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  1. Hi Chris I am saying i have a teacher in Tsukamae, wich i do not feel neither right or good writing of, in a forum like this it is wrong! Especially this forum! When it comes to saya i am self taught thru study here in Japan, as you know it is a life study, constantly Im happy for you please enjoy your trip! Sincerly /Koga Hans
  2. Hi Chris Yes i mean 入選 im sorry for misstake! And yes i do understand what you mean, as you know it is all about just that self study. ( mostly) Now you will have to exuse me, i cannot write more! There is no time, im sorry. Have a good weekend and say hi to Paul from me! Sincerly Koga Hans
  3. Hi everybody here discussing well me!? First of all i would like to understand the acurance of it? Its about geografi, because if i lived in poland or Ukraine or anywhere else nobody would care. I will not write a long reply to this, because i am the one who will meet my customer in two days when he checks my work with hes magnifier glas, neither of you would probably care less of it, but i do, and my family do yet here i am taking my time to reply to something i havnt even been adressed to answer in person? So yes i have a teacher in Japan wich i am extremly proud of, but to state hes name into a kindergarten so all hobby entusiast can discuss him aswell! Forgett that! This is all about hobby and interest in the Japanese sword, how about keeping it so, with a gentle tone, a kind mind to each each other? knowledge, because its a wast and difficult area due to the language of Japanese! I got 入荷 in 66 NBTHK aswell as the 67, this year will see, its my only time i get to meet the craftsmen of Japan and interact. Im very sad to see that a kind man as Curt happily uploads picture of what he has been waiting for gets torn apart by people for what? Knowledge, fun!? Im guessing you act different inside the gates of a Katana shop. I work for a few shops in Japan, they their old craftsman was laid of because my quality was more suitable for them. So what! This is my life, if you have any questions about work beeing done you are welcome, i basically sell my soul to make my customer content! My work is not up for discussion unless it is evaluated and viewed then it is open to have points on. I go to bed every day thinking of shapes and colors of koshirae, i mostly work thru the nights, and days. The reading and study aswell as travels for meetings is ongoing constantly. What is the reasons for the questions? In what trailerpark is my personal information needed? What is the purpose of tearing peoples joy!? To be a student of the Japanese ways towards the sword or its craft it is needed a large portion of humble and respect to be able to absorbe knowledge. It is sakura season now! its beautiful i find my knowledge in what grows, whats beautiful, it is the old way of making beautiful crafts. If im lucky i can grasp it and apply it in my work, theese kind of letters make nothing but rotten logs. I choose the beauty! Thank you thoose of you who like my work! I hope i havnt offended anyone, but Craftsmen are not famous for beeing well speaking! Sincerly Koga Hans
  4. Hi SAS Well its very ok for me, yet what kind of Koshirae are you interested in?. Such as colors theems and, what fittings do you have!? Normal koshirae very standard but highgradematerials is about 150 000¥ but this cost is rarely same. Thank you for enjoying my work Sincerly /Koga
  5. Guido Schiller. No such thing as a party pooper. Ishimeji would be the most correct way to say stone pattern in Japanese, but Ishime is sometimes used. ( not wrong ) Both of them are right but Ishimeji (石目地) would be more thural refering to ground pattern like stone. Sincerly Koga
  6. Hi everybody and thank you! I feel welcomed here since the inrerest in Nihonto unites us endeed Jussi thank you for saying so!interesting, there will be more on this next meeting coming now. As a full Koshirae with Samegawa saya. It is made from Shirasaya. Please let me know what you may think of it? There are many pictures of work performed in FB page Koga-Bijutsu. But i will try to upload here aswell. Thank you all! 古賀範介・古賀美術
  7. Hi Steven and thank you! I make Koshirae on ocations and have done a few. Ill try to upload some pictures. Thank you Sincerly Koga
  8. Thank you for welcoming me! Jim P yes thats the Facebookpage of our Company Koga-Bijutsu 古賀美術 Sincerly Koga
  9. Hello everybody here at Nihonto messageboard! Im new here and would like to say hi to all of you My name is Hans Koga i live in Chiba Japan. My work here in Japan is as a Tsukamaki-Shi. I work for private customers aswell as a few shops. I was trained in my ocupation here In Japan. Me and my Wife have a small company ( Koga-Bijutsu) it is basically The work of restoring Tsuka and saya that is performed. I hope to view and learn a lot from you all about Nihonto. Sincerly Koga Hans
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