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  1. halo mr bruce thank you for help kanesaku or meybe kanetoshi best marsel
  2. halo my friend in this forum can help translating read on that tang thank you best marsel
  3. halo mr chris thank you very much. you really revive this sword i will read that book best marsel
  4. hay all thank you for comment i really appreciate for that information really help me identification this sword. best marsel
  5. halo my friend in this forum i want ask this sword this is real japanesse sword or no? i really fappreciate from all opinion thank you best regrds. marsel
  6. waw thank you steve M for information. really appreciate.
  7. if this Japan writing, i just want to know what the point meaning of the writing.
  8. hallo everyone have a nice day i found this hand fan but don't know what writing is Japan or chinnese?. it will be hand made or printing? any help will be appreciate regards marsel
  9. thank you Mr uwe for translate
  10. thank you all for helping me regards marsel,
  11. halo all i see this in online sell. this katana is real or fake? thank you regards marsel
  12. to all my friend thank you so much for any information and opinion, i really appreciate. best regards marsel
  13. hai all my friend in this forum i want ask about this katana how about you opinion this can be a real katana or fake/replika? thank you regards marsel
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