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  1. Wayne, The fuchi kashira are very nice! Even better in hand. Best Charlie
  2. Looking for a nice banner for my display. Samurai on horseback or such. Not looking to spend a lot under $400.
  3. Looking a copy of Osaka Shinto Nempyo. I’m located in the US. They usually are around $50-$75. Thanks Charlie
  4. I stopped in at the post office today to get a quote. The clerk had memo with list of new restricted shipping countries. I’ll ask for list tommorrow when I ship the sword.
  5. The list here in the US is growing for countries not shipping to.
  6. Trying to ship a sword to Belgium from the US. Any special issues I should be aware of? Best Charlie
  7. Need a bit of help. I don’t think the sada is right. Yoshi Sada saku? Thanks Charlie
  8. Need a bit of help! Thanks Charlie
  9. Books are always money well spent!
  10. Wanted to share a blade I found in horrible condition. Just got the blade back from Moses. I only reason I had it polished was the shape was so different and I have a soft spot for Mishina blades. The blade has sudare ba on one side. Enjoy Charlie
  11. Thanks for the help. I was beating my head against the wall with this one
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