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  1. I have a navy with that numbered drag
  2. WTB 2nd edition Shinto Taikan by Limura. Prefer US seller due the weight of the books.
  3. Thank you that helped out a lot!
  4. Having trouble with this grass script mei? Any help on the mei would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Good to see you on here Jim! Hopefully, the SOS is safe to attend next year. best Chuck S.
  6. For sale is a Nice WW2 Japanese navy dirk with leather saya. The fittings are extremely nice with minimal wear to the leather and plating. The blade is scratched and has a nice pit in the mune. $600 plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  7. Wayne, The fuchi kashira are very nice! Even better in hand. Best Charlie
  8. Looking for a nice banner for my display. Samurai on horseback or such. Not looking to spend a lot under $400.
  9. Looking a copy of Osaka Shinto Nempyo. I’m located in the US. They usually are around $50-$75. Thanks Charlie
  10. I stopped in at the post office today to get a quote. The clerk had memo with list of new restricted shipping countries. I’ll ask for list tommorrow when I ship the sword.
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