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  1. Great thank you everyone. Any recommendations on how often to reapply? Or is once usually good enough.
  2. Hello, I am wondering if there is any recommended product or treatment I should use on some of my leather gunto saya. Thanks, Matt
  3. From an archaeologists perspective I think it is important to have as many confirmed real examples as possible documented for all to see. We can then analyze the patterns, similarities and differences together comparing the rare item to what we have confirmed. The most similar items we have to this zig zag navy tassel are the army general tassels, and even those vary from early - late war models. If we want to be more "scientific" about our analysis of these rare items I think we should have well detailed side by side pictures comparing the multi-coloured general tassels (early - late war variants) with these naval ones, what John has posted is a good start. In this case we have 1 naval example, if we can track down pictures of a few more to see how they compare to one another it would be beneficial to our understanding of them, however we will have to stick with comparing them to general tassels for now. This might be a bit over the top, but if we could try and standardize the background colour and the lighting conditions in which we photograph our tassels / gunto, I think it would make comparisons to other items a lot easier as colour and certain areas of the items will provide more information.
  4. I am going to have to adjust my sleep schedule to Australia time just to have a chance!
  5. As Dawson states these examples would be early - mid war fittings/ accessories, if they were a "misprint" I would like to believe they would have been scrapped and not passed an inspection. It isn't out of the question for these zig zag patterned naval tassels to be special order for wealthier officers and might not show up in regulations. As Neil stated there are plenty of variants and fittings not described in regulations, and I believe that one could customize their gunto how ever they wanted and play loosely with the regulations as it made the gunto more personalized, compared to something uniform where personal attachment may not be a strong.
  6. And to think I thought I was only missing the railway varient of the officer tassels! That tassel looks great.
  7. Not exactly gunto display but ever since I saw the guide Stegel made in the General tassels thread, I thought it would make a good format for a display.
  8. I replaced the red fabric with the kimonos and I think it looks better, what do you guys think?
  9. Also here are better pictures of my display. I plan on using more "special pattern" propaganda kimonos to backdrop the rest of my collection....
  10. It's been a lot more than a week but here are some extra photos...
  11. Close up images of the middle tassel, I'm not 100% sure on it. I meant to do this in December but got busy....
  12. The seller yymek has constantly reposted these for over two years. I saw them on buyee when I first joined, I am 99% sure I've never seen an item sell from that seller. Everything I saw a year or two ago is still available.
  13. this might be a stupid question, but is Jauce the same service as buyee. If so is it any better?
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