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  1. Looking for a good Kyu gunto , in polish with traditional blade. Thanks!
  2. Someone who has more money than he knows what to do with but dont want to standout "too much" I suppose.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-Japanese-Army-officers-samurai-sword-antique-shin-gunto-collectible-ww2/202984117193?hash=item2f42cbd3c9:g:XU0AAOSwX2xes0Lb Nice polish, great looking koshiare, but what is going on with that "Mei"? Looks to me like the nakago is shin-shinto era, so was the "Mei" chisseled in later by as it got put into a type 98 mount?
  4. Koto era Katate-Uchi, or a one hand sword prominantly used in the Sengoku era The blade itself is in old polish with a straight Suguha hamon and there's plenty of activities on the blade. Only real detraction is a small Fukure. The Nagasa is 24 inches. The sword comes with a very nice turtle style iron tsuba with Nobuie Mei Asking $750 shipped. Although not the fanciest of blades this is an honest Sengoku era sword in good polish and and Katate-Uchis holds a unique place in the development o Japanese sword.
  5. Starting the new year off with a need for a good kai gunto. Looking for one with good Same covered Saya or similar condition. I'd prefer the blade to be a shinshinto, shinto, or koto era blade but will definitely be interested in a good Gandaito (no stainless, oil quenched blades) I've got about 2k to spend and some Nihontos for trade, please let me know what you've got, thank you!
  6. Thank you. Am I correct on reading the other side as some kind of dedication to ..a grandson turning six?
  7. Looks to be late Shinto/shinshinto
  8. Here’s some shots of the blade, the seller isn’t a very good photographer
  9. I believe Kanesumi would be 兼住 and the signature on this one is 兼佑, it helps somewhat that I can read chinese but also, often useless
  10. No I completely understood what you meant Brian, and the mount is NOT the dark laquered saya with wine colored Tsuka-maki so I was expecting a typical showa/seki stamp. A friend of mine picked this sword up and offered it to me but I wont be in town until next week..
  11. Please help with this translation. Also the mei including the dating seems like a higher quality of inscription than the typical Seki strokes. Even though this sword I'm looking at is in a type 3 mount there's a chance it could be a gendaito
  12. I was able to track down some information on this bundle of sword and the owner that brought it home. The gentleman's name is PFC WM Finkel and was attached to the 97th Infantry Division. This unit arrived in Yokohama shortly after the surrender and was responsible for disarmament/security of the region until 1946. It is not a wonder that the private was able to send so many swords home then, but during that time some crafty Japanese business person must've machine made a crude blade and stuck it in a set of real gunto furniture, sold it to PFC Finkel, and that's how that "fake" Gunto missing the Tuska-Maki made it back to the states
  13. Haha, i appreciate the advice Chuck. I have yet to make it to a show with Shinsa so this will be a great excuse for me to head to Chicago or Tempa next year. There is also the question of what to do with this short cut off pole, perhaps i will find a woodworker locally who can at least extend the pole for the time being with a freshly made piece, otherwise it looks terrible on the display!
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