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  1. I ask Markus S. for a bit of help. And he seconded Carved By Mune Sōyo.
  2. I was starting to feel like a idiot last night. I kept going thur my kanji dictionary for a couple hours and no luck.
  3. I can make out the “mune” but the second character is stumping me. I see the radical for sword but cannot match that combination. Is this a Chinese character?
  4. Chris, I do have have a rare variation iron tsuba side latch matching NCO sword. The sword is in very nice condition but it’s above your budget. Just throwing it out there. best regards Charlie cscarl8@hotmail.com
  5. Broken screen on my phone and it still looks horrible
  6. Congrats on your first gendai. Looks like a nice sword. best Charlie
  7. I have a navy with that numbered drag
  8. WTB 2nd edition Shinto Taikan by Limura. Prefer US seller due the weight of the books.
  9. Thank you that helped out a lot!
  10. Having trouble with this grass script mei? Any help on the mei would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Good to see you on here Jim! Hopefully, the SOS is safe to attend next year. best Chuck S.
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