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  1. I just want the best I can get for my money. Yea that could of been a costly mistake ha some very knowledgable people in here so I’ll follow the advice....I quite like knowing I’d be the owner of a 500 year old sword that’s why I chose koto period....if you read the description of the sword I posted that also says koto era? why have I changed my mind and want signed and papered? because of the advice on here! Anywayzzz these names may not mean anything to me now but they will done soon enough ha
  2. I've not purchased it....and don't intend to now you guys have had a say. I'm after the real deal, I'm not into imitations. (I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, kinda like i wouldn't wear a fake watch because I know its not real even though others think it is)......if i need a climate controlled glass case then i'll have to buy a climate controlled glass case haha.....or maybe take the cheaper option and store it somewhere else. I've been in touch with Token Society of GB so the ball is now rolling, i'll hopefully get to see a few up close and personal before i buy with some decent advice behind me. In the meantime I'll carry on researching.....soooooooooo much to take in!. Thanks for your help, I'll keep you updated. £7000 budget for signed and papered koto period Katana?? Here's hoping
  3. Yea I am a newbie, I’ve been researching for a couple of weeks but so much to take in. To be honest I’ve been going off what the seller has been saying. I’m glad I posted this on here now ha, cheers boys. I just want one sword to sit proudly on my fireplace mantlepiece, it will be the centrepiece of the room hence why I prepared to spend a few ££. I’ll have a look at what’s for sale on this site. Thanks
  4. I'm thinking of buying the attached Katana however it is unsigned and without papers.....It looks amazing! £5000 though.....What ya think? Thanks click for more images A Spectacular Long Bladed Koto Katana Circa 1490 With Amazing Hamon With a simply glorious finely polished blade showing within it's Edo polish a deep gully wavy gunome hamon of breath-taking beauty. Original Edo wrap over gilt menuki with pure gold decorated fushi collar [sword hilt mount] depicting deeply chissled takebori Soten fighting samurai in armour, carved horn kashira [pommel]. The tsuba has a silvered applied rim and the design is sukashi piercings showing a circle of arrow flights to complement the fittings. It has a most elegant original Edo lacquer saya most deeply ribbed in black, with light age marks. Copper double habaki blade collar. 29 inch blade tsuba to tip. Signs of light wear but overall superb for age. 29 inch blade tsuba to tip
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