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  1. These type 94 gunto were only carried by higher ranking officers. They were not carried by lower rank officers. I once bought a very nice Sokan Tanto with horimono from a vet. He had befriended a family and gave them a sack of rice. The tanto was a gesture of their appreciation. No doubt it was their family treasure. Another story, several years ago I found an ubu tachi by Gojo Kuninaga that ended up going tokuju. The story with that one was the guy who brought it back as a souvenir was a member of MacArthur staff. I have no reason to doubt the story of the Vet or the story that the Gojo came from the estate of someone on Gen MacArthur's staff. Those guys all got great swords to take home because they had Japanese liaison's. Anyway here are a few more photos. Hard to read but might be Sukemitsu.
  2. No provenance other then the story but I have no reason to doubt the guy I bought it from. These type 94 gunto mounts were usually carried by high ranking officers.
  3. I thought I would share this legitimate Generals sword with the board. It came from the Son of an army vet who was a part of the early occupation. The son told me his father traded an elderly Japanese general a 10 lbs sack of sugar for it. He didn't know the tassel denoted the rank until I told him. Enjoy! Bill Rannow Mpls, MN
  4. I think I have posted them in the past. If not I might have to retake pics.
  5. I Have a couple that I bought out of the woodwork years ago that are like the one that started the thread and believe them to be legitimate.
  6. As Darcy said it was a part of a very important old collection. I have to say I was a little surprised what the swords I was interested in went for.
  7. Hi All, I have for sale a cheap and pretty complete suit of Japanese armor. Looks to be late Edo period. The lacquer is pretty chipped up. $1200 plus shipping which will vary depending on location. Please PM me if interested, Thanks for looking, Bill Rannow
  8. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sword. I wish I would have seen it! Maybe the buyer will get cold feet (that is if he or she is stupid)and Fred will sell it to me.
  9. brannow

    Rusty tsuba

    I would use a sharpened deer antler.
  10. Hamfish, It is a possibility. I would love to polish and paper it but I have too many other biggies in the pipeline. Bill
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