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  1. Thanks Piers The stock repair bugs me. I was going to make a Dougane to hide it. Just need to get around to it. I think you told me once that ramrod is not original, the metal end being the giveaway. I've seen these ends on other guns so think it might have been a mass produced item easily repurposed back in the day when these were sold to the west. As they say, it is unremarkable, but mine. I also managed to get a whole bag of original brass fittings for a Sakai gun, and used one to replace one missing on this example.
  2. Jan, et al, Per request. My sad Hino Teppo signed Wada Jidaiyu It has a stock repair, it lines up well, but the mekugi no longer lines up for the forward ana. It's off by 1/3 of the hole in the barrel. I'll load several replies with photos
  3. That is all there is, no other marks or registration marks from the later attempt to get them registered. Your book must be an updated version Piers. The copy you sent me forever ago does not have him listed, I believe. I am assuming he was a late Edo smith. Jan, I would be happy to.. It's not a particularly interesting item, and has stock damage and repair. But it was my first purchase, so I've kept it.
  4. I have a "Wada" teppo. I think an obscure smith, can't find him in the books.
  5. You have to remember, even at 5’ 8” and 158#, you are a giant compared to Samurai of the era.
  6. Thanks all! The Hatto on my Kabuto have one with its mouth closed and the other open, a possible Buddhist reference? Lots of interesting subtle references. My armor also has Amano kamon references, which leads me to the Koriki line that used this Kamon, since these two families had a lot of history.
  7. Not sure why my phone rotates the images. Sorry
  8. Here is the other part of the question. It’s the 4th column in parentheses
  9. This shows the first question, the family name I think says Miyazaki.
  10. Good evening, I am researching a group of families that used a particular Kamon. The book (in Japanese), list this as the family and province. I translated them, but not sure I have the Miyazaki translated properly. I can only find it as a province and within the Hyuga region. So maybe I have translated it wrong? 宮崎氏 Miyazaki Family 日向国(ひゅうがのくに)Hyūga Province Lastly, not sure what this means. I may have the wrong first Kanji, the book font is small and uses a fancy type that makes finding radicals and such difficult. 采図部4, 姓氏家采 The book it titled 家紋でたどるあなたの家采 and I am on page 三七二 Thank you, Justin .... lost in radicals and translation.....
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