 1661ish. I think it's special because the Tsuba is non uniform but has been made to fit a locking mechanism. There is more ware on the hanger than I have seen on any other gunto which tells me it must have been worn a lot probably in an office setting since the saya is in almost perfect condition.
  6. Yes, as far as we all know all Navy ranks would have the standard dark brown navy tassel. John did post a brown tassel with white criss-crosses done in the general pattern that may have been for admirals, but they seem super uncommon. Maybe @PNSSHOGUNcan let you know more, as far as I know he is the tassel king.
  7. thank-you very much, I appreciate the translation. sounds quite interesting.
  8. Thanks! If its not too much trouble can you translate the narrative?
  9. I'm not sure if this is 100% allowed since its not nihonto related , if not, please delete, but I'd really like to know what the text on this flag reads.
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