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  1. Looking for a kojiri for a navy sword I picked up. Please let me know if you have one to spare? best regards Charlie
  2. Sakihaba 2.3 cm .915 inch motohaba 3.5 cm 1.39 inch
  3. That’s right, a ubu 23 5/8” showa era wakizashi. This is a very rare piece. The blade is signed Nagamitsu and both the blade and fittings are in excellent condition. The hamon is ko-choji and has some very nice hada. $5100 plus shipping and PayPal
  4. For Sale is a very nice signed Nagamitsu in WW2 army mounts with mon. The saya has some paint loss but overall very nice. The blade length is 25 15/16” and is in excellent condition. The hamon is Ko-Choji. $3200 plus shipping and PayPal fees
  5. bump with my email Cscarl81@hotmail.com
  6. Kanemichi 26 1/2” dated 1940 Stamp blade. 2 million yen rated in Sloigh book. The mounts are in excellent condition. Some light soiling on the ito and very very minimal paint loss on the saya. The blade is overall around 85% percent with some light scratches and oxidation. $2900 plus shipping and PayPal fees
  7. Which type are you looking for? The brass tsuba NCO type which has a bucket or the iron tsuba tassel doesn’t have the buckle.
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