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  1. The blade is in this koshirae, its interesting that the 1930s era blade would be in 1880ish mounts. This came out of the Plimpton collection. Thanks for the information!
  2. I recently bought one from the Plimpton collection... Here are some photos of the tang. Sorry this might be a murata to. I'm not sure if these are the same or not.
  3. Anyone pick any of these up? I went for the Nomura sword but 7000 + 18% USD was too much for me!
  4. Ah another great detail I failed to mention is that on the wooden insert of the saya there is some writing that gives the sword an owner. Major Kowada, that can be seen in the first picture. There is other writing but I don't have it translated...
  5. I have acquired what I think is my holy grail. From the Plimpton collection, there was a short gunto Koshiere that I purchased. It is high quality as you can see, a metal scabbard and darkened fittings, as well as mon not only on the Menuki but on the Kabuto gane as well. Working with @mdiddy (Matt Jarrel of Sohei Swords) I was able to find a blade that fit into the Koshiere. The blade is signed Kanefusa and is dated to the Muromachi period (according to the seller, I don't know any better). I am more than excited to share this with everyone! Special thanks to Matt for his help and all the time he took reviewing blades for me to make this all come together.
  6. Interesting, the thought just popped into my head and I thought I'd ask! Doesn't shock me even a bit to know you guys had the answers! Bruce that's really interesting about the GIs having to scratch off the mon for war prizes, here I thought captured Japanese soilders were frantically filing off the mons before handing over their rifles. Thanks!
  7. On a lot of Japanese rifles surrendered, the mon of the emperor was scratched off as a way to preserve "honour". I am curious why we don't see gunto with mons scratched off before they were surrendered as much. What do you guys think? I think Ives seen one or two examples but I never saved the images. Matt
  8. I think in Bruces write up on Mantetsu's he mentions that the Manchurian Railway logo stamp stops being put on blades after 1938? (maybe 1939) I can't remember, but after that the stamp is no longer put on.
  9. There are no numbers on the tsuba or seppa. On second look the bottom of the tang has these lines on both sides
  10. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/265498070990?hash=item3dd0eb0fce:g:x0oAAOSwXBBh2gd1 some Koshiere with battle damage
  11. Wak in type 98 mounts are less common than standard length Katanas, however not horrible uncommon in my experience. I have found that shorter Wak, that measure less than 60cm to be "rare". I think this has to do with the measurement regulations for acceptable lengths. I believe it is discussed in another thread, but I am not sure what one. As for the Waks in non military mounts, but still had a combat saya on them, these were used mostly by non military personal that were contracted to work for the military, and if their contract position was similar to an officer rank, they would be permitted to carry. I have found many Waks in full type 98 mounts often are fancier than their full length counterparts, however this might just be due to fewer examples of waks than full length. Here are some pictures of Waks in my collection. The general tassel is not original to the sword, I have 2 more Wak gunto, however, they are just mounts, no blades.
  12. Most surrender tags are made out of cloth attached to a hanger.
  13. Sorry about the mix up the Nagasa is 15 inches ,not cm
  14. This thread reminds me of the short gunto thread that was active a while ago. There are some good examples posted there that have not been posted here yet. I am also looking for a blade for a short gunto koshirae that I purchased, more information in the wanted to buy section.
  15. I'll double check but I believe you are correct. Thank you
  16. Hello everyone. I recently bought a small gunto Koshiere from Matt J. We are now working on finding a blade for it that will make the piece complete! The measurements required are: The Blade length must be 14-16 inches (35.5cm-40.6cm The mihaba on the tsunagi is 1 1/4 inches to 1 3/8 inches (3.2cm - 3.5cm) The Nagasa is 15 inches the distance from the hamachi / munemachi to the mekugi-ana in the nakago is 5.5cm Placement of the mekugi-ana in the nakago is 2 1/4 inches below the machi (5.5cm below the machi) My price is 1-3k USD. Any questions please post here or DM me. Look forward to seeing if anyone can help!
  17. Bruce this sword is in Dawsons. It really is one of a kind.
  18. Only one individual thinks its a repaint, another person posted their copper nco with the number 393.
  19. Having watched quite a few of the sellers auctions / sales normally he lists them for 2x the amount the sword sells for, I guess if there is someone who really wants it has an opportunity to pay that extra. If it doesn't sell a best offer is taken or it goes to the usual auction. As for the sword. Its kind of amazing that such a low number is in pretty much untouched condition, although I'm not sure it's my cup of tea, I like atleast a little wear and tear on my gunto.
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