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  1. Another beautiful blade Ray...a TH with a such low price, surely a quick sell. If I had money
  2. Very Harsh I personnally never work with them...As JP, we try to find good addresses of polishers in Europe. How could you know about their (incompetent) work? Do you have good addresses of europeans polishers ?
  3. Michael Sabatier not Patrick^^ it is a french smith (you could find him on internet or FB). He work with Martin Hornak
  4. I heard about an Italian named Massimo Rossi . I talk with a french guy who send a sword to him (I can give you his name to contact him). There is too a well knowned french smith (Michael Sabatier) who work with a very good slovakian polisher, maybe the same Ed talked about ? Goog luck, it will not be easy...
  5. Robert,I share your sadness. unfortunately I know this pain...
  6. It will be very difficult for this budget to get a decent blade...maybe wait a little to get 2000$ ? Don't forget fee and shipping too...
  7. I never said "don't buy on ebay" and I don't denigrate ebay seller I talk about my experience and everybody think by themself.
  8. You are not alone to say this and I believe it until the link of Yokozen... coincidence ? it is the 1st time I see plastic foil on sayagaki and ok I can imagine why. But on the picture on the Aucfan website : the sword and sayagaki is the same, it look like a reproduction Maybe it is a mistake but this is the facts. I would not take the risk on this item or any other from this seller I don't denigrate the seller, I let everyone think what they want
  9. I know AOIJapan and I find beautiful blade on this website Sorry but I am still shocked about what 's you're point for...we talk about an ebay seller validate by lots of users of this board...how sad I did not intend buy this blade because of lack of detailed pictures of the blade (and no paper) but ebay is a ruthless world... at least it will be useful for collectors who will want to buy from this seller... Thanks yakozen nice find
  10. Hi, Still looking for a new blade... I didn't want to make this topic because there was controversy about this ebay seller...But ebay have good protection so it is not a problem... I would like expertise about this blade because I have lots of questions and some worries... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPERB-Japanese-SWORD-SHINTO-KATANA-by-CHIKUZEN-NOBUKUNI-ca-1620-HORIMONO/274606328878 - I love the beautiful Hamon and the horimono. - The sayagaki signed by a famous expert...but why put plactic foil on it ? it really protect the written? for me it is strange (something to hide?) - I don't know what kind of certificate is Torokusho ? authentic certificate ? quality certificate ? does it really have any value? It is very important for me a good certificate. - For me it is difficult to see hada of the blade, I think the picture are not enought detailed. It is difficult to see the real state of the blade. (or I'am getting old and need better glasses) I asked more pictures to the seller but he said "there are enough pictures, I can't do better" according to him, there is only a little scratch near sohei-hi. That bother me a lot not to see more details from the sword - I don't know smithes CHIKUZEN NOBUKUNI , I search for them but don't seems to be very famous? there are 3 generation of NOBUKUNI from Chikuzen province. Somebody have more information? The seller send me a better private offer about price but it is lots of money, I don't want to make a mistake, this is an investment too Thank you for your help
  11. definitely a bad investment... thanks to everyone for allowing me to see more clearly (and don't make a mistake)
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