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  1. Taking Some Daylight Photos Today Happy New Year
  2. Currently, purely for historical reasons. My love has always been for the Long Curved Tachi's worn blade down in elaborate fittings. Kamakura because it was an epoch of Japanese Swordmaking and will probably end up being my grail piece. As I gain more experience and begin to train my eyes to see the subtle differences in hamon, jihada, utsuri, nie/nioi patters etc, I will have a great study piece My end goal being able to own a piece from nanbukcho, muromachi as well.
  3. Thanks JP. This is my first study piece. I think it’s pretty active and hope to learn much from it. Next a Tachi from the kamakura period!!
  4. I finally received my Very First Nihonto from Heritage Auctions and with some help, I was finally able to find out more information about my smith MASATOSHI (正俊), Kanbun (寛文, 1661-1673), Yamashiro – “Heianjō-jū Fujiwara Masatoshi” (平安城住藤原 正俊), “Heianjō Ishidō Masatoshi” (平安城石道正俊), “Heianjō Ishidō Ukon Masatoshi” (平安城石道右近正俊), real name Ishidō Ukon (石堂右近) Originally from Kii province where he belonged to the Kishū-Ishidō school, he was according to tradition the son or a student of Sukeyuki (助行), he accompanied Sukeyuki to Yamashiro Hamon seems to be Choji Midare Hada seems to be a mix of Masame and Itame That's all I really know If you guys see any other features that might help my education, please point them out to me so I can learn. First 4 pictures are from Heritage Auctions The rest of the pictures are of the actual blade I took with my Iphone Thanks
  5. Thank you Steve. All I could find was Etchu no Kami Masatoshi on google. I need to up my Kanji game. Cheers. Can’t wait to get the blade in hand.
  6. I wanted to thank everyone on this board who helped me find my first Nihonto. I wanted my first Nihonto to be a study piece that wasn't too expensive, pre 1800, and came with papers. I started bidding on the swords on the Heritage Auctions but everything eventually shot way above my budget as the auction started. So out of the 5 I was watching, this was the only one I was able to win and I need some help on the Smith / Region / Time Period. https://historical.ha.com/itm/edged-weapons/swords/a-good-shinto-katana-by-masatoshi-in-shirasaya/a/6217-40047.s I know it's not a anything close to a masterpiece, but some of the positives for me: Ubu Signed Choji Hamon Hozon price Thanks Everyone
  7. Why are the pictures so bad? Blown out. You can’t even see the Hamon clearly. Why do most only have 2 pictures?
  8. Looks amazing. Congrats. Just starting out myself. Beautiful Suguha Hamon and Hozon to boot
  9. Wow thanks for posting. Quick question: why do they not what you to take photos of their beautiful swords? I am trying to convince my wife to attend next year when we take our annual trip to Japan. Do any of the dealers speak English at all?
  10. Wow very nice. I hope to get my first katana shortly as well. Congratulations
  11. Why are they more available now versus 25 years ago?
  12. Yikes. I would hate to be the person ordered to hold onto the corpse. Beautiful sword tied to a gruesome past.
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