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  1. Halo thank you sorry,, this addition photo yes this from indonesia but koshirae only. how about the kabutogane? Looks right?
  2. halo friend this is legit tsuka gunto? but the kabutogane look no ornament sakura in the back and tsuba It's real ? What translation on the tsuba? thank you
  3. halo this kaigunto in black cover leather saya with single ashi. this legit? what era this blade? there is no mei or stamp thanks for any help and information happy weekend regards marsel
  4. hay yes this from PETA officer but the museum show the fake. meybe hard to find a real one
  5. the mei is the mei in katakana "sumaran" sword making in the city of central java, "semarang" 98 style this book reference the "sumaran" this my friend sword, and far away from me, i try to tell but so hard to find the mekugi ana.
  6. thank you for all comment, very interesting. this sword found in java indonesia friend try offering me this sword thank you for all opinion, really appreciated. meybe this soldier useing this sword model
  7. hii meybe this real gunto? no mekugi in tsuka any help would appreciated thank's regards
  8. hallo all happy holiday i want to know about this katana. this is legit?. nagasa 64 cm thank you marsel regards
  9. halo mr bruce thank you for help kanesaku or meybe kanetoshi best marsel
  10. halo my friend in this forum can help translating read on that tang thank you best marsel
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