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  1. As Darcy said it was a part of a very important old collection. I have to say I was a little surprised what the swords I was interested in went for.
  2. Hi All, I have for sale a cheap and pretty complete suit of Japanese armor. Looks to be late Edo period. The lacquer is pretty chipped up. $1200 plus shipping which will vary depending on location. Please PM me if interested, Thanks for looking, Bill Rannow
  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sword. I wish I would have seen it! Maybe the buyer will get cold feet (that is if he or she is stupid)and Fred will sell it to me.
  4. brannow

    Rusty tsuba

    I would use a sharpened deer antler.
  5. Hamfish, It is a possibility. I would love to polish and paper it but I have too many other biggies in the pipeline. Bill
  6. Thanks guys! Here is the whole koshirae and blade which are both quite nice. Unfortunately the Koshirae is missing the tsuba and menki. Bill
  7. Jean, This is the Kozuka for the Tanto koshirae! I am not saying its the tanto! Bill
  8. Agree with what others have said above. For that kind of money you will be able to buy a pretty nice sword!
  9. John, Interesting it almost looks like there might be a Mon on that hanger of the west point sword also.
  10. Because of how the mounts are configured, it was probably a Manchurian officer attached to the Japanese navy.
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