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  1. Kawa, You are entitled to your opinion. However, you posting peoples swords in the Classified and bashing them in this thread is completely uncalled for. I bought this katana from Andy Quirt, a well respected person in the Nihonto community. He saw something in the sword as do I, but at this time, funds will not me allow to proceed with the restoration that I had planned. I wanted a longer, beefier blade to match up with another sword that I own and this fit the bill. I am offering it at a very good price (around 60% of what I paid for it) and you come on here and are telling people not to buy it. Completely unacceptable. Not all of us have huge budgets to spend on swords and not all of us care about papered swords either. You shouldn't be talking down to people in different situations and you should not be trashing other peoples sales.
  2. $1300 and sold ?



  3. I understand Chris, but I have had extremely bad experiences with International shipping in the past. Our Postal System is really screwed up now in the US; packages are getting delayed, lost, damaged, etc, even regular mail. Almost 10% of our wedding invitations never made it to the people. Even thru the polish (if I call it that) that is has on it currently, there is a ton of activity in the blade. It will look awesome polished out, I just don't have the funds at this time with getting married and everything going on. I may be putting up another katana (Iehira Kashu 2nd Gen) and a Wak in the next few days as well.
  4. Down to $1500 shipped CONUS, no international shipping!
  5. Kissaki pictures: Some pics of the blade and tsuka. The tsuka looks to be thin leather under the wrap, not rayskin. The blade shows a lot of activity despite the sandpaper polish. I was going to have Woody Hall open a window on this blade and have it restored, but I don't have the funds at this time due to my upcoming wedding. The original post has a pic of the overall sugata. I can try to take another picture in the next few days to see if I can get a better sugata pic. I will not ship international; shipping services have been a nightmare in the CONUS as is and I don't want to take the chance of shipping this one international.
  6. $1600 shipped CONUS or $1550 picked up in CT! Gotta free up some funds for my wedding in Sept!
  7. Bump it back up again! $1700 shipped!
  8. Bump it back up! Down to $1800 shipped CONUS!
  9. Bump, trying to raise funds to put a deposit down on a wedding venue! :glee:
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