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  1. Sry but that’s a pretty bad Chinese fake
  2. Ahh. So you’re the reason why the Masatada jumped up $1500 in the final 10 seconds! Great pickup, I would for sure send it in for a full polish
  3. Was watching a rerun of my favorite key&peele skits when I spotted something familiar
  4. Steve, did you ever receive the sword and if so how is it ?
  5. No Stephen it’s not mine. I asked him for more pictures and I guess it got better.
  6. This particular sword caused quite a commotion on Facebook today but I’ve been advised by experts that this one has all the traits of a Gimei including badly stamped Kikusu-mon whats the consensus of this board?
  7. Did you get the KiyoKane or nagamitsu? Either way both were excellent blades, and yup I got the best out of the dirks so you were one step late on that one my friend btw, small world!
  8. It is indeed handmade and recently polished, mumei
  9. Lousivile gun show ehh? There were maybe 4-5 swords there worth looking at, I picked up a nice Gendai naval dirk there
  10. I’ve been hunting for a Meiji era naval dirk with a handmade blade for a long time and finally came by something that matches the criteria. Would love to see what treasures the board members here has!
  11. Thank you , I do enjoy studying this one slot!
  12. I picked up this Katana signed Bishu Osafune Norimitsu a while ago and always assumed that it is a Gimei due to the lack of Sori/Kanbun style worksmenship. Just would like to get some expert’s consensus on this? Despite it all this actually ends up being one of my favorite sword to study due to the wild activities in the blade.
  13. Absolutely hate to do this but some real life changes has happened since I bought this. very unique sword and i am letting it go. Gunto in late war mount I Mei: Cho shu ju fujiwara Moriyasu Inlay: Meiji Boshin war, for leading troops in attacking the state of Yamashiro, I was awarded this sword by my lord. For peace of the world, I name this sword the sunrise/Akebono Maru, signed MichiSato nagasa is 25 inches, there are scratches and stains throughout the blade but no crack/HAgiri, some scratches at the boshi but they are Scratches only. Ive confirmed with Togishi that it can be polished out. im asking $2000 for this sword, in the short time I’ve been collecting I’ve not had a sword with a story. Name and a previous owner
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