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  1. I ask Markus S. for a bit of help. And he seconded Carved By Mune Sōyo.
  2. I was starting to feel like a idiot last night. I kept going thur my kanji dictionary for a couple hours and no luck.
  3. I can make out the “mune” but the second character is stumping me. I see the radical for sword but cannot match that combination. Is this a Chinese character?
  4. Chris, I do have have a rare variation iron tsuba side latch matching NCO sword. The sword is in very nice condition but it’s above your budget. Just throwing it out there. best regards Charlie cscarl8@hotmail.com
  5. Should put the NSFW disclaimer on it...
  6. Broken screen on my phone and it still looks horrible
  7. Congrats on your first gendai. Looks like a nice sword. best Charlie
  8. Stephen, The donation page is still in the front with your name in it. I wish I picked up more copies too! Charlie
  9. WTS: An Oshigata Book of Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945 John Slough. The copy is in like new condition. Free shipping for conus using media mail. Will ship International but buyers pays actual shipping costs minus $5. $210
  10. I have a navy with that numbered drag
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