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  1. Hi, I didn't know either until trying some of mine in the tanto koshirae . Length seems to be a critical requirement and to a degree width. Those i have which all seem to be very similar dimensionally end up well up the tsuka . regards Chris NZ
  2. Hi All . Looking to buy a Tanto sized Kozuka ideally with a flower motive . Regards Chris NZ
  3. Hi All, Merry xmas to all and wishing everyone a better year for 2021. It only can get better. A tanto project recently completed and returned from Thomas Buck. Period Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira , Menuki, seppa supplied by me. Regards Chris NZ
  4. Hi All , Further to the above thread is anyone currently having any form of communication with Tom. Things have gone silent and i would like some form of update as to what is progress if any . Regards, Chris NZ
  5. Hi all , I would like any feedback from anyone who has used Tom's tsukamaki services please . I have a Tanto with him for some time now and are unable to get any recent replies to my recent messages or photo;s of work completed. This was sent for new Tsuka and tsukamaki Last reply was a month ago and at that stage he stated it should be done within a week as he was awaiting ito from Japan which had shown up in the USA. As he has everything asoociated with this tanto ie tosogu ,blade and saya I am feeling concerned. I know he has read my last message and yet no reply. I acknowelge that the US is in a state of turmoil , however communication goes a long way. Feeling like i just want everything back now. Chris NZ
  6. Tim, No international shipping is really limiting your market but i sure you are aware of that. As a matter of interest i shipped a tanto to the states a month or so ago and it took longer to leave NZ than it did to get to the consignee. Chris NZ
  7. Hi , I have this book which i brought from Japan a few years back . All swords featured are photographed full size , fittings etc are enlarged to better view the detail. All discriptions are in English , done I believe by Paul Martin . I can't really take photo's of the photo's that would show the details you are looking for . But in my novice opinion is a really nice book. Regards Chris NZ
  8. Hi All , There is a fund started to get the main man off this site to the DTi in Japan this year. If you ask for translation help I would suggest that perhaps as this is free that you would consider donating to the fund. Every little bit helps and Brian will not only visit the DTI but spread the word amongst the nihonto community with in Japan, every little bit helps, Regards Chris NZ https://www.gofundme.com/f/send-brian-robinson-to-dti-2020
  9. Hi , This is a self published book thru a Japanese printing company. I think there was a post on facebook recently. regards Chris NZ
  10. Don , As this appears to be the wakizashi on trademe at the moment it would seem that the seller has answered most of your questions. Chris NZ
  11. Hi Peter , I have never heard of him and asking around don't know anyone who has brought anything off him. However that doesn't mean anything as the collecting circle here is quite small and some just keep to them selves. Chris NZ
  12. Hi David, As a kiwi (nz) collector Who has purchased items from the USA and Japan many times it has to go Fedex is not a correct statement . What the items have to have is a reasonable description and are well packed. From the states items have always been shipped UPS with no problems and tracked .The same with Japan Shipped Ems and always no problems. I always track my items day to day to ensure I can react to any problems and as such have never had anything go any where but direct. The usual route is thru either Los Angles or San Francisco to Auckland NZ and then NZ post to me. I have never brought Firearms but swords and fittings have certainly come through ok. Chris NZ
  13. very nice package Chris , The other Chris in NZ, Chris NZ
  14. Hi Ryan , Both of these polishers are not Japanese trained and you are paying for what you get. Traditionally trained polishers are priced at USD $100 per inch. However IF you where to use one of these then Hoffine would be the one based on price . STAY AWAY from San Francisco sword society and Eric Roush as both will cause you nothing but pain and grieve never mind a crap polish . I would recommend either Benson in Hawaii or Woody Hall in Las Vegas. If polished you will need to have a shirasaya made or a new saya. Regards Chris NZ
  15. cuttingedge59

    tsuka info

    Hi All, Recieved this wakizashi tsuka recently and would like a little help in identifying some aspects of what it is . First of i would like to add that i buy items like this because they appeal but in this case the mei on the fuchi and being silver helped. Plus the workmanship was a little different The sellers translation is : Seki Tamenao Hijikata Bunsen 12 Tsuchioto shu-jitsu Nagasato Mitsutoki (No ) chu with Kao So my understanding is in the Autumn of 1829 , Tamenao Hijikata made this while residing in Seki. With help or input from Nagasato Mitsutoki. I can find examples of Hijikata's work mainly tsuba but any info on Mitsutoki eludes me. Any info or help would be very much appreciated. Regards Chris NZ
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