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  1. Well now, what a way to be humbled.....I have now learned more in 1 short essay from Rog, than I've learned in months! The only down side is the clear and present fact, that I'm unworthy of these pages let alone making comments.......sigh. Time to get another book. Mark
  2. Hummm...polished with scotchbrite and simechrome paste?? Nothing that another $2000 won't fix.......but it does look like a nice blade under all that abuse. Mark
  3. It's simple really....the lure of easy money or wealth is the basis for all con's and scams, it matters not the subject or item. Sunken treasure, lost gold mine, buried mason jar full of coins, helping out the poor Nigerian lad. etc., etc. Personally, I have found that nothing has any real value, until one has invested either sweat, time or love into it. I gave up any illusion of instant benefit, once I aged into an adult. Mark
  4. I have avoided making any comment on this for days now, but can't stand it anymore....... All things being of possible illusion, and I hope I'm way off base here...but my machinist eye cannot stop seeing a distinct line running thru the Nakago right where the Habaki would conceal it, visible on both sides, but most discernable on the left side. The apparent line runs perpendicular to the longitude of the blade. I can only guess, but it would appear that there is a possibility of the nakago being welded at this location. This would explain the heavy file marks(to cover up the weld repair) that do not match the original file marks, lower on the nakago, plus the distinct difference in the look of the steel both above the habaki area and below the possible weld area. Even the area of the Bohi looks tampered with and does not exactly match the bohi on the blade. My observation could easily be incorrect, as making assumptions from small photos can lead one down incorrect paths. Mark
  5. I'm shaking the money tree with all my might....but being winter, the tree is bare...:{ Mark
  6. Hi guys, What could of caused that line, just above the mei on the nakago? I can only see 1 side of the nakago, as there are no photos of the other side. The line seems to have a large center divot area, then the line disappears but then re-appears and goes up and over the spine(sorry don't know the correct term for the top of the nakago). Almost..... dare I say looks like it could possibly be a butt weld in that section?? I'm probably just seeing things that aren't there, probably my machinist eye coming out to haunt me. Mark
  7. F.Y.I this sword is currently on an auction site back east in the USA, with the auction running today, most likely over by now, as it is 1pm on the west coast now, with the east coast being 3 hours ahead. Mark
  8. Hello all, As I found out with international shipping of my personal items overseas to Thailand, that it is required to supply your SSN# or a Tax I.D.# So further investigation, showed that it is super simple to just obtain a US federal tax I.D.#. Apply online, it's free, takes about 10 minuets, and lasts your life time, zero negative consequences, only positive. So for all you US citizens, there is no reason not to do it, can solve/simplify many things. Mark
  9. MHC

    Three Tsubas

    Well I like the small wak sized one a lot, very delicate and clean design. Would have picked that one up myself! Mark
  10. I put a bid of a sword remnant from Buyee in Japan, only to be told by Buyee 2 hours before the auction ended, that they would not ship that type of item to the USA. They made a few attempts to explain to me as to why they could not ship such an item, but I looked at all categories of prohibited items, and it did not fall into any of them. Luckily I was out bid at the last moment, or I would have owned an item that I would never have received! Mark
  11. 6 years or 10 years, matters not, I seriously do not have the required patience for that art form, or years left in this aging body (just turned 62 and retired), nor do I speak Japanese so....... Just a old man playing with cheap Southeast Asian steel, no harm or foul possible. Mark
  12. Oh nooooo...no elusions of that falderal, and I'm too old and impatient to do a 6 year apprenticeship in Japan. Furthermore, I could never sit in the proper Japanese polishing position for more than about 2 seconds, hell I can't even sit in the lotus position at all. Me and sport bikes had too many arguments over the years, 3 plates, 16 screws and 8 surgeries later, precludes sitting in just about any position for long, let alone a contorted one! Mark
  13. I'm super curious about polishing, I want to try my hand with it on Thai/Burmese DHA swords, but I do not know what effect the different stones have on sword steels. I think having a broken/cut section of real folded steel to practice on, would yield better education than starting with a total unknown steel type and guessing which stone(s) do what. DHA swords in Thailand run about $30-$100 US dollars, so no real worries about screwing up something that is actually worth money and should not be touched by an un-trained rookie. Anyway, just a future hobby to pursue in retirement. Mark
  14. Thanks for the lead, but I'm looking for folded steel actual blade section(s), not nakago alone. Mark
  15. Ok, fair enough...I was interested in the whole sword, but thought that was a stretch to separate it from you. So how about a offer with a a profit then...$50+ shipping for the whole kit-n-caboodle? Yeh. yeh, I'm guessing that I know what you are going to say, but nothing ventured, nothing gained right? Mark
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