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  1. Dear Thomas, Trystan, and Bruce: Thanks for all of the additional information and links. Great job! Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  2. Gentlemen: Thanks so much for the comments. Great information! Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  3. Dear NMB member: I recently acquired this with other swords from a collection put together in the 70's and 80's. In reviewing a previous topic, I am wondering if this is an Emergency late war sword produced in China or Korea during the War. It appears to have the correct Japanese foul weather covered saya, similar looking tsuka, but a stamp on the tang I am not familiar with and do not recognize. Can anyone translate or identify this mark? Any comments are appreciated. Regards, Bill E, Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  4. Dear Dale:


    It looks like my last message did not go through. I  would be willing to sell the Kawari tsuba for $700, plus shipping, if interested, let me know.



    Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi) 


  5. Dear Dale: I sent you a message. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan(Yoshimichi)
  6. Pictures of the sword. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan
  7. Wow! Thanks for all of the information on these fittings. The sword is very delicate, similar to a Boy's Day sword. The doll menuki would seem consistent with a sword given to a young person. I will attach a few photos of the sword shortly. Does this look like a child's sword, consistent with the fittings? Regards, Bill E. Sheehan
  8. Dear Dale: Thanks for the comment and information, I have attached some close up photos of the tsuba, Any idea on age or school? What is Kawari? Are these tsubas somewhat rare? Regards, Bill E Sheehan
  9. Does anyone have a kozuka or kogai for sale in the F/K motif? Regards, Bill E Sheehan
  10. Dear Chris: No signs of breakage. I have not seen this style tsuba before. Stumped. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan {Yoshimichi}
  11. Dear NMB members: I need help identifying these fittings: possible school or artist, age, etc. These just came out og a collection put together in the 60's. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  12. SOLD. Thanks for looking. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  13. Dear NMB members: I am offering for sale three (3) very large Japanese arrowheads for sale. One is a much sought after "rope cutter" blade , and the other two have sukashi blades with cherry blossom and/or boars eye design. The tangs appear to be intact and original. The heart shaped arrowhead with the boar's eye appears that it may be signed. All three could use a finger stone polishing, and have been displayed in my office for years in an arrowhead rack (rack not included). I am down sizing my office, so here's your chance to add these to your collection. Time to let another collector enjoy them. Buyer pays all shipping and insurance (if any) costs. Payment by Paypal by "friends and family." Email me with any questions. PRICE: $785 for the group of three, or $300 each if purchased individually. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  14. Dear NMB member: Sale ended on this item. Thanks for looking. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
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