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  1. That is outstanding , Semper Fi if you ever have any interest in selling it let me know. As a Former Marine who grew up in China and collects Japanese militaria, this particular dagger really intrigues me
  2. John I did not have the wall made. The previous house owner is apparently really big into baseball memorabilia and when I saw the display in the basement I knew it would make a great sword wall!
  3. Ive got a Gendaito Yasuhiro. A Bizen Osafune Norimitsu, a Koto Sukehiro, and the rest are unsigned Koto. Shinto or Shinshinto pieces. The kai Gunto on the far right has some traits of a Shinto Osaka school and has a perfect polish, I’m hoping to get it papered if sword shows are back by next year wish I could afford more but military pay is what it is, i have to be pretty selective on what I buy. Just picked up this Koto Bizen in a Kai Gunto from Mike Yamasaki which I’m very happy with. On that display, I am putting to full use to all the bucks I’ve shot over the years !
  4. Looking for a good Kyu gunto , in polish with traditional blade. Thanks!
  5. Someone who has more money than he knows what to do with but dont want to standout "too much" I suppose.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-Japanese-Army-officers-samurai-sword-antique-shin-gunto-collectible-ww2/202984117193?hash=item2f42cbd3c9:g:XU0AAOSwX2xes0Lb Nice polish, great looking koshiare, but what is going on with that "Mei"? Looks to me like the nakago is shin-shinto era, so was the "Mei" chisseled in later by as it got put into a type 98 mount?
  7. Koto era Katate-Uchi, or a one hand sword prominantly used in the Sengoku era The blade itself is in old polish with a straight Suguha hamon and there's plenty of activities on the blade. Only real detraction is a small Fukure. The Nagasa is 24 inches. The sword comes with a very nice turtle style iron tsuba with Nobuie Mei Asking $750 shipped. Although not the fanciest of blades this is an honest Sengoku era sword in good polish and and Katate-Uchis holds a unique place in the development o Japanese sword.
  8. Starting the new year off with a need for a good kai gunto. Looking for one with good Same covered Saya or similar condition. I'd prefer the blade to be a shinshinto, shinto, or koto era blade but will definitely be interested in a good Gandaito (no stainless, oil quenched blades) I've got about 2k to spend and some Nihontos for trade, please let me know what you've got, thank you!
  9. Thank you. Am I correct on reading the other side as some kind of dedication to ..a grandson turning six?
  10. Looks to be late Shinto/shinshinto
  11. Here’s some shots of the blade, the seller isn’t a very good photographer
  12. I believe Kanesumi would be 兼住 and the signature on this one is 兼佑, it helps somewhat that I can read chinese but also, often useless
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