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  1. Thank You Moriyama. This gives me some very important information which is much appreciated. Edward G.
  2. Good morning to all. The attached photos are of a 21 inch cutting edge Wakizashi. The mei is somewhat obscured at the bottom, to me it looks like possibly Ari Tsugu a resident of Bitchu Province? The rest is in the middle is unreadable for me. The only Smith in Hawleys with this name from Bitchu Province is ARI 210 & ARI 211 What are your thoughts? Edward G
  3. Thank You Tom Helm & Piers D. I am grateful for this information. Edward G.
  4. Note the elaborate engraving on the sideplate, hammer, and trigger guard. Having trouble translating the kanji on the underside of the barrel. I can make out a few of the characters in the middle as maybe Kuni Tomo Maru, but that is it. Please help with the translation. Edward G
  5. Thank you Moriyama san. Your input on this subject is most enlightening. Edward G
  6. Thank You Chris & Steve M. this information is quite informative. Edward G.
  7. Steve M. Thanks Again, it is more than we had earlier Edward G
  8. Thank You SteveM, this gives me a makers name with the place of origin. Edward G
  9. Thank You Uwe S. it appears I have a mystery on this one. Any further thoughts would be appreciated. Edward G.
  10. Have never seen a bow signed before. Please help with the translation of an antique Japanese Bow which is signed at one end. Many Thanks Edward G.
  11. Thank You Moriyama & Piers. I would have never gotten that one. Very good Information. Thanks Again. Edward G.
  12. Please help with translation of matchlock maker. A tad unclear, but please try. Nice little matchlock. see photos Edward G
  13. Thank You Piers for your contribution! Can anyone else confirm this for me? All thoughts are appreciated. Edward G
  14. Attached is a photo of the barrel on a Matchlock. Please help with a translation. Thanks Edward G
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