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  1. Just like 99% of what that auction site has to offer.....Chinese fakes, WWII machine made blades purported to be 16th, 17th, 18th century "treasures", horrible condition, worthless stuff...pluuttttth! {bolwing a massive raspberry}. Mark
  2. Brian, You never did tell us what "papers" the sword has??? Mark
  3. Hello Ron, Sad that you are liquidating your collection, but I understand. No one for me to pass anything along to either, so my time will come as well. I look forward to all your upcoming offerings, although only 1 or so offerings a week is going to be hard to wait on, but will give me a reason to log on! Mark
  4. The kitae ware is not something that you should consider repairing, it is just an artifact of that era of sword making, and part of the "character" of this particular blade. Although it is probably just my eyes playing tricks on me, but I think I can see what appears to be a partial Mei that has been obscured, both directly above and below the crisply chiseled Mei. The Oshigata is picking up what I think I see as well. Also a very, very distinct straight line perpendicular to the blade axis, directly above the bottom Nakago-ana. Could be a wear mark from a previous Habaki, when the sword was longer, but the mark is in a very strange location for that possibility, so it could be something else altogether..... What type of PAPER, does the blade have? Mark
  5. Even at $2500...please take the advise of the good folks here on the forum, and save yourself possible grief, simply buy a quality blade from one of the proven members here, or at least a known quotient from Japan. My .02 worth. Mark
  6. Hello Gary, I have no experience with the Japanese EMS system, so I can give you no advise, sorry. Hello Ken, So for clarification, you paid DHL the $225, DHL shipped the drum, you received the drum, then DHL came back at you for the balance of their claimed $3500? How long did it take for you to receive the drum from the east coast (presumably mainland USA) to (presumably) Hawaii? I ask only because DHL generally uses airmail over the various ponds, so if it took more than a few days, like say a month or so, then it was probably put in a sea going container, and DHL got charged for the entire container, either case, should not have been your problem or bill. Mark
  7. Does not the weight of the Tsuba balance out the entire blade? Thus a larger heavier Tsuba for a longer heavier blade, and then vise versa for a shorter/lighter blade. Did that ever come into play in days of old? Curious monkeys would like to know. Mark
  8. Hello MichaelR, Just out of curiosity, why did DHL hand off your package to the USPS, instead of delivering it straight to you? That seems exceedingly strange? DHL will deliver any package, anywhere, sometimes they transfer to an independent for the final leg, by that entity is still under contract with DHL, and still give you great updates as to progress. No throwing on the lawn, no bogus signatures, no leaving unattended on the porch. Hell, with the last sword delivery, not only did I have to sign for it, but I had to show I.D. & the driver took my picture too! Mark
  9. For what it's worth...and just my .02 worth. I have recently started using DHL for ALL my shipping of important items. I started using them just about 2 years ago. Below is the breakdown of my experience with DHL, 1.) They are expensive (worth every penny). 2.) They are shockingly efficient. 3.) They up date you with absolutely every move the package takes (damn near hour by hour). 4.) They deliver so fast it makes your head spin. I have used them to ship from Japan to the USA, 2 times. Each time less than 48 hour total time frame. I have used them to ship from east coast USA to west coast USA 1 time, slightly less than 24 hour total time frame. I have used them 1 time from England to USA, less than 48 hour total time frame. I personally will no longer use any other mailing/shipping service if given the choice. Mark
  10. Hey there Dale, The forgers out there will go to any length to fool the buying public. It is very simple to add a few punch marks and place a soft metal filler piece at the Nakago-Ana, to give the illusion of being older and have been mounted on a blade. However, all Tsuba's that I have seen that have been mounted, tend to show a shadow line/discoloration/rub marks, where Seppa's would have come in contact with the Tsuba over the years. This example does not appear to show any such telltale indications. So buyer beware....... Mark
  11. Here is another one, originally titled "The Coast Watcher". Mark
  12. Hey there Michael, Regardless as to what you spent, if you are happy with them, then you did well, it matters not what others think. The semi mystery mumei katana looks fun to me, I think you will end up learning more from that sword, than you will from the fully documented one. I'm personally way too green at this hobby to comment, just wish I would have been able to get into this obsession when I was your age. Best of luck, and most importantly, ENJOY! Mark
  13. The center symbol is very, very close to the Horiuchi mon. Not identical, but very close...so??? Mark
  14. Yes, I'm a member on numerous Facebook sites, that being one of them, but to date nothing has come up. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks! Mark
  15. Hello Kyle, Thanks for the attachment, it was good and informative reading, very helpful indeed. Now I feel comfortable knowing a period and a school style. The Aizu-Shoami school style, seems to fit it the best, wish it was in better condition. It came on a sword I bought that was probably a civilian WWII Gunto re-mount, utilizing the older blade & Tsuba, with a re-used Saya wrapped in Gunto leather and a Gunto Tsuka. Everything fits together flawlessly and super tight, and all the patina is exactly the same, so I'm confidant it all belongs together. I will re-mount the blade with much nicer Koshirae, and I guess just hang onto the parts-n-pieces. Thanks again. Mark
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