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  1. Conditionally sold pending payment! Thanks!
  2. Hello gents/ladies, I'm offering a MASSIVE price reduction on this Koto Katsumitsu piece. Cheers. $5,500 USD
  3. Thanks for the positive comments guys! Like I mentioned previously, a deposit and a payment plan can be arranged. Cheers.
  4. Huge price reduction on the Katsumitsu for a short while. $7,950!!
  5. Hi Eric. Not sure if you're still in the market or not. Have a look at this Katsumitsu katana. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/20350-for-sale-sue-bizen-katsumitsu-uchigatana/.
  6. Hey guys, Staged payments can be arranged for the Katsumitsu if interested. Thanks.
  7. Recently listed on Ebay as well. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-Samurai-Sword-Antique-Katana-Bizen-Katsumitsu-NTHK-Certification-/262601735921?hash=item3d24487ef1:g:Hx8AAOSw-itXvxBo
  8. Hey guys, The price for the Katsumitsu Uchigatana has been reduced! $8,950 USD
  9. Hey guys, This sword is available for purchase again. Thank you.
  10. Thanks guys! This sword is conditionally sold pending payment.
  11. Absolutely stunning late Koto Bizen work. A single handed Uchigatana, poplular during this period. Uchigatana was a lighter single handed sword. A steep saki-sori, thin kasane and short nakago made this weapon a ease on the battlefield or in close quarters (indoors). Although this sword is mumei, it is attributed to Katsumitsu of Eisho era, makng this the 5th Generation Katsumitsu. Bizen no Kuni-ju Osafune Jirozaemon no Jo Katsumitsu. Son of 4th generation Ukyo no Suke Katsumitsu. Beautiful ko-mokume hada with ji-nie. Very active gunome-choji hamon with several tobiyaki. Boshi is ko-maru. This sword is completely flawless in every aspect and perfectly preserved. Attributed to a high ranking smith and polished by a high ranking polisher. Perfect example of Sue-Bizen craftsmanship. Nagasa: 61cm Sori: 1.3cm Kasane: 0.8cm (Yokote Kasane: 0.5cm) Mihaba (machi): 3.1cm Mihaba (yokote): 2cm This sword was recently polished by master Togishi Koichi Eto in Japan. It is also accompanied by Kanteisho designated by the NTHK-NPO in Japan. This Uchigatana is currently available for purchase: $9,500 USD Best to reach me by email if interested, thank you. Travisclarke@telus.net
  12. Hey guys, Here are a few of the swords measurements. I appreciate the comments and discussion so far. Nagasa: 61cm Sori: 1.3cm Kasane: 0.8cm (Yokote Kasane: 0.5cm) Mihaba (machi): 3.1cm Mihaba (yokote): 2cm
  13. Hey Guys, Here are a few more photos of the Katsumitsu piece we discussed earlier. It has recently been polished by a top rank polisher in Japan.
  14. This daisho is no longer available. I was able to negotiate a trade with a friend! I appreciate all of the inquiries. It was nice to get in touch with a bunch of new collectors anyway. Have a nice weekend gents!
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